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19 Home Services Marketing Strategies, Tips, and Ideas

What is Home Services Marketing?

Home services marketing is electricians, plumbers, and landscapers, among others, in front of their target audience. Home services companies can achieve this by promoting their services on various channels using the best and most effective marketing tactics.

Why is Digital Marketing For Home Service Businesses Important?

Among the many marketing channels businesses in the home services industry can use, digital marketing is one of the best. Below are reasons why they should implement it to attract potential customers:

  • A more cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and get more homeowners to know you exist.
  • Build an engaged and loyal following with the content you’ll produce on online platforms.
  • Reach out to old clients more effectively and turn them into customers again.
  • Able to monitor and scale the campaign results in real-time, allowing you to make changes on the fly as necessary.

19 Quick Home Services Marketing Strategies, Tips, and Ideas

Use the best digital marketing strategies below to launch effective digital marketing campaigns as a home services provider. Choose those that fit your needs to generate new customers for your small business.

1. Identify Your Target Audience

The key to a successful digital marketing plan is determining who you want to target in your campaigns. Knowing their demographics helps tailor your campaigns based on their preferences, allowing you to create marketing materials that resonate with them.

Having a clear idea of your target audience also allows you to establish your brand identity. Use colors and fonts and design a logo that best reflects what your business is about, attracting the right people to your business. Then using your brand on all your online campaigns lets you set up a cohesive online presence geared to generate more highly qualified leads.

2. Deliver Great Customer Service

Developing a personalized and customer-centric approach lets you foster long-lasting and meaningful relationships with them. This makes your services top of mind if they experience the same household issues again.

Start by training your staff to answer customer messages immediately with useful responses. You can also collect feedback through surveys regarding your support team’s performance to identify areas of improvement. These help you provide an even better customer experience.

3. Create a Google Business Profile

Formerly Google My Business, GBP helps increase your local search visibility, particularly the local 3-pack. Claim your business listing (or create a new one if it’s not listed yet) and optimize the profile by filling out its NAP (name, address, phone number), description, website, and others. Add images of your company, office, and employees to your profile as well.

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To help increase your local rankings, get more genuine customer reviews, ideally positive ones. Also, constantly update your profile with posts about your business, like upcoming events, promos, and new services.

4. Invest in Local SEO

Building upon your Google Business Profile, you must create local citations using the NAP you indicated in your GBP. This helps establish your NAP online and enables Google to show users the correct information about your services. In line with this, edit your existing business listings with inaccurate NAP to their correct versions.

Consider registering your home service business on local online directories like Yelp and Angi too. Not only can you establish NAP consistency, but you can also build local backlinks that will further increase your local rankings.

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5. Manage Your Social Media Profiles

Developing and launching a social media marketing strategy can expand your visibility on your chosen social channels. That said, you must identify which social media platforms to focus on. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are obvious choices, as most of your potential clients have accounts on these sites.

At this point, develop a plan for your social media efforts and stick with it. Tactics to consider include publishing posts about your business regularly, engaging with users, and reaching out to your target audience. When done correctly, you can grow your social media followers, some of whom can be your future customers.

6. Design a User-Friendly Home Service Website

A professional-looking website design that best reflects your business is part of making a good impression on your target audience. The other part concerns making your site as easy to navigate and use as possible. 

First, it must load fast to prevent users from leaving your website. Also, the site must have a responsive web design, which gives visitors the most optimized way to view its content, depending on their screen size. Run your website on Google PageSpeed Insights to find suggestions for making your site user-friendly.

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7. Incentivize Customer Reviews

To get customers to actually leave their Google testimonials or Nextdoor recommendations about your business, you can get them something in return, like discounts and rewards. However, positive incentivized reviews as a tactic may cause problems for your business. In this case, disclose the incentive to customers and mention they must leave a genuine review.

Even if you receive negative online reviews, you should respectfully reply to them and suggest a resolution. The volume of testimonials (and even your responses to criticisms) can boost your online reputation and word-of-mouth marketing, allowing you to get more referrals and improve customer retention.

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8. Run PPC Ads 

There are many ways to pursue pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for your home services business. The first is Google Ads, which appear before organic search results which could result in higher click-through rates (CTRs). The other is social media ads on your chosen platforms. They will appear on the news feeds of your target audience.

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Regardless of your ad type and platform, it’s best to let a PPC agency do the job for you here. Its team will create your ad copy and graphics, manage your budget, and change the campaign on the fly to maximize its ROI.

9. Experiment With Local Services Ads

LSAs are “Google Guaranteed” ads that appear above paid ads on search results. Securing this ad type requires many steps since they have premier real estate on Google search. Aside from submitting documents for Google to verify your local business, you have to manage your profile, set a budget, and get reviews from local customers.

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Similar to paid ads, giving the reins of your LSAs to an expert is the best course of action. All you’ll worry about are the high-quality leads from the ads and the budget you’ll allot for the campaign based on its performance.

10. Start Home Service Search Engine Optimization

Organic search results come behind ads on Bing and Google search. But they are as pivotal in generating website traffic for you as a home services provider. To jumpstart your SEO strategy, find search terms your audience is looking for in search engines using an SEO tool. 

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From here, optimize the keywords for your site pages by observing on-page SEO. Mention the keyword on the most important page elements like title, headings, URL, etc. Doing this increases the chances of your pages to rank on organic search for these terms, allowing you to get the attention of high-quality prospects.

11. Build Authoritative Backlinks

The effects of your SEO efforts may take time to show up on search engines. To expedite the process and potentially boost your site’s search rankings to garner new leads, build links from high-quality websites to yours. These sites generate thousands of organic traffic monthly and have high Domain Rating (DR) scores, which you can view using Ahrefs.

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The tool also lets you find potential link partners by looking at your competitors’ backlink profiles. Check sites that link to your competitor and filter them according to DR. From here, see how the top sites link to a site similar to yours and replicate it in your next link building campaign.

12. Craft a Cohesive Content Strategy 

You may encounter search terms from your keyword research in the form of questions that users type in on search engines. Capitalize on these keywords to launch your content marketing initiative by creating content for each. You can then publish them on your blog to eventually rank for them on Google search.

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Your content strategy can also extend to your other marketing channels. Draft a content calendar for your preferred social media platforms that share the latest published blog content, ask questions to your followers, and share useful tips relevant to your business with them. 

13. Invest in Video Marketing

Video is another content you can create for your business as part of your home services marketing strategy. You can create a YouTube channel that shares home improvement tips and tricks with your target audience. However, unlike written content, videos show how something is done, making it easier for viewers to see what you’re talking about.

You can also feature videos on your website to help build your brand. For instance, explainer and branding videos inform prospects about your business and why you’re doing it. Customer testimonial videos also serve as social proof of the effectiveness of your services.

14. Try Email Marketing

This marketing strategy lets you set up a lead generation system for your website as part of your sales funnel. Set up contact forms on your site so they can sign up to reach out to you and receive service discounts straight to their inbox. These should encourage them to avail of your promo and become customers sooner rather than later.


You can also segment your customer base in your email list to launch separate campaigns for each. Create drip emails that will entice previous customers to hire you again for your services. 

15. Create Text Campaigns

Aside from emails, SMS messaging is another way to engage leads and former customers to become clients. The key here is getting phone numbers with their consent. Require them to include their digits on your sign-up forms or ask for their numbers when filling out their client information.

From here, use marketing tools to segment your list according to their stage in your sales funnel. Then develop personalized SMS campaigns optimized for mobile devices for each. Finally, dispatch the campaigns and track the progress of each. 

16. Do Offline Marketing and Advertising

Despite the benefits of digital marketing, home service professionals still do offline marketing with great effects. Tactics like vehicle branding help turn their vehicles into moving billboards, which is especially useful if they constantly travel and service clients in their location.

Distributing flyers and brochures in their primary areas is another way to spread the word about their services. Some even join or hold industry-related local events to network and collaborate with other professionals. Incorporating any of these tactics in your marketing strategy may yield positive results for your business.

17. Offer Special Promotions During Peak Seasons 

Tap into your audience’s purchasing patterns during holidays and special occasions to help improve your sales. Check for times of the year when your services are in demand. Then create promotions by issuing discounts or bundling your services at much lower prices. These could influence potential customers to go with your business instead of your competitors.

Share your promos with your followers and website visitors using your marketing channels. You can even run paid ads for them to maximize their visibility and increase your chances of getting more clients.

18. Measure, Analyze, and Iterate Your Marketing Efforts

Over time, determine which among your marketing campaigns generated more phone calls, improved your conversion rate, and increased your bottom line. The metrics to analyze depend on the channel where you launched your campaign. If you launched an SEO and content marketing strategy, check your site’s traffic and conversions on Google Analytics.

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Some marketing tools monitor multiple metrics or allow you to integrate data from various analytics sources. Using any of these platforms can help streamline in measuring your campaigns. From here, you can gather insights to guide you in improving your strategy for better results.

19. Hire a Home Services Marketing Agency

While it would benefit you to learn online marketing, your main focus as a contractor is serving customers. Trying to do all of the above removes precious resources from your focus, which might compromise your business in the long run.

Alternatively, hire an expert digital marketing agency like On The Map Marketing to launch and develop a custom marketing strategy and campaign for you. We have driven results for lots of home service business owners, across industries including roofing, plumbing, and pest control. 

Look at our HVAC case studies, and contact us for a free marketing audit to explore how we can help your business.

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