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How to Start SEO For Roofers: 8 Simple Tips

What is Roofing SEO?

Roofer SEO helps push your website to the top of organic or local search engine rankings. This allows you to reach potential customers who run relevant search terms, like “roof repair service near me” or “portland roofing services.” 

Roofing seo

What Are The Benefits of Having a Roofing SEO Strategy?

Here are the top benefits of roofing SEO:

  • Get more calls from clients who need your services. SEO campaigns that target high-intent users, along with optimized website content, can help you get more calls or contact form submissions through your roofing website. 
  • Help your non-technical audience navigate the complicated world of roofing. Great SEO also makes it easier for potential roofing clients to find the information and resources they need to make better hiring decisions. 
  • Get long-term, sustainable results through recurring organic traffic. Done right, SEO yields better returns at lower costs for roofing companies — especially after you secure high rankings for commercial-intent keywords.  
  • Build your company’s authority in the home services space. Attaining high search engine rankings, acquiring positive reviews, and appearing in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) features like the Google 3-Pack will establish a more trustworthy and reputable brand for your local business.

DIY Search Engine Optimization Vs. Hiring Roofing SEO Services

Building a roofing SEO team in house would mean finding your way around keyword research tools, optimizing your roofing company’s website and dabbling with off page SEO. It can get time consuming. But if you’re starting out, the DIY roofing SEO route makes sense until you can splurge about $3k per month on a SEO company.

8 Simple Steps to Start a Roofing SEO Campaign

Roofers can aim for top search rankings in two main spots: organic search and local search results. The latter require local SEO—and are typically less technically challenging. They also get you qualified leads quickly. Let’s begin with local SEO tactics before we move on to more nuanced SEO strategies.

1. Create and Optimize Your Google Business Profile (Google My Business)

Get listed on Google Business Profile to make your roofing business visible on Google Maps and the Google 3-Pack for local search queries (e.g., “near me” and location-specific searches).

Image 92

Ensure you provide accurate and consistent business information, like your phone number, address, and business hours. Be sure to set your primary and secondary business categories to “roofing contractor” or “roofing supply contractor,” depending on the nature of your roofing company.

Image 93

2. Get Your Roofing Business in Relevant Local Directories

Maximize your roofing company’s exposure by adding listings to relevant local directories.

As a rule of thumb, use the exact same details you used in your Google Business Profile to establish credibility. You can prioritize popular directories like HomeAdvisor and Better Business Bureau, but don’t forget roofing-specific directories like and Roofers101 to attract more qualified leads.

For example, here’s how your roofing listing would look like on HomeAdvisor’s search results:

Image 94

3. Encourage More Positive Customer Reviews

Generate positive customer reviews and showcase them on your website or on channels like your Google Business Profile to earn the trust of potential clients. A time-tested roofing marketing strategy is to personally request reviews from customers who are visibly satisfied with your services. You can do this via phone call, SMS, or email using the following template:

Image 96

4. Build or Upgrade Your Roofing Website

Create or upgrade your existing roofing website with user experience and SEO in mind. Focus on maximizing readability, loading speed, and intuitive navigation that makes important pages easy to find for your audience.

Another important step is building dedicated landing pages for your service locations and the specific roofing services you offer.

Here’s an example from Giron Roofing, which includes dedicated service pages for roof replacements, roof leak repairs, and more.

Image 100

5. Create an Informed Keyword Strategy

Adding your location to a broad keyword like “roofing” or “roofing contractor” is a good start, but it’s nowhere near enough to help you attain higher search engine rankings.

One of the best ways to perform keyword research for roofing websites is through tools like the Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, or Semrush. This lets you utilize keyword metrics like search volume, user intent, and keyword difficulty to choose profitable keywords for your roofing business.

Image 97

Aim to get a diverse set of target keywords to increase your chances of appearing in Google search results. For your reference, here’s a quick list of roofing keywords you can target for SEO:

Basic keywordsLow-competition, long-tail keywordsLSI keywords (keywords for related products/services)
roofing contractor + (your city)emergency roof repair + (your city)gutters and downspouts
roofing + (your city)malarkey roofing products + (your location)storm damage contractor
roof repair + (your city)commercial roof restorationInsulation contractor

6. Start a Link Building Campaign

In the eyes of Google, backlinks are like virtual votes of confidence. They’re an important ranking factor that indicates your website contains high-quality, relevant, and useful pieces of content.

That’s why link building is crucial for roofing websites, especially if you target links from other authoritative sites that Google already trusts.

Image 99

The three primary link building strategies you should try are:

  • Publishing “link bait” content, like articles with original data, roundup posts, and interviews that mention your desired backlink source.
  • Offering unique tools and resources, like cost calculators, downloadable checklists, and templates.
  • Submitting “guest posts” to authoritative sites and creating backlinks yourself.

7. Publish High-Quality Content and Focus on On-Page SEO

To build your website’s relevance and online visibility, create insightful and helpful content about relevant topics in the roofing industry. Be sure to incorporate relevant keywords into your content by inserting them into the right elements, like title tags, meta descriptions, post headings, and the main content body.

Check out this example from Giron Roofing and how they optimize for their target keywords, “roof leak” and “roof repair”:

Image 98

You should also pay attention to other on-page, technical SEO practices, like:

  • Connecting related content with internal links (i.e., roof repairs and emergency roof leak repairs)
  • Writing keyword-focused and attention-grabbing meta descriptions
  • Inserting your primary keyword into the page title
  • Using Mobile Friendly Test to optimize your roofing website for mobile users

You could either hire an SEO agency to run a site audit or use tools like Surfer or Yoast to discover on-page optimization opportunities for your roofing website.

8. Measure The Success of Your SEO Campaign

Finally, track the results of your SEO campaign to evaluate the effectiveness of your strategies. This will allow you to identify ineffective strategies that can be improved upon or removed from your campaign — or successful tactics that you should double down on.

For this, you’ll need a comprehensive platform like Semrush, Serpstat, and Ahrefs. These tools highlight insights that evaluate your SEO efforts, like domain authority, organic website traffic, and your top-performing web pages.

Image 95

For basic traffic analytics like page views and bounce rate, a free platform for tracking your SEO campaigns would be Google Analytics 4.

Final Thoughts

Roofing SEO is one of the most important digital marketing tactics you can implement as a business owner to scale your growth. It may not look as shiny as social media marketing, or get the instant results of a PPC campaign. But in the long-term, SEO success could mean what other strategies rarely do: a lead generation engine offering compounding results.
If all of the above steps seem time consuming, then we’re here to help. Our roofing SEO agency can handle your campaign. Contact us for a free consultation.

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