SEO Case Studies

Learn how On The Map Marketing has helped hundreds of businesses reach highly profitable online marketing campaigns. Our case study summaries showcase few of the highlight campaigns identifying used strategies and achieved results.

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Local SEO Services

We have worked with a variety of local businesses to get them higher search rankings and better visibility.

For example, we have had great success in the legal arena. There are many successful lawyer websites in Miami and Los Angeles and we have worked on many of them, even though it is a highly competitive field. But it’s not just lawyer websites where we have had success, we can create an effective SEO campaign for any kind of local business in any American city. On The Map Marketing can help any company that wants to attract new customers or clients in their local community.

ECommerce SEO Services

On The Map Marketing has had a lot of success creating or overhauling several e-commerce sites.

We can get your e-commerce site to rank highly by adding lots of backlinks or we can even create a custom e-commerce system if none of the existing ones are suitable for your website. Our team has all the tools necessary to help your e-commerce site succeed and if those tools don’t exist, then we will build them. That is because we are ready and willing to go above and beyond to make sure that any e-commerce site we work on is a huge success.

National SEO Services

If you want to think big and target the whole country rather than just one part of it, then we can help you do that.

We can scale your campaign to target a national audience rather than just a local one. This is perfect if you have an e-commerce site that serves anyone in America. So, do not hesitate to get in touch with us when you are ready to take your business cross country.

Google Business SEO

A Google My Business listing is a must for any business that wants to make its presence felt in the local market.

When someone searches for local businesses on a search engine they will sometimes get a list of businesses accompanied by a small map showing where they are located in the area. This is where you want to show up and a Google My Business (GMB) listing can get you there. Aside from a high ranking, GMB can also help you to learn more about your customers so that you can adjust your business to serve them better. We know that a GMB listing is invaluable for any business, which is why we can help any business optimize their listing to improve their search rankings and attract more customers, which are the primary goals of any business.