Law Firm SEO Case Study: How Stroleny Law achieved a 4175% increase in monthly leads in 10 months

Stroleny Law wanted to conduct a massive site migration of their content and shift their online presence on a new domain. On The Map Marketing helped the criminal defense law firm execute the domain redirect and scale its SEO efforts in the fiercely competitive law niche.

Form submissions & calls


Organic traffic


Ranking keywords


Traffic value growth

$5k / mo

Duration of campaign

10 months

What On The Map Marketing provided

Robust domain migration

Comprehensive content strategy

Google My Business optimization

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Stroleny Law, P.A.

Stroleny Law, P.A. is one of Miami’s premier criminal defense law firms. It’s led by Mr. Julian Stroleny, who has worked full-time for the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office as an Assistant State Attorney.

“On The Map has helped me reach both of my goals in terms of organic and local SEO.”

“My clients are best served when my mind is on their matters and not when I have to worry about SEO rankings. On The Map gives me a chance to really focus on what’s most important.”

Julian stroleny

Julian Stroleny

Founder of Stroleny Law


“I think it’s only natural to be apprehensive about a total website migration. A company’s web presence is so important in today’s market, so I wanted to ensure that the migration went as smoothly as possible. My expectations for post-migration were to not lose essential keyword rankings and to retain a similar amount of web traffic.”

– Julian Stroleny

Mr. Stroleny was splitting from his current business partner and could only retain ownership of the previous website’s content. It meant starting afresh on a new domain, which posed the following SEO challenges:

Executing a massive site migration without losing rankings

Website migrations from an old domain to a new one could be horrifying, especially if you have a large website with 100+ pages. Your website traffic could tank if search engines don’t like it, leading to a huge loss of rankings and traffic.

Starting from zero website authority in the oversaturated law niche

Mr. Stroleny had to pass the ownership of the older domain to their partner. So their SEO campaign with us started on a new site with zero links and authority. They were up against attorneys with much higher domain ratings than theirs.

Fighting for the top 3 positions in the highly competitive Miami, Florida criminal defense market

The law firm wanted to crack top organic rankings for competitive keywords — with a cost per click of $25 to $50 — such as “criminal attorney Miami” and “DUI attorney Miami.” The competition was fierce, and the firm’s domain was brand new with a DR=0.


“I was highly impressed with the speed at which the new site was completed, and more importantly, the retention of our rankings at the time. In hindsight, it could not have gone any better.”

– Julian Stroleny

Stroleny Law hired the award-winning On The Map Marketing’s digital marketing services for ensuring a smooth transition to a new domain. Our custom SEO domination plan for them included.

Buying rights to older domain with existing authority

Mr. Stroleny was skeptical about his buying back rights to his older firm’s domain. However, after consulting us he understood it will be time-consuming to work on a brand new domain. So he bought his old firm’s domain and we redirected it to his new firm’s address.

Domain migration

On The Map Marketing’s team meticulously planned page level redirects and improved the website architecture for the law firm’s website. The plan was then implemented with military precision to give it its best shot at getting top spots in Google’s search results.

Scaling content creation

SEO-friendly content is a cornerstone of legal SEO. We planned to scale the number of pages on the site to establish strong E-A-T signals. We created silos, grouping related content together and covering subjects relevant to the attorney’s practice in depth.

Local SEO

Robust local map rankings are among the most important marketing strategies to get clients for lawyers. We executed a custom citation strategy, Google My Business optimization, and extensive local link building for helping Stroleny Law rank for their desired keywords.

The firm regularly reviewed our planned SEO strategy and gave feedback during our monthly touchdowns. They could also access KPI reports on their campaign 24 x 7 through our proprietary tracking software: TrackRight.


“With the Google My Business optimization by On The Map’s team came the calls I really needed. We were getting at some point between 80-90 calls a day, so that can easily translate to 3 calls a day. It’s not that every call is a valid lead, but the majority of them are.”

– Julian Stroleny

Search engine optimization is crucial for law firms to get business online. For Stroleny Law, its digital presence through their website has exploded within months of hiring On The Map Marketing’s services.


jump in monthly leads

Starting at 4 monthly leads, Stroleny Law started seeing its form submissions & calls jump to 172 per month. It’s not merely about getting more leads either — our team reviewed the lead quality with the Stroleny’s team. We also ensured they got new clients increasing the firm’s sales.

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increase in monthly traffic

Starting from 216 page views per month, the law firm saw an exponential increase in its monthly traffic to 8590 visitors per month.

Stroleny law 3 min


increase in organic keywords indexed

Stroleny’s law firm website expanded its content in ten months, starting from 760 keywords to ranking the site for 4062 keywords in SERPs.

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“On the Map has provided me with the freedom to not stress over the SEO goals of the business and allows me to focus exclusively on the practice of law.”

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