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Kim and Robert Schultz - Trinidad's Higher Calling U, and Trinidad's Higher CBD & Oxygen Bar, Trinidad, Colorado, USA

"We have been using On the Map Marketing for our website platforms and SEO for our Colorado cannabis businesses for several years. Digital Optimization in our industry is critical due to the mandates that limit our marketing abilities. The optimization data has steadily increased every month and the analytics provided shows how our customers are finding us, especially In these trying times. Currently, during pandemic restrictions customers cannot enter our dispensary, and are having to shop with us online. Luckily, with our digital visibility, we were mobilized and ready to accommodate them! Thank you OTM staff for all you do!"

Steve P - Civil Litigation Attorneys

"On The Map has also been very responsive when we need any adjustments made with our listing to keep us on the front page of Google. Their service is definitely working for us and we are getting new clients calling us as a result of our Google listing. We’ve been very happy with our organic rankings!"

Thomas W - Criminal Attorney

"On The Map is the first SEO company that I have encountered that actually does what they say. They promised first page Google rankings, and unlike most SEO companies — they delivered. The cost was also very reasonable and the customer service was excellent. I would recommend On The Map for your internet marketing needs."

Yessenia - Office Admin & Accounting

"It has been a pleasure working with On the Map. We are happy to finally have a company that understands our needs. It has been very helpful to work with a business that is willing to listen and explain the processes they are establishing. So Cool Events looks forward to continue to develop this relationship. Thank You!"

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"They seem like a very reputable outfit with a lot of depth, professionalism, and passion about what they’re doing"

Mark Rubin - Owner & Principal Attorney, Rubin Law Corporation

"As the owner of a small law firm, the team at On the Map was dedicated, responsive, professional, and excellent in creating my website and optimizing my search engine. Highly recommended."

Joe Serrantino - Managing Attorney at Serrantino Law, LLC

"Working with On The Map for almost two years has been a game-changer. When we first started our own practice, we lacked a natural online presence. We began our SEO Campaign with the sole purpose of generating natural leads without having to dedicate so much time and effort to our marketing. What made On The Map special was that we were given our own personal SEO Manager, Andrew. Andrew brought a great balance of professionalism and personability. Not only was he our point of contact throughout the SEO Campaign, but it truly felt like he was a part of our team in the office. He did a great job of teaching us how Google determines who ranks for certain keywords, and how we can begin ranking for those same keywords. Here we are two years later and not only are we ranking competitively in multiple cities across our state, but we are receiving on average 90+ Phone Calls a month. On The Map has done a wonderful job, and I would recommend them to any Law Firm seeking to expand their online presence."

Philip Pendergrass - Trial Attorney at Pendergrass Law Firm

"From day one the guys at On The Map have been amazing. They have been spot on with my wants and needs on the project to build a website. I had a vision and they made it happen. Thanks to Philippe, Aharon and the whole team at On The Map."

Customer Relations - Customer Relations

"Andrew is an amazing account representative. We had never used a marketing firm before and did not even have a website at the start. OTM Marketing brought us up to speed and is making us competitive in a difficult market."

Alex Lewis -

"It took me years to find a company that is reliable and get's results. On the Map has been making it happen for us and we aren't going anywhere. If you use this company and are disappointed, you might want to double check your own expectations because we've been through many SEO companies and this is the only one who could deliver a true ROI. - Good luck!"

Aaron West - Aaron West

"On the Map, Inc. has been excellent. We have steadily seen results. They have also been very flexible as we have started to add services and adjust our budget. While everyone at OTM has been knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly, most recently, Andrew DeGryse has been our point of contact. Andrew's ability to explain complicated SEO metrics, strategies, etc. has been fantastic. I feel like I am finally starting to truly understand SEO and the various ways to improve our website’s rankings."

Ben Gobel - Ben Gobel

"OTM is hands down the #1 SEO and web marketing service you will find. Julian, Val and Natalie are the A team in getting things done. Thanks to OTM our company has not only improved significantly in terms of online dominance and exposure but we have literally doubled our profits in as little as 1 year! Thanks for all the hard work! It has been an amazing journey so far and will be for many years to come as we grow together."

Home Care Contractors - Home Care Contractors

"Marco has been an essential part of my business strategy. He assured me that he could increase my bottom line and did it in 3 months. Not only did he increase it, he tripled my reviews in the first year. Enough said..."

Lou F - Rattlesnake Removal USA

"I’m incredibly happy about the decision I made to work with On The Map. Even though I was working with another company and had some uncertainty about working with someone else, I wanted to try out what they had to offer. It’s fortunate that I overcame my initial hesitation because in their first month alone they were able to surpass my expectations by more than double. In addition to seeing robust results, it feels great to know exactly who I’m working with and exactly what I’m getting."

Lindsay S - Law Office of Lindsay Soto

"We decided to start working with On The Map with a healthy amount of skepticism about the kind of performance you were promising in such a short amount of time. After seeing our first reports, we quickly realized you were serious about getting us on the front page and generating new business. It is even accurate to say that within 3 months we had generated revenue off of internet leads to pay for most of our investment in your firm’s services. Since then, we’ve been thoroughly satisfied with On The Map’s results and would happily recommend them to any attorney looking to bring in cases online."

Russell C - Cate, Terry, & Gookins

"Dear Mr. Hoskins, As you know, I practice only plaintiff's employment law and have been an attorney in California practicing for 45 years. I have used your services extensively since 2012. As you also know, I have a website administered by FindLaw. Your services have provided a significant compliment to my FindLaw website. Your company has optimized my website wherein we rely upon you and the techniques you employ for all of our new business. We have been beyond satisfied with your services. We believe that your personalized service to our office is an advantage we cannot achieve by exclusively dealing with FindLaw. Please have anybody you wish contact me with respect to the contents of this letter."

Jay S - Rothman & Associates

"We chose to work with On the Map Marketing for our website rebuild and SEO campaign and are very pleased by the results so far. As a small law firm, we were cautious about working with big marketing companies who made big promises. However, we have learned that in the online marketing world it is rare to find the kind of individual attention and prompt follow-up that OTM has consistently provided us. Our campaign manager Jonathan is always available by phone to answer questions, discuss marketing strategies and just to steer us in the right direction. The monthly marketing reports are also extremely valuable because they help us track the effectiveness of our SEO campaign and overall online presence. We love our new website and have received consistent positive feedback from other professionals on its design. Most importantly, the website makes it easy for potential clients to contact us and helps drive new business to our firm."

Nathan L - Shareholder, Karpstein & Verhulst, P.C

"On The Map has been nothing but great! They are always very easy to get in touch with; always pleasant to work with, and they listen to their client’s needs. They achieve the results that their client wants. Our company’s rankings have been higher since we began working with On The Map. They do the absolute best job, and we would recommend them to anyone wanting to boost your clientele, get more hits on your website, or generate more leads. They can do anything SEO and they have the knowledge and experience to help everyone!"

Ron Z - Founder, Hair Restoration Specialists

"On The Map absolutely blew out the doors for its work on my new law firm website. They took my existing website and converted it to the latest format and design without skipping a beat. No stone was left unturned in making this project and my specific requests a reality. Everything was handled professionally and with the utmost care. I cannot recommend On The Map enough for their performance and delivery."

Patrick R - Insurance Lawyer

"We have been working with On The Map Marketing for almost a year now. They manage our SEO and PPC campaigns. What I like most about the company is that they really deliver what they promise. Being a Marketing Specialist myself, I’ve seen many companies that promise SEO service, and they don’t know how to do it accurately. On The Map gives us boutique VIP service that is exactly what we need to be constantly measuring and improving our marketing campaigns; tweaking and changing what does not work, and always being ahead of the competition. I fully recommend this company as they have proven track of being professional and they know what they are doing."

South Miami Fiat & Dadeland Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM & SRT dealer -

"On The Map is the first SEO company that I have encountered that actually does what they say. They promised first page Google rankings, and unlike most SEO companies — they delivered. The cost was also very reasonable and the customer service was excellent. I would recommend On The Map for your internet marketing needs."

Thomas W - Criminal Attorney

"I’ve been with On The Map now for over a year, and I want you to know that I think your Search Engine Optimization program is the best I’ve encountered since I developed my website way back in the 90’s! You keep me on page 1 where I like to be! Thanks!"

Steven B - Personal Injury Attorney

"I switched to On The Map Marketing in 2013. I have been very satisfied with the manner their organization has performed. It makes for a very easy way to get my firm’s name out on the Internet and the results have been positive."

Paul M - Criminal Defense Attorney

"I have used On The Map for a number of years and they have improved my position on Google, which has generated a great deal of new business leads for our law firm. I would not hesitate to recommend On The Map to all of my colleagues."

Harvey B - Criminal Defense Lawyers

"On The Map Marketing has been the best investment for our law firm. Before we were using Adwords through Google. This would cost our firm upwards of $500 a month! With On The Map we were given a flat rate fee for organic listings and a website and our business has taken off! Not only does their product work but their staff is friendly and helpful and know how to address your business advertisement needs. I highly recommend On The Map for any company that wants to increase business within weeks!"

Christopher C - Immigration Lawyer

"On The Map has also been very responsive when we need any adjustments made with our listing to keep us on the front page of Google. Their service is definitely working for us and we are getting new clients calling us as a result of our Google listing. We’ve been very happy with our organic rankings!"

Steve P - Civil Litigation Attorneys

"I’ve been with On The Map for a few months, and I am already getting clients calling me from my Google local listing. On The Map is my ‘go to’ source and I’m going to use them for other online marketing services. My web marketing efforts with them have already paid off. In fact, they’ve paid for themselves, and a little bit more! Their services have proven to be a great ROI, and over time, I’m sure that return will multiply as my investment level stretches out over time."

Jason K - Criminal Defense Lawyer

"On The Map quickly made an impact on my business. In a matter of months I was showing up on the front page of Google, which was well worth the investment."

Jason B - Ticket Attorney

"On The Map has delivered on its promise to place my firm on the front page of Google when potential clients search using the most commonly used keywords and search terms. Before I began using On The Map, my firm was frequently not listed of the front page of Google making it less likely potential clients would find me. On The Map has increased my firm’s visibility on Google, the search engine used by most people."

David S - Criminal Defense Attorney

"I have only been on board with them for a short period of a few weeks. But in that short time frame they have done exactly what they said they would do. They promised first page Google advertising, and to their credit, they have provided me with first page Google advertising. I could not ask for a better presence on the web. So far their words have materialized into action, and I could not be any more pleased. I would strongly recommend anyone who has an advertising/marketing need to contact On The Map Marketing."

Joseph T - Injury Attorney

"I am very impressed with the short amount of time it took for my practice to be On The Map on the first page when people search for attorneys in my areas of practice. The service has been consistent and it is definitely a worthwhile investment. Thanks, again."

Wendy C - Family Law & Divorce Lawyer

"Before I contracted with On The Map Marketing, I had been hesitant to sign up with any firm promising first-page Google ranking. However, On The Map has done exactly what they said they would do, and I was on the front page of Google less than a week after signing up. I was very impressed with the efficiency that On The Map demonstrated in delivering their product."

Jessa N - Criminal Lawyer