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A good dentist is important to have as a part of your rolodex whether you have teeth or not.

Gums to dentures, most people stick with the same dentist for a large part of their lives so the race to get the client into your chair is an important part of business. Dental Marketing is a surefire way to get your company the exposure it needs to steer that client into your office.   

If you stay updated with current crazes you can gain an advantage on your competitors. Dental specific marketing is a unique field as consumer loyalty can last a lifetime. Place your trust in an expert marketer’s hands so you don’t miss out on a huge opportunity.

Dental Marketing Campaign Lengths

Understand that the length of a dental digital marketing campaign is dependent on the desired results of the practice. Note that many dental marketing companies suggest a 4-6 month processing period before a hike in sales or referrals. Thusly, maintaining your current consumer base is imperative to business. Here are a few reasons as to why some people decide to switch dentists:

  1. Low Response Rate
  2. Extensive wait times
  3. Lack of interpersonal relationships
  4. Unfriendly environment    

What ROI should I expect?

To calculate the ROI, most dentists take the amount of money paid to a marketing agency and divide that by the number of new patients to get the cost per patient. Then take the monthly investment and divide that by your cost per patient. This will leave you with you ROI. However, this method is outdated because with new technology, results can be recorded automatically.  

Digital Marketing Platforms Guaranteed to Increase Revenue for your Dental Marketing Plans 

Many marketing strategies exist; how do you know which one is right for your business? Trial and error combined with years of experience teaches you how yield high results. When you follow these strategies, your dental company will gain business through a hike in website popularity.

Avoid drawbacks by sinking into outdated methods:       

Business Cards

Once a staple weapon in a businessman’s arsenal, business cards have finally been sent to the shredder. In the past, business cards established authenticity and professionalism, however due to rapid industry changes, such as address and telephone numbers, this type of promotion has become obsolete and the market is over flooded. Social media has replaced the finite traditional business card because with a world of specific information presented on platforms such as LinkedIN, Google, and even Facebook.

  • 88% of business cards are trashed within a week
  • 72% of card receivers evaluate the quality of business by the design of the card     
  • Annually, 10,000,000,000 cards are annually printed in the United States


Despite their size and visibility, billboards advertisements have a tendency of being overlooked and ignored. Though not completely ineffective, billboard popularity has diminished over the years, because the modern man or woman can choose their distraction ( music, cellphone games, or podcasts) rather than be bombarded with visual advertising assaults.

  • Only 24% report visiting a business because of a billboard
  • 28% admitted to recording numbers or websites from outside advertisements
  • From all the billboards witnessed in a week, only 32% surveyed, revealed they visited that retail store   

T.V. Commercial Ads

Television advertisements use to be the obvious choice of promotion for those who had the money. Commercials were most effective in the 1990’s when there were only 28 channels, however, compared to the seemingly limitless options of modern day cable, the chances of your commercial reached the targeted viewer is slim. Particularly, marketers now purchase at least 8 television spots to get the same results they once did 20 years ago.

  • 87% of television viewers are also using other devices– smartphone, laptop, or gaming gadget  
  • Youtube advertisements are 80% more effect than traditional television methods
  • 10 times more millennials are reached through Facebook advertisements than television promotions        

Effective marketing trends in the dental industry:


Search Engine Optimization is the essential marketing foundation for any business. It ensures that your website makes it to computer screens as quickly and easily as possible. Getting your website to the top of search engine pages is a trial and error process that can be effectively reached by qualified dental SEO professionals.

  • Health inquirers are 77% more likely to perform medical research before and after a session.
  • Before an appointment is booked, 26% of clients researched consumer-generated reviews

Social Media

Social media has carved out a space in the cybersphere where referral marketing dominates. Regardless of how powerful or informative you think your advertisement is, nothing compares to the authority of word-of-mouth or advice from a trusted friend.    

CASE STUDY: Exposure turns awareness into business. Seattle Children’s Hospital’s own doctor created a blog to document her medical adventures and exchange stories with other mothers on general health and childcare. Eventually, she was able to collect over 26,000 twitter followers and was even featured in the Time’s Best Twitter Feeds of 2013.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Popular because of their high return on investment, Pay Per Click advertising is a form of marketing that is manageable and cost effective. Many rely on PPC ads because it saves the marketer time and opens a business to audiences that only platforms such as Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook can reach.

  • 44% of Google’s daily searches are related to doctors
  • When looking for a health care provider, 81% of patients use Pay Per Click Ads

Mobile Marketing

Nowadays, even refrigerators have access to the internet. Studies have shown that about 50% of the world’s webpage visitation is done on a smartphone. Be sure that your website can adapt to different devices as broken links or a sloppy design can deter potential clients.     

CASE STUDY: By including a simple click-to-call button on their mobile website, a dermatologist, was able to increase their call center volume by 42%.

Why Your Dental Business Could Be Making More Money Using Digital Marketing

Benefits of Digital Marketing

As an umbrella term DIGITAL MARKETING encompasses all forms of social media as well as PPC ads and targeted e-mail strategies. Online marketing has become a preferred method of promotion as it engages the consumer and initiates conversation. This type of marketing is especially useful in the medical industry because it allows for a client to hide their shame when referencing sensitive topics.  

  • 54% of patients trust online communities with medical advice  
  • Only 26% of medical facilities use social media and digital marketing techniques, which leaves the market open for innovative forms of health promotions  
  • About 44% of clients prefer to set appointments online
  • 46% of patients would rather get information from their doctors in the form of an email

Dental Industry Analysis  

Never waste your time experimenting when the work has already been done. The dental industry is very competitive as the right dentist can keep a client for years. When developing an effective marketing plan, consider the following points:

  • Market Size
  • Industry Trends
  • Market Share    
  • Competitor’s advantage

Higher ROI

Maintaining a good ROI should be the focus of every business. Generally speaking, digital marketing is usually has a high ROI. Ways to maximize your ROI include:

  • Focus on returning clients
  • Constantly experiment
  • Keep accurate records
  • Concentrate on consumer engagement

Digital Marketing is Interactive and Engages with customers

Like in most forms of marketing, the best types of promotion are those that engage the customer. Creating an individualized experience will last longer in the memories of the consumer. Platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, and other social media allow a space for your consumer to express their opinion.     

Results are easily measured

You could spend a lengthy amount of time tracking and recording your results, or you can allow technology to do it for you. Here are some analytic tools that could help you measure your success.

  • Mixpanel
  • Kapost’s Content Scoring
  • Marketing Evolution
  • Lattice Engines

Recording your results will help you evolve by trial and error. Know what works best for your company by analyzing your data and maximizing what works. A careful understanding of your results can lead you to discover a hidden, but fruitful, target market.    

How Our Scientifically Proven Dental Marketing Process Unlocks Your Dentistry Practice’s Hidden Money Making Potential

Google and other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo rank websites based on the relevancy of the site in relation to the term requested in the open field. Marketers should be aware of current trends in the density industry because keeping your website up-to-date is just one of the many pillars to building a successful website.   

SEO / PPC Market and Search Research and Analysis

Your company’s themes, colors, slogans, and general impressions all make up your company’s brand. Generic trademarking is when a brand name replaces the product name such in the case of the tissue brand, Kleenex. Search engine optimization will improve branding with the Rule of 3, and can be applied to any form of marketing as a simple logo can be placed almost anywhere.  

Design and Develop a high converting website for your with our proven strategies for dentists

In the web development world, the term “converting” applies to the procedure of influencing a web guest into taking a desired action. This desired action could be anything along the lines of buying a product, signing up for a newsletter or service, even downloading a free gadget. Converting a potential client into an active consumer is the most important duty your website has. Below is a list of conversion tips that will help coax clientele into important areas.

  1. Strong Call to Action. Larger text and persuasive language should be used to get the reader’s attention and create a sense of urgency.
  2. Limit Distractions. Once the web surfer is on the checkout page you need to limit the amount of distractions that could deter them from making the actual purchase or accomplishing the set task.  
  3. Offer Options. Accept various forms of payments so you don’t lose out on a single sale.
  4. Make the process as easy as possible. Nothing is more annoying that a website with terrible navigation or unclear directions. Steps to purchase should be so simple that a one-handed baby monkey could follow.
  5. Highlight Individuality. Note what makes your product or service different from others. Your consumer will appreciate it and it will help them make a more informed decision.

Drive traffic to website through SEO, Social Media and PPC    

Boosting traffic to your website is a sure way to increase sales. There are a variety of methods that can be implemented to drive traffic to your webpage. Combine strategies to maximize results. Visibility is key. Below are a few ways that different forms of digital marketing can help your business.

Search Engine Optimization Social Media Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Elevate your business’s ranking in search engines
  • Establish your company as a pillar of authority
  • Connect with other business that can help improve your SEO through backlinks
  • Clear communication with clientele
  • Builds consumer loyalty
  • Exposes branding
  • Casts a wide net through viewer sharing capabilities
  • Effective data gathering
  • Cost effective with a high ROI
  • Targets niche markets
  • Piggy backs off the success of other businesses  

Use analytics to reach the ultimate campaign goals

Trial and error is the name of the game. Constant experimentation is the only way to test what works for your specific market. There are several analytic tools online that will help you keep record of your results and even compare them to past campaigns. As a marketer, your strategy should be constantly updated to align with the current trends and market tides.    

Dental Marketing

Marketing is known to be an intense, cut throat industry. Fluctuation of trends and technology can change overnight and drastically alter your marketing strategy. Unless you have a clear understanding of the marketing industry and the time to devote yourself to a massive undertaking, hire a marketing expert to draft a plan that will work for you.

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