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Traditional means of roofing marketing are dead. Placing your advertisement in a magazine or newspaper can be a lot like leaving a note in a bottle and throwing it out to sea. Someone may get a hold of your message, however, the likelihood of that information will be of great use to the receiver, is improbable. Internet marketing provides an alley where companies can focus their advertisements with precision.  On The Map Marketing, a digital marketing agency, implements expert methodology when navigating this confusing field.

Roofing Marketing Strategies 

Online Marketing is a massive tree with many different roots; the broad term incorporates an overabundance of subjects with subtopics beneath them. Also known as digital marketing, this process involves using viral strategies to reach and grow their market. This includes but is not limited to an innovative website and a massive online following.      

Website Development

A website should stand as your company’s digital portfolio. Nowadays it is mandatory for your roofing business to have an online presence so that your client can have 24/7 access to any information they might need about your company. However, there are thousands of websites that created every minute and it is difficult to get yours noticed. To get full use out of your website it is important to not only do your research but to also keep your website easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.       

Visual Hierarchy

As critters of custom, we tend to view our computer screens in a certain order. Studies have proven that most web surfers glimpse their screens from the top left of the page then scroll down, much like how they would read a book. A web developer should use this information to their advantage by arranging the most important topics or options where their readers see first.

Legible Text   

Nothing is more frustrating than a website that you can not read. The material you provide is essential to your client and builds credibility to your site. A well thought out web page has a color scheme that doesn’t hurt the eyes. Font styles need to be consistent and their sizes need to also be readable. Most developers suggest no more than 3 font sizes, styles, and colors.   

Mobile Features

Your website should look pristine regardless of the platform that presents it. This is because in modern days the internet can be accessed on a variety of mobile devices and if you provide a junky website, important information could get lost in translation. There are many ways to format your website with external software if coding is not your thing.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is the term that refers to the grading system search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing utilize to rank websites. Most internet users click on the first 3 links when deciding where to surf. SEO is applied when the need for a higher ranking can lead to more business.

The Importance of Keywords

Keywords are the breadcrumbs that Google will follow to your website. The proper use of relevant keywords will draw the attention of the search engines and help potential clients find you easier. However, it is not that simple. Choosing which keywords to highlight is a science in its own right. Studies have shown that when searchers look for content they tend to tell a specific story. For example when searching for a roofing company, a client is more likely to type a fragmented sentence such as, “Environmentally forward Roofing Companies” rather than just “a roofing company”.

Inbound Links   

If keywords are the breadcrumbs to your website then relevant links are the Hansel and Gretel. Defined simply, inbound links occur when other websites link to yours. This is invaluable to your business because it shows Google and other search engines that your website holds authority. Though all links are useful, there are some that hold more weight than others.


Roofing PPC advertisements are marketing methods used to increase traffic on your website. When specific keywords are triggered, the search engine will showcase your business in highly prioritized slots. As the name suggests, if the web surfer clicks the advertisement, then the company will pay the search engine.

Many companies prefer the use to Pay-Per-Click advertisements because it means their business is guaranteed to appear in popular positions. This method also makes it easier for companies to dedicate a budget toward marketing. The return on investment is immediate as the company can directly measure the cost of marketing when related to sales.

Social Media Marketing  

Over the years social media has evolved from a self-indulgent to a necessary marketing pillar. It has provided a free platform where word of mouth can travel virally. This method of marketing not only reaches a wide variety of people, and followers are more likely to trust the source they have a relationship with.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

In addition to its cost effectiveness, Social Media Marketing increases brand loyalty. Success is based on your following or number of reachable clients you have on your platform. The magic of social media flourishes when a follower shares your content with their personal following to expose your brand to a larger audience. This will also boost your ranking in search engines.  

Social Media also allows for better, lasting relationships with the consumer. Customers have a public space where they can praise your business or express their concerns. Through the use of conversation, customer satisfaction is increased.  

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the meat of your website It is the reason why people visit in the first place. If the content to your website does not satisfy your consumer’s needs then the website is worthless. To provide amazing content you must first learn who your consumer is and create tailored material.


An easy way to increase traffic to your website is to add value to your posts. Posts are considered more valuable when they present information that is useful to the reader. Content must be factual, relevant, and timely to produce a favorable client return ratio. Once honored as a respected authority, other websites are likely to link to you as a reference point which will drastically improve your SEO.         

Creative Content  

Creative Content is information that you want to read so badly that you’re willing to pay for it. To test the value of creative content, simply watch a biker read a bike magazine. The biker will flip through the magazine and naturally stop at areas of interest. This might be at a flashy sale page or an innovative product ranking article. Limits are generally non-existence in relation to creative content. As an extreme example, Lego’s create promotional movies that feature their products. These extended commercials are simply creative content fashioned in a way that customers are willing to pay for. Your roofing company may decide to showcase a portfolio of inventive and uncommon roofing structures.

Email Marketing  

Email Marketing employs the use of electronic messages to establish consumer relationships.  Similar to direct marketing, email marketing works by sending information straight to the client. Unfortunately, much of what we see today is sent straight to the spam folder. However, if used properly, there are many advantages to email marketing.

Advantages of Email Marketing

Email marketing is just one small component of internet marketing but when correctly administered, will provide monumental results. Below is a comprehensive list of the advantages of email marketing:  

  • Personalization. A specified email will get more attention than one that is not. An example includes an email congratulating a couple’s anniversary with the offer of special coupons. This is more likely to catch the eye of a reader rather than a generic message sent to thousands.
  • Cost Effective. Email marketing campaigns typically cost little to run and can reach a broad cluster of clients.
  • Simplicity. Constructing an email campaign is straightforward and can be well received even if made by someone who is inexperienced.
  • Demographic Identifier. Understanding your demographic is vital to the success of your business. The more accurately you can identify your consumers the easier it would be to market to them.
  • Data Collection. Important information such as open and click-through rates can be possessed through integrated systems.    

Disadvantages of Email Marketing

Though email marketing can be very effective, there are also many obstacles that need to be hurdled. For you campaign to be effective you must know the common pitfalls may stand in your way.   

  • The Spam Folder. The dreaded Spam Folder is a monster that will happily devour your emails if you let it. As technology advances and the beast gets smarter, the dangers of falling into the trap are more likely.  
  • Visibility. In a sea of advertisements more than often emails are overlooked and forgotten.  
  • Reputation. Because of the negativity associated with email marketing most people tend to ignore or delete emails that are unsolicited.

Link Building Campaign

Link marketing is general term that encompasses link building but takes it a step further. Link building is the process of exchanging links with another website or business in order to elevate your SEO. Link marketing, though similar, is focused on the generation of traffic and improve sales through direct references.   

You don’t need to need to eat healthy but you should seriously consider it. It is highly suggested for the success of your company to cross promote. When you build these connections Google and other search engines will favor your website as a source of authority and rank accordingly. Additionally, when non-competing companies sponsor informative links it builds brand loyalty and trust with your clients.

How SEO can help my business

Search Engine Optimization is the process of elevating your website through the ranks of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. This ensures maximum visibility for your business. Though many of these search engines change their ranking systems regularly, SEO will help you stay ahead of the game.

Driving Traffic

Effective SEO can hoist a company from page 5 of Google to the first 3 search results. Studies have shown that most web surfers who utilize search engines, normally make a decision based on only the first few searches. Optimum visibility will drive more traffic to your site and therefore boost business.


A great SEO company can place your business ahead of the others. The importance of your ranking system can guide the success of your business. Most SEO businesses charge between $2,500 and $5,000 as a monthly retainer. However, there are some companies that have price quotes as low as $750. If you decide to attack the challenge of SEO yourself, however, it is suggested that you hire a consultant to fully understand how search engine optimization works. The cost of a consultant usually runs around $100 to $300 an hour.  


SEO longevity is based upon the unpredictable algorithms that Google and other search engines are constantly modifying. Regardless of how formidable your SEO skills are, your first place status may be revoked with little notice or reason at all. This is because SEO is an operation that requires regular maintenance. It is a strategy that lifts your business to the top of the ranks, however, that does not guarantee an increase in sales. The perks of SEO can take several months to get to a desired rank, keeping the status, however, is just as difficult.


Even to the casual web surfer, plausibility is a high concern. No one wants to waste their time on the internet. It is important to defend your material with reliable sources to assume an authoritative stance. A great way of establishing credibility is to show your references and link to reliable websites. Backlinks display the “behind the scene” research conducted to produce great material. Respected resources present your information as factual, which in turn would build loyalty between you and your clients.


The return on investment for an SEO project is difficult to determine because of the length it takes to actually benefit from the results. It is an ongoing process that is constantly evolving. There is no debate that SEO positively affects your business, however, it may take a few months to fiscally reap the benefits of your endeavors. It is universally understood that the ROI on SEO in generally high. That’s why more businesses turn to SEO companies to support their motion toward success.

Benefits of a Blog

A blog is a valuable resource that is extensive and raw. Many industry related blogs focus on establishing themselves as a reliable and informative source of data. Businesses rely on blogs to not only produce current information, but to also represent public opinion. Recognition from admired blogs can showcase your company’s work as an industry example.

Newest Content

Blogs are obligated to produce the newest and most organic information provided online. These sources are meant to perform as general platforms for public opinion. The nature of a blog is to generate attention. Every blog post is a chance to convert traffic into business.  

Customer Relationships

Blogs provide a space that merges the informative nature of a website along with the engagement of the public. As a neutral ground, a blog services both the community and the company. This is because it creates a space where users can honestly voice their concerns and a company can accurately address them on a public forum. Customer relations is one of the most important pillars to business as it determines the likelihood of client return.

Brand Positioning

Another advantage of having a blog is the ability to formulate a brand identity that is right for your company. Though they can drastically improve a website, blogs are intended to stand alone in their authority. However, they can help structure the overall idea of the website by aligning with similar themes. Association is important because it frames an idea of what can be expected from a company.

Increased SEO

Blogs are a major component of proper SEO. As highly relevant social media outlets, they create spaces that encourage consumer input and shareability. A blog allows for the input of user-generated content. It starts the conversation which opens the door to consumer loyalty. An updated blog renews interests in topics that may have already been discussed.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategies  

Digital marketing is a form of promotion that operates exclusively through the cyberverse. The term is virtually interchangeable with internet marketing and covers a wide variety of topics including the use to social media. Social media has become a foundational pillar in internet marketing and the basis of financial triumph.


The evolution of social media is constant. Social media platforms are regularly restructuring their businesses and new forms of idea sharing are introduced everyday. It is imperative to remain up to date with your social media endeavors as styles change often and it is easy to get lost in the horde.      

  • Facebook. Facebook has been the leader in the social media world for decades. Above all forms of cyber marketing, Facebook is known to keep a consistent array of users who return to the site multiple times a day. This presents an opportunity for your company to gain visual recognition that will eventually grown into a formidable stream of clientele.
  • Instagram. Instagram fashioned a picture generated sharing system that will not only give you insight to behind the scenes material but allows for the free display of commercial advertising. Keep in mind that though Instagram has the capability to reach over 300 million users, the defined demographic ranges from age 18 to 34.
  • Youtube. With over a billion monthly users, Youtube is the second largest search engine following Google. Youtube content has been responsible for teaching trade skills and spreading information like viral wildfire. It is also an affordable resource for ad placement and shareable data.     


A new fad can catch on and extinguish in a matter of moments. Targeting a social media sweet spot in a timely fashion will summon attention to your company. A great way to implement the use of timeliness with your social media campaign is the use of hashtags. A hashtag is an easy method to connect your posts to a larger category. Most hashtags are time sensitive as they relate to current events and fizzle out as their popularity decreases.     


A social media influencer is a respected source of guidance that is usually not from a government institute or a law office, but has reliability based on community reputation. Social media influencers demand attention because they base popularity off their ability to be regal and informative. An influencer can increase your business by sharing ideas with a following that already respects and trusts them.  

Internet Advertising

Advertising is one of the most competitive industries known. Its purpose is to gather as much attention as possible, in hopes of converting viewers into potential consumers. The internet provides an unlimited space where advertisements can literally pop-up at any moment. However, modern times have desensitized many of us to the traditional forms of advertisement. For an internet advertising campaign to be successful, unique and strategic methods must be in place.       

Internet Advertising Vs Television Advertising

Though similar, internet and television advertisements are not the same. When a commercial breaks your favorite television program, the viewer has the option to watch, walk away, or change the channel. Regardless of what the viewer decides, there is a waiting period that exists. Internet eliminates this period with the simple use of scrolling or the addition of a tab, therefore content must be striking and relevant to the user or the company risks losing money.       

Is internet marketing worth it?

Marketing and advertising are complicated on their own. The internet has been flooded with useless clutter for decades. Unique content and timely action are the keys to success in any internet marketing campaign. For the highest success rate, take advantage of every opportunity that is available to you.

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