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With the rise of digital media, plumbing marketing has also seen a shift in the way you need to present your business to succeed. It is no longer good enough to simply have a website, you must also consider your ranking in any search engines your customers use. When seeing a search engine result page, or SERP, and you are not among the top results that will be a problem for your business. Google alone receives over 100 billion searches a month (Mashable, 2015), and with a 34.36% click-through rate for desktop searches (31.35% for mobile devices) for the top ranking spot (Advance Web Ranking, 2015) that is too much business to ignore.

But updating your website is our specialty, and we make sure you benefit from the process. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is the way we raise your search engine rank and attract your client base. But we do not only help you attract customers, we also help you keep them. With an updated website you will make sure that clients, who visit, want to visit again.

2019 Marketing for Plumbers

Digital marketing has evolved beyond what traditional marketing was once able to provide plumbing services. There is now a wider selection of platforms than ever to advertise across and market what you have to offer. All of this effort translates to better search engine rankings and increased customer interest. Plumbing is a business that is already in demand, what you need to do is reach an already receptive audience.

Plumbing Website Content Strategy

Content is the essence of the internet, websites with updates see much more traffic than websites without them. Implementing SEO to your website is better done with the creation content to garner the interest of search engines and potential customers. Different content has different applications and needs. There are also various benefits depending on what you provide site visitors to view.

  • Blogs: Companies with 16 or more blog posts a month see nearly 3.5 times more traffic than sites with little to no blog postings. (HubSpot, 2015)
  • Videos: 49% growth increase is possible for video marketers over non-video marketers (Aberdeen, 2015). Larger businesses are reliant on video marketing, with 71% of 100+ employee businesses using YouTube and 28% for self-employed workers (Social Media Examiner, 2015).
  • Photos: Visual content shared on social media at a higher rate than other types of content (Buffer, 2014), which also immensely benefits any articles you pair the visual content with (Buzzsumo, 2015).

Social Media for Plumbing Businesses

With ⅓ of the world on social media (eMarketer, 2016) the decision to access this audience is up to you. 83% of marketers pursue social media marketing initiatives (Aberdeen, 2016) and ranking among them is one of the better ways to enhance your SEO. Links to social media is encouraged by search engines and clients, it creates an established sense of authority and authenticity necessary to an attractive business image. Social media platforms also act as a quick and attention grabbing way to convey any news about your company as quickly as possible.

Plumber Online Reviews

97% of clients read online reviews, 85% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 73% trust positively reviewed companies more (Bright local, 2017). These kinds of statistics cannot be ignored and show just how important it is to keep up your online presence. Sites like Yelp and Google reviews make it easier than ever to find opinions on your business. A site with bad or even no reviews loses client interest quickly, meaning your business is far less interesting or likely to be chosen for their needs.

Customer Interaction

Customers enjoy feeling involved and in control when it comes to their business choices, which is made all the more possible with digital media. Links to social sites, and the ability to rate and review gives your clients the ability to make their voice heard and feel like important assets to you and your business. Such involvement leaves a better, longer lasting impression on site visitors. There is also the added benefit of having your customers directly voice complaints or praises, which you are able to quickly address using whatever platform you choose.

ROI For a Plumber Website

Or your Return on investment is your overall net profit divided by your net worth. While slow going, our strategic marketing plans are designed to better acclimate to your needs and increase satisfaction for your ROI. Our process raises the organic level of your ranking, which has a studied advantage over paying for your ranking on search engines. Every resource available to you will be optimized and your website will see the benefit of organically raised results.

Time Frame for Plumbing Company Marketing Campaign

From the ground up, a website marketing campaign will generally take 2-3 months to complete in a satisfactory manner. But additional factors will play a part in how the final time frame will look.

  • Age
  • Past SEO efforts
  • Condition
  • Content

All of these need to be understood and factored into the SEO campaign process. A plumbing company that requires marketing revitalization will not see the same time frame as one that is newly minted.

Local Plumbing Marketing

Plumbing is a field that caters to the needs of those in the area of your business. Service in such close quarters to a client base means that a local marketing campaign would be an option you should heavily consider. As a locally reliant, and relied upon, business there is a greater need to have your company’s name rank among the top of search engine results. 30% of mobile searches involve a location (Google, 2016), while 31.35% of first position results have a click through rate on search engines (Advanced Web Ranking, 2015). The result of top ranking statistics show that competition amounts to being a race for the top ranking search engine spot.

Plumbing Business Digital Marketing Assets

The services provided from On The Map Marketing are efficiently laid out for ease of viewing. There are pages providing our affordable prices in case you are simply looking for help in website development or working on an SEO strategy. There are also pricing options for our pay-per-click and social media services. We work within your budget and give you the SEO help that you are able to afford.

Marketing Benefits for Plumbers

Digital marketing has provided new benefits and opportunities unseen before. The sheer amount of variety and choice available is nearly overwhelming. The scope of digital marketing’s scale also comes with appropriate benefits. With the right usage you could be seeing growth for your company traditional marketing is no longer capable of providing.

Scaling Plumbing Business

Growth is a natural sign of progression for any healthy business, nothing should constrain it. Traditional marketing has the tendency to be slower and less reliable at reflecting changes, but digital marketing avoids these issues. Scaling up or down with your business is as quick or gradual as you wish it to be. Your business is not constrained in its growth by the classic traditional marketing hindrances, rather you will are free to advertise your company no matter its size.

Continuous Stream of New Clients  

Digital media platforms are not constrained by location and time like traditional media is. The internet is an accessible platform available to billions, which makes your potential client base larger than you are able to evaluate. There is no limit to the amount of customers in your area that are able to look up and visit your website. The only issue you will need to overcome is making sure yours is the website that they choose first.  

ROI Improvement

ROI is reliant on your efficient use of the resources available. Created content and an upgraded site is not helpful if no one is able to see it, the opposite is the same where attracting an audience to an empty site helps no one. Your plumbing company is going to see the full use of the digital marketing tools available in enhancing your website for the average consumer. Business success for any marketing campaign relies on proper returns on investments, which means that every service we provide is in service of fully utilizing the options you have.

Keeping up with the Progress of Your Plumbing Marketing Campaign

Understanding the advancement of our work for your marketing campaign is easier than ever with all the tools you have available. Call tracking allows you to listen to customers and record calls in order to evaluate later. Form tracking its records and numbers in recorded form for review at any time you want. Traffic reports monitor the traffic your website receives while ranking reports keeps you up to date on your position on search engine result pages.

Google itself has plenty of tools to help you in regard to viewing progress as well. Google Analytics allows you to view the history of your ranking. Sitemap bundles your web pages together in order for search engines to more easily organize your sites and for you to have a better handle on how they view your website. Search Console counts the number of clicks your website receives.

Realize Your Plumbing Business’ Money Making Potential with SEO Strategy

A marketing campaign relies on different factors, mostly changes made to your web pages and their connection to the greater World Wide Web. Impressions count when 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site after a negative experience (MicKinsey & Company). Rather, it becomes worse when 40% would rather go to a competitor’s site after a negative online experience (MicKinsey & Company). Improving your on-site and off-site SEO is critical to seeing any sort of positive change to your website.

On-Site SEO

SEO that has to do with working on your web pages themselves is On-site or on-page. It mainly has to do with easing clients through the site and creating a more accessible interface. This is also the type of SEO that has its goal primarily in maintaining customer interest. By making sure your website looks its finest, you give yourself a better chance at receiving clients.

On-site SEO is maintained by frequent updates and thorough maintenance of already existing content. Keywords are placed strategically throughout your website’s pages, this way search engines are able to pick up on the content’s relevance to whatever specific word or phrase clients are looking for. The website is also restructured, thus easing navigation and making sure that visitors are able to quickly find whatever it is they are searching for with less of a hassle. The website as a whole is consequently reviewed and altered in order to improve appearance.

Off-Site SEO

SEO that works with bringing customers to your site in the first place is off-site SEO. Your website is no different from others when it comes to reliance of the greater World Wide Web. If it acts as a single thread among a sea of connected networks then there is far less of a chance that it will be noticed, and even less chance of being clicked on. Connections must be made in order to guide the customer base you appeal to right to your doorstep.

Off-site SEO works by forging connections to resources that grab customer attention before guiding them directly to you. Linking is the main way that connections are created, with links to social media and other plumbing informational sources being standard connections. There is also heavy use of directories, where the listing of your business is a quick way for clients to find your website to suit their needs. Although, directories have different qualities and in order to have better SEO connection to better directories lead to increased website traffic.

Plumbing Digital Marketing, a Proven Strategy with Sound Results  

Digital marketing is the way of the future, with companies that use it seeing growth by the day. Do not fail to take advantage of the platforms other companies already use to their own benefit, On The Map Marketing is here to help you and your digital marketing needs. Organic results grab attention, and we specialize in making sure you receive better organic search engine rankings. Keep your business in the public eye, push the marketing you will need to appeal to a client base on the lookout for businesses like yours.

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