12 Plastic Surgery Marketing Ideas

Are you a plastic surgeon trying to attract more patients to your clinic? Look no further than our comprehensive guide to plastic surgery marketing. From social media campaigns to search engine optimization, we’ll explore the most effective ways to promote your practice and increase your client base.

What is Plastic Surgeon Marketing?

Plastic surgeon marketing involves strategies to attract, engage, and retain patients, while promoting a surgeon’s expertise, procedures, and clinic, through online and offline channels.

Why do plastic surgery practices need marketing?

Marketing is crucial for plastic surgery practices to attract new patients, retain existing ones, enhance their online presence, and stand out in a competitive industry by highlighting their unique offerings.

Nobody relies on yellow pages now to find plastic surgery clinics. If you want to get more clients, you need to integrate digital marketing into the mix.

Create a sound plastic surgery marketing strategy

All successful marketing campaigns begin by creating a strategy. So for your plastic surgery practice, define your target audience, identify the optimal marketing channels where your audience hangs out, and your online positioning.

Ideally you want to document a complete plastic surgery marketing plan that lists the channels you’ll rely on, how often you’ll need to post, and who will handle the responsibilities.

Remember, the most effective marketing strategies are patient-centric, ethical, and compliant with healthcare marketing regulations.

Begin with local SEO by creating a Google Business Profile

The lowest hanging fruit for plastic surgeons to improve their local online presence by building a free Google listing. Optimize it for relevant keywords. And add your business name, phone number, and address accurately.

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Improve your online reputation in important online directories

Online directories are often the first point of contact between you and potential patients. Here’s how to elevate your online reputation in these key digital spaces.

One thing you want to ensure is NAP consistency. Confirm that your contact details, services, and operating hours are accurate and consistent across all online directories. These could include Google My Business, Yelp, Healthgrades, and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ directory. Remember, incorrect or inconsistent information can lead to mistrust and confusion.

Leverage word-of-mouth referrals

Despite being in the digital era, people still rely on trusted recommendations from their acquaintances. Your patient reviews travel word of mouth when you provide excellent service. So ensure you deliver what your services state.

Show successful results of your cosmetic surgery practice

Use technology to allay fears and uncertainties about cosmetic surgery. Offer free consultations that include visualizations of your post-surgery results. You want to ally any concerns of folks who are unsure of the results and effects of going under the knife.

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Get more positive online reviews from past clients

Online reviews actually serve as a recommendation today. Incentivize your current and former patients to drop a word about their experience of working with you. Some sensitive patients for services like breast augmentation may not be comfortable in sharing their reviews publicly. But remember most of these platforms allow sharing of reviews anonymously.

Build a plastic surgery website

Ensure your website has a modern, mobile-friendly design and includes compelling before-and-after transformations. Include details about the services you offer, your team, certifications, awards, and patient testimonials.

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Here are some of the best plastic surgery websites you can use for inspiration.

Start search engine optimization for your cosmetic surgery website

Being at the top of organic search results can significantly increase potential patient engagement. Make sure to include relevant keywords on your website. Creating content begins with crafting landing page for every service you offer.

Then you can try to address common questions of your prospective patients about the plastic surgery market.

Invest in Google Ads to improve your patient acquisition

Pay-per-click advertising can offer immediate results compared to organic SEO, which can take months. Bid for top placement on search engines to ensure maximum visibility.

Pick a few social media platforms to engage with potential clients

Plastic surgeons should select a few key social media platforms where their potential clients are most active. This could be Instagram for its visual appeal, Facebook for its wide user base, or even TikTok for its growing popularity.

Once chosen, regular engagement through informative posts, sharing success stories, answering queries, or even hosting live Q&A sessions is essential. By focusing on a select few platforms, surgeons can dedicate more time to creating quality content and fostering genuine relationships with potential clients, rather than spreading themselves thin across numerous platforms.

Start content marketing to convert potential patients

Cosmetic surgeons can also start creating content that addresses common patient questions and concerns, thus demonstrating your expertise and care for their patients’ needs and interests. Try to optimize the content for SEO. If not, you can also share it across social media platforms. You want to build trust with your prospective patients.

Experiment with loyalty programs

A loyalty program for a plastic surgery practice can take many forms, including a point-based system, tiered rewards, referral incentives, VIP memberships, discounted procedure packages, special occasion bonuses, or rewards for feedback. It’s crucial that these programs adhere to legal regulations.

The primary objective is to enhance patient satisfaction, encourage repeat business, and attract new patients. Finding the right program may require some experimentation, but a well-structured loyalty program can notably enhance patient engagement and loyalty.

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