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19 Plastic Surgery Marketing Ideas For 2024

Plastic surgery practice today is more competitive than ever. Sometimes you go out of the way to close a new patient, but it may still not work out. Even though going the extra mile to secure a new lead is still valid, increasing the number of leads altogether is a better approach. 

Let’s figure out how to do that.

What is Plastic Surgery Marketing?

Plastic surgery marketing is a strategic approach you take to promote your cosmetic and reconstructive surgery services. It focuses on captivating potential patients and boosting your practice’s online presence.  

1. Create a Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy 

A holistic digital marketing plan for your plastic surgery practice goes beyond individual tactics. It includes plastic surgeon marketing via various online channels so you can establish a strong internet presence and achieve your marketing goals, eventually, grow your business.  

To get it right, consider the following components: 

  • Begin by gaining a deep understanding of your target audience—creating personas based on the demographic details of your ideal client can help. 
  • Define your goals precisely. Knowing your objectives makes it easier to measure results and assess your returns. 
  • Evaluate your existing digital channels’ performance and identify what has worked, what hasn’t, and what you can integrate into your new strategy.  
  • Audit all your media campaigns, both earned and paid, to identify gaps that your online marketing campaign can fill. 

Finally, diversify your channels viz., content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, paid advertising, social media marketing, and email marketing, among others. That’s what a holistic approach is about. 

2. Build a Website for Your Plastic Surgery Practice 

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Your plastic surgery website is like a digital storefront that you need to optimize for success from day one.  

So, make sure that your: 

  • Website design is SEO-centric.  
  • Chosen keywords align with your target audience’s search queries.  
  • All web page URLs are optimized for the right keywords.  
  • Heading tags are structured to improve readability for both visitors and search engines. 
  • The web design and overall website is responsive and mobile-friendly. 
  • All images on the sites are high-quality and contain alt-text descriptions. 
  • Visitors can reach out to you easily.  
  • Page loading speed is fast, and your site is secured with SSL encryption.

3. Start Local SEO 

You know the reality of plastic surgery isn’t as glamorous as it’s portrayed.  

Your typical patients aren’t the ones that come with meticulous agent-driven cosmetic surgeon selection; they’re kids, teens, and adults who often begin their search on the internet with keywords like “plastic surgeon near me.” 

Creating a Google Business profile and optimizing it for local SEO can help you appear in these searches. These are Google’s three ranking factors you should consider for the algorithm: 

1. Relevance: It means how well your business profile matches the search query. Adding all the required details and optimizing your Google business profile can do the job.

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2. Distance: The closer your practice is to the searcher’s proximity, the more chances you have of appearing in their search. 

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3. Prominence: Your online and offline reputation also contribute to your visibility in the local pack rankings. 

4. Invest in Organic SEO For Your Website 

It helps you attract organic (non-paid) traffic from search engines like Google. Here’s how to make it work for you:  

1. Create your expertise-driven content and answer your searcher’s queries with a clear understanding of their search intent. Meanwhile ensuring it’s optimized for the right keywords, images, and links. 

2. Earn backlinks and pay attention to providing a great user experience. 

3. Make sure Google can crawl all your website pages with ease. 

5. Build Landing Pages For Your Cosmetic Surgery Services 

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Landing pages are your opportunity to showcase your specific services to potential clients who are already interested in them. So, make sure it’s precise and answers the exact questions they have in their heads, so they consider contacting you instead of going back and searching for another surgeon.  

For the best results, show credibility with testimonials, online reviews, and ratings—showing real-life patients’ experiences with images can be a game-changer.  Plus, provide information like a phone number or a form your future plastic surgery patients can fill out to contact you easily.

6. Offer a Free Consultation  

Even though there’s a huge debate over whether you should provide a free consultation or not, consider this: patient education is paramount.  

Most of the prospects who show up at your plastic surgery clinic have done at least some online research about the type of work they want to get done on themselves. Sometimes, this information is misleading and results in building unrealistic expectations for them.   

A short, free consultation can bridge the knowledge gap, correct their misconception, and above all, help them build trust in you, which can eventually lead to acquiring new patients.  

7. Leverage Social Media Marketing 

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Not because everyone else is doing it, although that’s also a valid point, but because it’s the ideal platform to demonstrate the transformation you give your patients. Social media channels give you the power to show your prospective clients what’s possible for them, encouraging them to take action.  

Begin by focusing on just one social channel and consider creating content that’s informative and inspiring, all while being a little entertaining. It can be a great marketing tool. 

8. Get Instant Traction With Google Ads 

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Advertising on Google directly is one of the best ways to meet highly qualified leads. These are the people actively seeking plastic surgery services.  

But there’s a tiny problem you need to consider—Google’s guidelines. They’re a bit tricky for the healthcare industry.

Google restricts certain keywords in your ads such as “botox.” Plus, they may also disapprove of your landing page if it offers claims, any sort of misinterpretation, or medical advice. Even the images you use on it will be scrutinized. 

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So, it’s a good idea to go through Google’s rules and regulations before firing up your PPC campaign. 

9. Retarget Website Visitors With PPC Ads 

Retargeting website visitors through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads can be a game-changer for you.  

Since these individuals have already expressed interest in your services, they know you. Now, your job is to customize the ads that align with their specific interests, lip fillers, facelifts, breast augmentation, or whichever services they checked out when they were on your site.  

Personalization can increase your chances of higher conversion rates. 

10. Manage Your Online Reputation  

If you’re online, there is a high chance that there’s a discussion about your practice online. Whether it’s on social media platforms or cosmetic procedure providers’ directories. Your goal is to ensure that the vast majority of these discussions are positive. 

Garnering positive reviews from happy clients is a good start. Plus, make sure that you address any negative comments coming from dissatisfied patients with professionalism and empathy.  

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You can also take the extra step by inviting those clients for another consultation and share before and after photos to demonstrate the process and clarify that the final decision was theirs.  

This proactive approach can lead to the removal of negative reviews and showcase your commitment to patient satisfaction, enhancing your online reputation. 

11. Get New Patient Testimonials 

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Positive feedback is always a driving force for people to consider you.  

If they’re recent then it’d be a plus for them. So, make sure that you’re always asking your new patients for testimonials. Having a proper feedback collection system in place can help you never miss another great review again. 

12. Consider Video Marketing 

It’s a unique way of establishing trust and connecting with potential patients on a personal level.  

By offering a glimpse inside your clinic, you humanize your practice, making it easier for your prospective clients to take that crucial step of booking a consultation. 

To start, you can create a basic video and share it on platforms like YouTube, then seamlessly embed it on your website. Just remember to maintain the video quality as it leaves a lasting impression.  

13. Invest in Your Plastic Surgery’s Branding 

Your plastic surgery practice’s branding is more than just designing a logo or creating a website. It’s about crafting a distinct identity that sets you apart from your competitors and draws in more patients.  

But it’s important to understand that besides visuals and marketing, your brand is also about your patient experience. From the moment a prospective patient contacts your clinic to the cleanliness of your facility and your team’s professionalism, every detail matters.  

It’s an investment that builds a strong reputation and a loyal client base for your practice. 

14. Start an Active Plastic Surgery Blog 

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It’s a strategic move to engage with your prospective patients. Your blog can help you communicate your expertise in a way that’s easy for people to understand. 

Dr. Michael Gartner, a double board-certified plastic surgeon at Gartner Plastic Surgery, emphasizes that listening to your audience’s concerns (like surgery procedures) and addressing them in plain language can help establish trust and set you apart in the world of plastic surgery marketing.  

15. Try Billboards and Offline Marketing 

While digital promotion is something you simply cannot avoid, offline marketing, such as billboards and brochures, can also help you grab some local attention. 

Imagine a potential patient searching for a plastic surgeon nearby. If they’ve already seen your eye-catching billboard or picked up an informative brochure, your practice is likely to pique their interest before others.  

16. Start a Loyalty Program  

It’s a cost-effective way to expand your client base and boost revenue. 

So basically, a loyalty program is a system of rewarding your current clients, and incentivizing them to provide referrals for your practice.  

But before you do that, you must provide exceptional services and create memorable experiences for your patients. When you consistently exceed their expectations, you give them something positive to share with others.  

This word-of-mouth marketing can be your most powerful tool, and it can generate new business at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.  

17. Throw an Event 

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It can increase your brand visibility and foster stronger patient relationships.  

By hosting an event, you get an opportunity to celebrate inspiring patient success stories, highlighting life-changing transformations they have achieved through the reconstructive surgery you provided.  

Giving back to the community with such gatherings can build your brand recognition, enhance industry awareness, and draw attention to your clinic, ultimately helping you connect with a broader audience and solidify your presence in the plastic surgery field. 

18. Measure The Effectiveness of Your Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies and Iterate 

Without measuring your efforts, you’ll never truly discern whether your investments are yielding worthwhile returns.  

So, begin by assessing the influx of new clients into your practice and track the surge in revenue it brings. These figures are the bedrock of your evaluation. 

Furthermore, monitor the uptick in website traffic. It signifies whether the interest in your services has heightened or not. Plus, be sure to check the effectiveness of your local SEO, social media campaigns, blog posts, and other online and offline healthcare marketing efforts in funneling leads your way. 

19. Hire a Marketing Agency That Specializes in Helping Plastic Surgeons!  

If you effectively want to promote your plastic surgery practice, hire a specialized marketing agency.

Even though you can handle it all in-house, it can be time-consuming and demanding. Marketing experts, providing marketing services for years, understand the nuances of the field and can craft tailored strategies, allowing you to focus on providing excellent patient care and surgical expertise.

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