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What is SEO for a Veterinary Practice?

SEO, known as Search Engine Optimization, refers to the techniques used by internet marketers to optimize sites to rank highly on search engines like Google or Bing. Similarly, a veterinary SEO agency specifically focuses on rankings that consist of organic, non-paid search results that will satisfy the veterinary niche. Recent research shows that the first piece of information used by local searchers is business address and location – this is why many local businesses are trying to make their way to the top of search engine results so they can get clicked first.

Benefits of SEO for Veterinary Clinic

Google receives well over 100 billion searches a year and 50% of those are usually four words or longer. The keywords that users are searching for can help drive your veterinary practice’s site up the ranks on the SERP or Search Engine Results Page. A key aspect of veterinary SEO deals with ranking for specific keywords specifically regarding your business – this is what potential clients will search for when looking for local veterinary clinics.

Market research states that only about 22% of businesses are truly satisfied with their conversion rates. By choosing a veterinary SEO agency that can help improve your veterinary marketing SEO, you are sure to drive more traffic to your site, gain a higher ranking on search engines, and obtain more click through traffic. Ultimately all of this contributes to the bottom line–the ROI on your Veterinary SEO marketing campaign.

What ROI Should I Expect?

The SEO marketing strategy has been described to be much like the stock market. You choose the stocks you want to invest in and then monitor how your stock is doing, whether it grows or declines. SEO functions in much the same way. You choose the keywords that you want to target and you produce strategic content and complimentary website development. Search Engine Rankings will fluctuate based on search queries and traffic. However, one thing is for certain. Both SEO and the stock market are considered long term investments and it takes time to see the results. On The Map Marketing has the best SEO tips and proven strategy for veterinary businesses, based on numerous successful campaigns targeting the veterinarian niche.

In order to meet a positive ROI, a well-researched plan for strategic veterinary marketing must be put into place. This means investigating keywords based on analyzed traffic levels and competitiveness.

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How Long does SEO Take?

Many veterinary practice owners who want to invest in search engine optimization ask this question frequently. More specifically, “How long will it take for a veterinary SEO agency to generate me leads and sales?” To sum it up, there are many other factors that go into SEO than just keywords. You have to consider other aspects of search engine marketing, like how much quality content is on your site, how long has your site been up, what condition is it in, and even how much SEO work has been done on it already.

To help get SEO working for you and your business, look to us for the top veterinary marketing services where we can get started with consulting and see where you can best benefit from SEO for veterinary practices. We specialize in the best veterinary website design services and creative veterinary marketing ideas. SEO for vets is a long term investment and it takes time to get the results you need. We specializing in building effective, long term strategies that get results on the SERP.

Local SEO Campaign

For veterinary clinics/hospitals, a local SEO campaign would be best suited. Veterinary services usually service a specific area or even a certain state. Good news – there are seo tips for veterinary clinics/hospitals that work well in driving traffic within your local area. For instance, title and meta descriptions are still valuable tools for building SEO. These are HTML elements that are customizable to describe the content on that particular page or post of your site.

This is what is shown on the search results page so it is very important that you think about what you want to put here. However, we can do all the hardwork for you by creating title and meta descriptions that will speak the best parts of what you offer as a veterinarian. We will use our knowledge of veterinary search engine optimization to drive local traffic to your site, generate more clients, and bring you to the top of search engine results compared to similar local businesses.

There is yet another tip that you can use – surprisingly, only about 31.3% of businesses use this tip and it’s really only the basics. They use local structure data markup which is a website code that is added where it gives search engines more information about your site, for instance, like what types of services that you offer. This tool can help your business stand out and possibly rank higher than other similar local businesses to yours. We have had much experience with veterinary marketing campaigns and can apply these skills to make yours a success and get your clinic/hospital On The Map Marketing (no pun intended).

Accessing Your Veterinary Website for Key Performance Indicators

A valuable tool used to access key performance indicators for your veterinary site is a site audit. A site audit is executed by veterinary marketing consultants, like us, to thoroughly inspect your site top to bottom. By using our experience, knowledge, and expertise, we can comb through your site and let you know what is working and what isn’t. There are many types of site audits including site health audits, competitive health audits, and conversion optimization audits.

Deciding which one(s) to use depends on what your site needs but typically it all starts with a site health audit. On The Map Marketing has performed many of these audits and can use these as a ultimate veterinary marking solution to get your site generating more leads and clients.

Detailed Analysis of Veterinary Practice’s Website Structure

Much more goes into your site than just making it look aesthetically pleasing. There should be a purpose to how your site is structured and the experience that your ideal visitor is going to have on your site. Important aspects of website structure that you should take into consideration are understanding your goals and targets for your business, the purpose of the content on your site, and how to create a memorable user experience. Enlisting the help of a veterinary SEO agency will ensure that all of these aspects of website structure are thoroughly analyzed and that your whole site is optimized to its fullest potential.

To go into further detail, let’s take a look at each of those areas for a second. To understand your business goals and targets, you should have the notion in mind that every page on your site has a purpose. Why does each page exist and is it set up as another chance to get your visitor to convert? Second, is the content on your site organized? Can your target visitor find what he or she is looking for? The last one ties into the previous. Make your site user friendly by making it easy for visitors to navigate and don’t overstimulate them with too much optimization. We can achieve those expectations for your site.

As with any site, link building is what can make or break your site. When someone refers to your website’s link profile, they are talking about the inbound links directed towards your site. However, there is more to it – this includes the quality of the links pointing back to your site, the anchor texts (the part of the text you click) on those links, and how one obtained those links.

This all factors into how search engines view your site. For example, to be considered to have a “good link profile”, you would have to have an abundance of high authority links and none that are spammy. A great way to think about this is that for veterinary websites, it would be best to link to reputable medical sources.

As included in our services, we can comb through your link profile and give you a definitive analysis on how well it is doing. This can be expected as part of our veterinary seo marketing strategy to get you only the best, healthiest links for your site so your link profile will be good to go for search engine ranking and lead generation.

On-Site SEO for Your Veterinary Website

Quite a bit goes into optimizing your site for SEO – not just keyword selection even though that is just as important. There are other things that go into it like optimizing your website structure, adding Google analytics, customizing content creation, your website’s load speed and security, and adding a worthy sitemap as well as activating your Google Search Console. A great example that ties into choosing the right keywords is to make sure that your URLs are short and keyword rich. As a noteworthy veterinary marketing company, we will build up your on-site SEO so that you can rank higher on search engines and generate more leads on your site.

When optimizing your site for SEO, there are a few other points to consider. For instance, make sure to write long content and that it is full of different types of media like pictures, screenshots, and videos. It also helps, as Google points out, that your site is mobile friendly. Research supports that more Google searches are performed on mobile devices than on computers in a total of 10 countries – including Japan and the US. Boosting your site is also important since if your site loads slowly, visitors are more likely to hit the back button which will hurt your SEO.

Off-Site SEO for Your Veterinary Website

While much of SEO happens on your site, it also happens off site as well. Off-site SEO, also known as off-page SEO, refers to using links, content, and certain relationships on your site and off of it to build up your brand and lead to better search rankings and site conversions. Some components that go into off-site SEO includes relevant link building, cleaning up your website’s link profile, and getting directory listings set up specifically for your veterinary business.

Recent research from Google states that 4 out of 5 consumers take to search engines to look for local businesses. However, it can be shocking to know that not many businesses have claimed a local business listing online which is a major missed opportunity. Listing on sites like Yelp, Infogroup, and Citysearch can definitely give your site a leg up against other veterinary businesses.

Fortunately, our team of SEO experts can help set your site up for success by taking advantage of this. It is also important that all your links are relevant as well. Search engines like Google place a lot of value on link relevancy so, for instance, if you are discussing a particular medical procedure to be performed on cats, you would try to link to a relevant site on this procedure for cats instead of something completely different like how to care for cats.

Social Media Integration for Your Veterinary Business

Social media has become a part of our everyday lives. We share content that covers photos, videos, and more that gets shared by millions of people each day. It is no surprise, however, that 88% of marketers are interested in how they can measure their ROI through social media. By utilizing social media integration into your site, you can boost lead generation and get your content shared – essentially spreading the word to your local area.

There are a few ways that social media can be applied to your site including the use of social share and follow buttons, Instagram photos, social proof, and social login. These can be added to different areas of your site to get people to read your content and become potential clients.

These are all crucial veterinary marketing tips that you should use for your site. Our team of experts can help you manage your social media accounts and optimize your YouTube presence as well. YouTube has truly gained a huge following and millions of people watch videos there every day. Making a point to start a YouTube channel and placing relevant content for your visitors to watch can not only spice up your site’s content but get visitors to convert to customers.

Tracking Your Veterinary Practice’s Business Growth

If you are going to use an SEO marketing strategy for your business, it is a no-brainer that you have to keep track of your growth – otherwise, how else will you know what is working and what isn’t. At On The Map Marketing, we use phone tracking, form tracking, traffic and ranking reports to keep track of how well your site’s SEO is growing and how well our strategy is working.

Traffic reports are essential for tracking the SEO traffic coming to your site and the landing pages that are leading to conversions. These reports are also helpful in providing the keywords that were used to reach your site – another possible way to rank for those keywords.

Local SEO for veterinary businesses can also benefit from call tracking. Call tracking refers to finding out which keywords, sources, and campaigns lead to phone calls on your site. This can be rather helpful in figuring out how well your SEO strategy is working. Our team of experts can perform all of these tracking reports to determine how your business is growing and give you proof that our SEO services are top-notch.

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