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Generally, marketing is the blend of promotion, public relations, and customer engagement– all drafted with the goal of boosting sales. Marketing is a vital component to many business plans because it directly affects revenue flow and the overall success of a business. As technology advances, the desire to move toward digital techniques becomes more of a necessity. Marketing agencies are now focusing on SEO and other internet based forms of marketing.         

Proven marketing formulas for the Plastic Surgery industry

Plastic surgery has become more popular over the years, especially in our home, the city of Miami. A concentration on your practice’s internet marketing tactics will improve the traffic to your website and eventually lead to revenue increase.  

Plastic Surgery Marketing Campaign Length

A marketing campaign’s length is totally dependant on desired results. While there are campaigns that only last for a week, some can go on for several months. In regards to your plastic surgery practice, many factors must be taken into consideration including:

  • Residential or Commercial
  • Local or National
  • ROI
  • Information gathering or Product pushing

Many different factors determine how your marketing campaign will be formulated and for how long it will be be active. A typical marketing plan can be executed in 2-3 months, however, many variables may modify that time.

The intention of the campaign determines the length of duration. Shorter plans can be designed to deliver quick results that may depreciate over time, while longer plans can require patience  but may reap long term benefits. Depending on your strategy, a marketer can build a solid plan while considering:

  1. Will you be conducting business locally or nationally?
  2. What type of ROI do you project?
  3. Are you gathering information or pushing a product?

There are many deciding factors that need to be examined before you begin your marketing adventure. Generally, marketing campaigns take about an average of 2-3 months to begin showing results.       

Local or National Plastic Surgery Market Campaign

Most marketing decisions are hard– this one is not. Catering your marketing efforts toward a local or national campaign is reliant on where you source your clients. Regardless of where you plan to sell, your business’ products and services need to be easily accessible to your clients.

Plastic surgery and other surgical based industries tend to keep their marketing strategies locally focused. However, that does not suggest that frequent out-of-state visitors– keep your mind open but energies focused on one area to maximize the effect of your marketing efforts.           

Plastic Surgery Trends

When formulating your marketing plan, it is also important to recognize current trends as they can help you carve out your target market and may affect some business decisions. The past decade has introduced us to a larger amount body part enhancement surgeries such as the Brazilian Butt Lift and fat injections, however, in 2018, it is predicted that clients will move toward less invasive, non-surgical procedures. Due to the normalization of plastic surgery, patrons are favoring subtle and natural looks rather than the over-the-top exaggerations of the past.

Digital Marketing Platforms Guaranteed to Increase Revenue for your Plastic Surgery business

Digital or Internet marketing has been a growing industry for years, and has quickly become a necessity for many successful businesses. Internet marketing incorporates all forms of digitally based advertisements including mobile phone pop-ups or tablet applications. It is a popular form of marketing because it is cost effective and frequently quicker than traditional methods because they require less inventory and peoplepower.

Website Development

You know, your plastic surgery office should be pristine, organized, and free of foul odor. You want your clients to feel comfortable–but don’t forget: your business’ digital space is just as important as your physical one. A neat cyber occupancy gives your clients 24 hour access to your business. To extend their stay and ensure their return examine the following tips from a marketing specialist:

  • Navigation. Traveling through your website should be smooth and simple. Be sure to check that links are not broken and that pages are congruent.
  • Mobile Capability. Once your website is built it is imperative to display it on different devices to see how the script converts and review the design for mistakes.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing. Refrain from the use of distracting patterns and too many bright or contrasting colors. Text should be painless to read and cause as little distraction as possible.
  • Visual Hierarchy. Experienced web designers arrange a script with the web surfer in mind. Studies have shown that Americans process the information on websites, they same way they do from a book. The eyes begin at the top-left and reads information towards the right. Smart web-designers use this to their advantage by positioning important items such as a Call-to-action, in a place where it can be seen first.
  • Keep clutter to a minimum. The cyber-universe is filled with advertising landmines that can distract your clients away from your business. Design with the focus of converting a potential client into a loyal consumer.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Studies have revealed that most web surfers choose between the top three choices a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) has to offer; furthermore, only 25% of people travel beyond the first page of Google when conducting internet research. Search Engine Optimization is the process of elevating a website to the highest possible ranking. In order to keep businesses from establishing SEO monopolies, Google, Bing, and Yahoo, constantly rearrange their ranking algorithms. Though we may not know exactly how Google makes its decisions, we do know it considers the following:

  1. Relevant Keywords. Keywords are the buzzwords that educate search engines about the content on your website. In your content, incorporate keywords or terms that are commonly associated with your plastic surgery business such as, non-surgical liposuction or brazilian butt lift.  
  2. Authoritative Links. To show both the search engines and your audience that you are an expert in your field, cite your sources. By only linking authoritative references, Google will align you with these websites and increase your ranking.
  3. Site Speed. Faster technology breds impatient users. Google takes load times into consideration when rewarding higher rankings.

Pay Per Click

A popular trend among marketers is the use of PPC services because of the guaranteed return on investment. Many large corporations such as Facebook and Google offer Pay Per Click advertisements on their webpages. Benefits of PPCs are as follows:

  • Cheap. Not only are PPC advertisements generally cheap, but it allows a marketer to allocate a percentage of the budget to this system without worrying about losing money or increased charges.
  • Directly targets potential clients. When someone clicks on your ad, the conversion level is much greater than an unsolicited advertisements.
  • Compatible with many digital outlets. Many large businesses use PPC advertisements to promote their designs. This gives you exposure and helps to cast a wider net.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has been a leader in the social media industry for over a decade, with over 1.14 billion active monthly users, who reportedly check their accounts at least 14 times as day. This presents a useful opportunity for markets, because it opens a digital space where they know a tremendous amount of traffic will flow. When advertising through Facebook remember to:

  • Incite Call-to-Actions
  • Only select innovative images
  • Timely and reliable posts
  • Remember the Visual Hierarchy
  • Be emotionally compelling

Internet Marketing is the fastest growing form of marketing there is. It takes an observant marketer to stay up-to-date with trends and new technology. Never miss an opportunity and stay alert to current news and fads as it will affect your business.

Why Your Plastic Surgery Business Could Be Making More Money Using Digital Marketing

The continued advancement of technology has birthed new forms of marketing. Digital marketing or internet marketing is any form of marketing that is done cyberly. Many marketing managers use this wildly popular method of marketing because it is a fast, easy way to communicate with a large audience. Generally, internet marketing also tends to be cheaper, while taking up little to no physical space.

Reach an “infinite” audience

With internet marketing you have the opportunity to reach billions of people worldwide. In America alone, 73% of people access the internet daily, which gives marketers the chance to hunt for clients while they are all in one area. Word-of-mouth has never been this effective as information is spread faster than ever before with the simple click of a “share” button.


A great benefit of internet marketing is the ability to track and examine your data. Google and other corporations have created digital applications that allow a user to record and analyze their data. That way a businessperson can decide which methods to allocate marketing funds toward.

Higher ROI

Due to the low cost and more than likely, your internet marketing strategies, will generate a high ROI. Digital campaigns also have long lasting rewards that can rotate virally. There are a few ways that you can increase your ROI.

  • Engage consumers with stories they can follow
  • Keep current with trends and hot topics
  • Record and examine growth
  • Invite consumers to return with reward systems

Digital Marketing should be Interactive and Engaging

The internet has opened the door to public opinion. Behind a computer screen, web surfers can connect with public officials, organizations, and complete strangers without having to feel self-conscious. By simply leaving a comment on a company’s website, gives the business a chance to thank the consumer for the compliment or settle any grievances.

Know where you stand with Quantifiable Results

Never get too busy to track your results. A vital part of great marketing is being able to examine your work and evaluate which strategies are best for your business. Consider the following analytic tools that will keep you on track:

  • Lattice Engines
  • Kapost’s Content Scoring
  • Mixpanel
  • Marketing Evolution

Properly recording your data is the key to evolution. Every business is different and the key to a growing marketing plan is understanding what areas need to be worked on. Organized files will make it easier to track progress and predict future ideals.

How Our Scientifically Proven Marketing Process Unlocks Your Plastic Surgery Business’s Money Making Potential

Though Google and other popular search engines keep their ranking algorithms a secret— years of trial and error has given marketers the information we need to formulate fool-proof marketing plans to increase SEO. As we may not be able to share all of our secrets of success with you, there are a few tactics that are generally accepted when internet marketing. 

SEO / PPC Market and Search Research and Analysis

Conducting market research is necessary before starting a plan. Businesses must understand the demographic of targeted markets and follow their thought patterns in order to successfully sell to them. Pay Per Click advertisements work by placing company ads on other website that entreat visitors to your website. Remembering the Rule of Three, many corporations utilize this tactic to get as much visibility as possible.

Design and Develop a high converting website with our proven strategies

Think of your website as the perfect 24/7 salesperson. Conversion, describes the process of soliciting a client into performing a certain action. These actions can include; purchasing an item, downloading an ebook, playing a game, or simply fulfilling any desired need for the business.

Tips on conversion methods:

  1. Blatant CTA’s. Create a call-to-action that no one can ignore. Many styles contain little words but are bold.
  2. Keep Distractions to a minimum. You do not want to get a user distracted from your call to action.
  3. Give Alternatives. The more payment options you give a client the less of an excuse they have.
  4. Make everything as simple as possible. Our lives can be stressful enough, so make your website a place that is easily navigated.
  5. Let them know what makes you special. Set yourself apart from the crowd by giving your client something to remember you by.

Drive traffic to your website using SEO, Social Media and PPC

When you cast a wider net, you are likely to catch more fish. So boost sales by employing a myriad of services, all focused with the single goal of snagging your consumer’s eye.

Search Engine Optimization Social Media Pay-Per Click Advertising
  • Increases your website’s visibility in organic search results  
  • Form business relationships through link exchange
  • Builds a relationship with the client
  • Strengthens brand marketing
  • Offers users sharing advantages
  • Offers high ROI
  • Easily managed and organized

Use analytics to reach the ultimate campaign goals

Measure your results to see which tactics work best for your plastic surgery business. Google provides several free analytic tools that can record and organizes results. Maximize on strategies that bring you the most business by offering subscriptions and deals.

Plastic Surgery Marketing

Americans spent over $16 billion on plastic surgery in 2016 and that number grows every year. Discovery in medicine and technology add to the popularity of plastic surgery and will make the potential market fluctuate. Make sure that your business is ready for this market increase by tasking the job out to a marketing firm that can deliver consumers right to your practice’s door.

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