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Lawyer SEO Expert

Having done legal SEO for a decade and producing results for premiere law firms in the most  competitive markets of the nation, you can classify On The Map Marketing as an expert in search engine optimization

Our team specializes in helping firms crack top top search engine rankings in personal injury and criminal defense. But we have helped family law and other practice areas too.

How about a couple of examples?

Roberts Law Firm’s site was underperforming on organic search due to its lack of authority, resulting in low keyword rankings. For 18 months, we started creating well-written content and consistently building high-quality links to the website, leading to a 150% increase in organic monthly leads.

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Hipskind & McAninch hired us in 2019 to develop and launch SEO campaigns that consist of local optimization, web design, and link building for the next two years. The site’s local organic visibility allowed the firm to close the largest case in its history thus far.

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Why Do Most Law Firm SEO Services Suck?

Many of you may have had bad experiences with a law firm SEO agency at some point. It’s frustrating that these service providers don’t deliver results after months of burning cash. They don’t give personalized attention to a SEO campaign, often lack transparency about their marketing campaigns, and focus on vanity metrics.

There are tons of such low quality agencies. To add to the woes, many BIG agencies that work for the legal industry will handcuff firms to their proprietary websites and platforms. Some go to the extent of owning the content they create.To separate wheat from the chaff, look at the past results of the marketing agency you’re evaluating. Ask for detailed breakdowns of the agency’s project management, and the like.

What Can You Expect From a Lawyer SEO Expert

A digital marketing expert treats all its clients equally and with a personal touch. It is also accountable for the campaigns it launches and measures KPIs that positively impact the law firm’s revenue. They focus on driving more conversions for you.

On The Map Marketing, for instance, has a core value to “Get Results” for clients. We have been practicing these principles for years, and our clients can attest to our expertise.

“I’ve broken even on my yearly marketing budget and we’re only a few months in,” says Brett Beaubien. “On The Map knows Law Firm SEO. I couldn’t be happier with the service they provided. Excellent customer service.”

“What truly sets…On The Map Marketing apart is their genuine care for their clients,” Freddy G in Google says. “They didn’t just treat us as another project; they treated us like partners on a shared journey towards success.”

How to Go Hunting For an Attorney SEO Expert

There are many places you can find SEO experts to work with, but we’ve refined the steps below to help you narrow your choices and save time doing it.

Ask Your Legal Network For Referrals

As the interrogator that you are, cross-examine your lawyer friends about SEO experts their law firms have worked with over the years. Find out how the experts operate and what your colleagues think of them. Their sentiments and recommendations help you decide which experts to check out, making your hunting process much easier.

Have a Budget in Mind

Are you ready to spend $3,000 to $10,000 monthly for law firm SEO services? (Yes, that’s the budget range for the SEO services you should be getting.) Mind you, the price ultimately depends on the factors influencing the cost of the service packages. For instance, the more competitive your practice area and the bigger your target market is, the higher the cost will be.

Ensure That You Vibe With Them

Essentially, you want to know if you align with the agency’s client profile. A premier agency that works with select elite firms, for example, won’t take you in as a client unless you have a well-established reputation working in high-profile cases. On the other hand, inquiring about an agency with experience working with law firms under ten employees is ideal for your small firm. 

How to Evaluate an SEO Expert for Your Law Firm

You have a shortlist of SEO specialists to work with your law firm–here are ways to properly vet and determine the right expert your law firm should work with.

Get an Overview of Their SEO Work

Good reviews from sites like Clutch, Featured Customers, Trustpilot, and others are an encouraging sign of a trustworthy expert. But fair warning: the credibility of positive reviews can be misleading if the reviewer’s characteristics don’t exude trust. 

So, use reviews as a filter for finding reputable experts, but always do due diligence like looking at their case studies. In particular, try to find experts who have worked on campaigns in your practice area and geography. If they don’t have results to share there, ask for results in a market as competitive as yours.

Learn How They Execute Their SEO Campaigns

Link building, local SEO, and content writing are critical to an effective SEO campaign. Ensure that the expert includes them as part of your law firm’s SEO strategy and dials down their processes.

If the specialist added other techniques besides those above, ask how they work and their effectiveness. The last thing you want is to be saddled with an “expert” who relies on black hat tactics that will make your site rank in the short term but disappear from search results afterward.

Understand the Fineprint of Their SEO Contracts

This is important; some agencies hold clients’ websites and data hostage if they decide to cancel their contracts or not renew. Recovering some of it is possible, but it’ll be a long and expensive battle. 

So before signing on the dotted line, ensure you own the website or will own the website its team will design for you, the content it creates, and that you’re not restricted to the agency’s proprietary platform.

Evaluate Your Options

Jump on a call with these experts to understand their services and SEO knowledge better. The tone and voice they use to answer your questions also reveal the quality of service each offers. Most will also provide a free website marketing audit if they think your objectives and goals align with theirs.

Working With a Law Firm SEO Expert: What to Expect

An expert guides law firm clients through the onboarding process, particularly aligning the personalities of the client and account manager. The manager is then tasked with developing and executing the campaign, which consists of technical SEO and backlinks, with the client.

A Law Firm SEO Expert That Proudly Serves Across The Most Competitive Areas of The US

We’re One of The Most Effective Law Firm SEO Companies For Every Budget

On The Map Marketing’s tailored approach to SEO campaign planning and execution considers every law firm’s unique needs. The team understands your specific goals, target audience, and market to identify the best tactics and opportunities to pursue in your custom campaign. This ensures your law firm website receives high-quality traffic, which you can close into new cases.

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