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Your air conditioning business is important all year round, not just during those hot summer days and nights; it is important that you get the word out about the value of your business and the importance of your services. So, how do these potential clients find your air conditioning business? Search engine optimization, or SEO, will help you to stand out from the crowd and make sure that you are the first word in air conditioning and HVAC.

What Can SEO  Do for my Air Conditioning and HVAC Business?

SEO or search engine optimization is how to increase the ranking of your website so that it is one of the first users come across on the search engine results page (SERP) when they look for air conditioning related terms. Those search terms are called keywords and they can significantly boost traffic to your website if you choose the right ones; an SEO campaign can help you choose the right keywords, which can increase your site’s visibility and ultimately lead to new clients. Here are some of the other benefits of an SEO campaign:

  • Improved Online Profile — An SEO campaign can make your website stand out which makes it easier for people to discover your business online.
  • Better Website Optimization — A website that is easy to browse, attractive, and has a lot of useful information will improve the chances that people will visit your site and stay there.
  • An Increased Website Ranking — People tend to visit sites that are located near the top of the SERP because they are perceived to be more authoritative; an SEO campaign can improve your SERP ranking and increase your visitor count.
  • Increase your Client Base — Once the other improvements have been implemented, the increased traffic to your site can lead to more clients and more profit.

What ROI Should I Expect?

Once you launch an SEO campaign, you understandably want your profit to exceed your investment, that is the entire goal of the campaign. It is important that you set your return on investment (ROI) expectations based on the size of your company; you want to be ambitious but also realistic. An SEO campaign can increase your company’s profits but not its size. Before you start a campaign, make sure that you have the budget for a long term affair because the results will not be immediate.

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How Long Does SEO Take?

The best SEO campaigns can take months before any significant improvements become apparent, the key is to be patient. If you do not see results within a few weeks, that is not cause to cancel your campaign. It can take time before you see an increase in your SERP ranking but if you stick with it, the results can be impressive.

  • Results can take Months — An SEO campaign has many lengthy, detailed stages that need to be completed before the search engines notice the improvements.
  • Search Engines move Slowly — Search engines have to crawl through your site and others like it to establish which one is the most authoritative; this can take a long time.
  • Pay Attention to the most Important Results — An increase in the SERP ranking is what you will notice first but an increase in clientele is the most important result.
  • Results will Plateau Eventually — You will receive a steady increase in customers that will eventually taper off.. At that point your campaign becomes about making sure that those numbers remain stable.

Air Conditioning and HVAC Marketing Campaign: Local or National?

A local campaign is when you establish yourself in your geographical area by placing identifying keywords about your state, city, and other relevant parts of your location. That way, whenever someone searches for “A/C repair in (my area)”, your business will be high on the SERP. A national campaign will make your website relevant to anyone searching for more general air conditioning or HVAC keywords instead of just location based search terms.

Assessing your Air Conditioning and HVAC website for Key Performance Indicators

In order to determine how well an SEO campaign is doing, it is necessary to examine the key performance indicators, or KPIs. They are the various ways of checking on the different parts of the campaign to discover which tactics are working and which ones need improvement. These are some of the KPIs we look for:

  • Increase in Clients — A clientele increase is the best indicator of a campaign’s success.
  • Organic Traffic Increase — The people who visit your website from the SERP.
  • Keyword Ranking — Where keywords related to your website rank in search queries.
  • Visit Duration — The amount of time visitors stay on your site before leaving.
  • Pages per Session — The number of pages people visit while they are on your website.

How to Optimize On-site SEO for your Air Conditioning and HVAC Business

On-site SEO is the process of making improvements to your website so that both people and search engines can navigate through it smoothly without running into any security risks. The better your website is optimized and the easier it is to navigate, the better it is for your SERP rank. The following steps are necessary to improve your website’s performance:

  1. Correct Keyword Selection — Well researched keywords with high search volumes will ensure that your site is one of the first to appear when anyone searches for A/C and HVAC related terms.
  2. Improve Website Structure — A well structured website is easy for both people and search engines to navigate and find what they are looking for. Pages that seamlessly link to each other are one way to improve your website’s structure.
  3. Custom Content Creation — Custom content includes blog posts or articles that establish your credibility on the subject. The more constantly updated high quality content on your site, the more authority your site will accrue and the higher it will rank.
  4. Incorporate Google Analytics — A Google Analytic account is free and is the best way to monitor KPIs like site traffic or your keyword ranking.
  5. Add a Sitemap — This is a document that lets the search engines understand how your site’s pages relate to each other. A sitemap also makes it easier for both users and search engines to find pages on your website.
  6. Maximize Website Loading Speed — People are reluctant to stay on a slow loading website, no matter how relevant that site is to their search.
  7. Increase Website Security — Keep the information of you and your visitors safe by using a strong cybersecurity suite. Stolen information, viruses, or ransomware can severely hurt your business.

How to Optimize Off-site SEO for your Air Conditioning and HVAC Business

The work done to improve the authority and SERP ranking of your website by using other websites is called off-site SEO. This involves link-building from reputable sources, making sure that your business is registered under a directory that is top rated, and making sure that your link profile is in good health.

  1. Relevant Link Building — External links are links to credible, high ranking sites that are relevant to your business; they help to increase the value of your own site and improve your chances of moving up the SERP
  2. Website Link Profile Improvements — When those credible, high ranking websites link back to your website from their website, it also helps to establish you as an authority on that subject. You should also make sure that all of the links on your site are active, dead links hurt your websites credibility.
  3. Directory Listing Registration– Listing your website in an an online directory appropriate to your business makes it easier for users and search engines to find you.

Social Media Integration for Air Conditioning

Social media gives you the chance to build your brand and foster brand loyalty with your clients. Our team can update your social media channels with relevant, engaging content if you are too busy to do so yourself.

  • YouTube Management and Optimization — YouTube can be used to promote your business via promotional or educational videos. We can help you with content production if you choose this option.
  • Management of Major Social Media — Social media allows you to engage with clients on a regular basis; this helps to build brand awareness and increase brand loyalty. Our team can update your various social media accounts regularly if you do not have the time.

Tracking your Air Conditioning and HVAC Company’s Growth

You will undoubtedly want to know how the SEO campaign is affecting your business, fortunately, there are various tools available for you to regularly check up on how the campaign is progressing. Here are some of the methods available to you:

  • Phone Tracking — This can help you to discover why someone decided to call your business, which in turn lets you know which part of the campaign is effective.
  • Form Tracking — This method allows you to locate where your viewers/inquires are coming from because anytime someone fills out a form, their location information gets recorded.
  • Traffic Reports — These allow you to monitor your website traffic rate on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.
  • Ranking Reports — You can find out where you rank in the search engines and how you’re placed.

Air Conditioning and HVAC SEO: A Proven Digital Advertising Solution

SEO is one of the best ways to increase the visibility of your website and make it easier for new clients to find you. SEO campaigns have been proven to help businesses at a much smaller cost, and for a longer term, than commercials in traditional media such as radio or television. Once you choose to launch an SEO campaign, you are choosing to engage with customers in the modern 21st century way. On The Map Marketing has years of experience conducting successful SEO campaigns for companies of all sizes and types; choose us and we will do the same for you.

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