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GWS wanted to capture the Miami market for pressure washing and cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties. On The Map Marketing provided website design and SEO services to improve their rankings and get leads via digital marketing.

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“On The Map, Inc. has been steadily growing my website’s presence consistently over the last year, and I’m very happy with the results. We’ve captured the Miami Pressure Washing Market and we’re expanding from there bit by bit.”

Gary Stewart

owner of GWS Pressure Cleaning

Jump in monthly leads


Lead increase

Increase in monthly traffic


Organic search traffic increase

Duration of campaign

13 months

Campaign duration – Oct 2021 to Nov 2022

Client GWS

GWS are longtime leaders in Florida’s pressure cleaning sector and have an enviable reputation for getting the job done in a timely manner. They are a family owned business that has served prominent neighborhoods of Miami, Florida for years.

Gwspressurecleaning website

What On The Map
Marketing provided

Technical seo

SEO strategy


Website design

Link gap analysis

Link building

Content writing

SEO content


Organic traffic

Starting from a single page website


Pursuing multi-location SEO

GWS Pressure Cleaning began a domain authority of one and one landing page.

They had an ambitious multi-location SEO goal: build their brand and its presence in Miami, Doral, and surrounding areas.

Gwspressurecleaning domain rating growth


Website structure

Professional Website

Technical seo

A Holistic SEO Strategy

The design team began crafting a professional website.

We also built a holistic SEO strategy targeting “pressure cleaning” and related topics:

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Besides creating relevant content, we were building authoritative backlinks. Here’s an example of a legit link:

Gwspressurecleaning website commercial windows cleaning in miami page


Jump in monthly leads

+30% Form submissions & calls

Form submissions & calls increase in just 10 months

Increase in monthly traffic

+621.05% Organic search traffic

+621.05% Organic traffic Growth in 13 months

The new website was structured to allow Google to crawl smoothly and associate the content with the desired keywords & phrases.

Gwspressurecleaning website meta data

As the website aged, the one-two tango of content and backlinks bore fruit. Our organic ranking rankings jumped across the board:

Gwspressurecleaning keyword analysis

So did our Map rankings:

Gwspressurecleaning pressure cleaning map rankings
Data and map rankings from

Their website also started ranking at #4 for one of the most relevant business keywords:

Gwspressurecleaning pressure cleaning keyword analytics
Data and map rankings from

Organic traffic: +621.05% in 13 months

Gwspressurecleaning organic traffic analytics

Form submissions & calls: +30% in just 10 months

Gwspressurecleaning form submissions & calls analytics
We started with 23 monthly leads in October 2021 and it stands at 30 as of August 2022


Case Study Team

Chintan zalani
Miami Office Chintan Zalani Head of Content Marketing
Miami Office Andrew DeGryse Account Manager
Miami Office Isadora Padoa SEO Strategist
Riga Office Dace Pinka SEO Specialist
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