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7 Scorpion Marketing Alternatives For 2024

Scorpion usually comes up as one of the best digital marketing agencies for businesses. But upon deeper inspection, you may disagree with some of its business practices, like how it treats companies that wish to exit their contract with the agency. If so, you can consider any Scorpion marketing competitors from the list below as your marketing partner.

1. On The Map Marketing

Digital Marketing Services Offered: Web Design, SEO, PPC

Year Founded: 2010

Headquarters Address: 200 SE 1st Street Miami, FL United States 33131

Notable Clients: The Law Offices of Scott J. Senft Law, Roberts Law Firm, Hipskind & McAninch

On The Map Marketing is a full-service internet marketing agency that provides search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and website design services to you and other business owners. The company has a proven track record of helping businesses in the home services, e-commerce, and law firm industries increase their traffic and conversions through its data-driven marketing campaigns.

Unlike Scorpion, you own the website and marketing data On The Map Marketing designs and collects for you. So, if you want to transfer to a different marketing company, the agency won’t hold your website hostage, making the transition seamless. 

Also, On The Map Marketing offers you exclusivity slots at a price. This prevents the agency from working for your competitors, allowing its team to focus all its resources on growing your business.

Social Media Links: Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn

2. WebFX

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Digital Marketing Services Offered: SEO & Lead Generation, Revenue Marketing & CRO, UX & Interactive

Year Founded: 1996

Headquarters Address: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Notable Clients: ABWE International, C.H. Reed, Polymer Solutions International

WebFX takes a more data-driven approach to its online marketing. It develops a marketing strategy that generates web traffic, decreases cost per lead (CPL), and acquires highly qualified prospects to help your business reach its revenue goals. 

The agency has produced successful campaigns for businesses of different sizes and types. It executes its marketing strategy–which consists of SEO, content marketing, and web design–using MarketingCloud FX. Its proprietary technology platform provides its team of experts with actionable insights and real-time analysis to help them make informed decisions regarding your campaign strategy.

Social Media Links: Facebook, X, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram

3. SmartSites SEO


Digital Marketing Services Offered: SEO, Web Design, Email & SMS Marketing

Year Founded: 2011

Headquarters Address: Paramus, NJ

Notable Clients: Corradino & Papa; The Shulman Law Group; Weber, Fabiyan, and Associations

SmartSites is one of America’s fastest-growing companies for a reason. Its commitment to client satisfaction and delivering digital marketing results that exceed their expectations has earned the agency tons of 5-star reviews. Its team also provides immediate responses to your questions and extreme attentiveness to your business needs.

The agency has over 100 experts performing services like SEO and PPC to help your business, no matter the industry, increase its organic traffic and leads. On the other hand, its email and social media marketing allows you to engage with your target audience and customers more effectively.

Social Media Links: Facebook, X, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn

4. webdew

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Digital Marketing Services Offered: Domain Registration, Website Development, Marketing

Year Founded: 2016

Headquarters Address: Surrey, British Columbia

Notable Clients: SideDrawer, The OZ, Royal Vending

webdew specializes in all things related to website development. Its design team can create an SEO-friendly site for your business from scratch with a responsive design on the WordPress content management system (CMS) that aligns with your brand. The agency can also migrate your site from a previous agency or hosting platform without issues.

To help communicate your brand to audiences, webdew’s video marketing service is for you. Choose from different video types you want the agency to create for you based on your needs. From breaking down complex information into bite-sized pieces to empowering prospects to use your products, its video production team will bring your ideas to life.

Social Media Links: Facebook, X, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube

5. KlientBoost

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Digital Marketing Services Offered: Paid Advertising, SEO, Email Marketing

Year Founded: 2015

Headquarters Address: Costa Mesa, California

Notable Clients: Signpost, ClearLight Partners LLC, BP Logix

Unlike Scorpion Marketing and other agencies in this list, KlientBoost provides different payment options that suit your needs. Aside from a contract-based payment, the company offers a revenue split partnership–it takes a portion of your earnings from the marketing campaign they launched for your site. The approach incentivizes KlientBoost to create the best possible strategy for generating more revenue for your business.

The agency uses SEO, paid ads, and landing page optimization to help your company get more bookings. It starts with KlientBoost’s free marketing plan to identify the best tactics to incorporate into your marketing strategy.

Social Media Links: X, LinkedIn, Dribbble, Instagram, YouTube

6. OpenMoves

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Digital Marketing Services Offered: Paid Media, SEO, Email Marketing

Year Founded: 2000

Headquarters Address: Huntington, NY

Notable Clients: JustWorks, VidMob, Atlas Obscura

OpenMoves creates and executes performance-based digital marketing strategies that are custom-made for clients in different verticals. The agency works as an extension of your team, putting transparency and the ability to adapt to the digital space’s constant changes as priorities. This enables OpenMoves to launch campaigns that meet your key performance indicators (KPIs) and business goals.

The online marketing agency helps increase your organic traffic by focusing on technical SEO, content optimization, and link building. To complement your SEO, its Google Premium Partners and paid social experts can develop a paid media strategy for your lead generation efforts.

Social Media Links: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube

7. Postali

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Digital Marketing Services Offered: Web Design, SEO, Content Writing

Year Founded: 2009

Headquarters Address: 274 Marconi Blvd, Ste 220, Columbus, OH 43215

Notable Clients: Kisling, Nestico & Redick, Bevilacqua PLLC, Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C.

Postali offers custom legal marketing plans if you want to grow your law firm regardless of practice. It chooses the best tactics that address your needs, like SEO, professional law firm websites, and even direct mail. The agency combines these techniques into a cohesive strategy for your law firm designed to grow its website traffic, acquire more highly qualified leads, and generate more revenue for your business.

The agency takes a strategic approach when collaborating with you to ensure that it exceeds your expectations. Also, the Postali team holds monthly calls to report opportunities it needs to capitalize on, giving your business the adaptability for change.

Social Media Links: Facebook, X, LinkedIn, Instagram

Choosing the Right Scorpion Alternative for Your Business

Scorpion has a track record of helping businesses reach their marketing goals. But some of its business practices may not align with yours. For example, all Scorpion websites belong to the agency. If you cancel your contract, you can’t bring with you the site and other online properties the agency created and managed for you.

Also, since Scorpion takes ownership of your marketing data, it isn’t transparent on keyword data and ad spend. So, if you see any discrepancies with the ROI relative to ad spend, the agency is unlikely to hand over the data for your review. 

The issues above are specific to Scorpion. When narrowing your choice for a digital marketing agency, look at available case studies on their sites to see their approach and whether it aligns with your business goals. Checking out their online reviews also gives you an idea of how previous clients view them. Finally, a discovery call should help determine their marketing knowledge and communication style.

To help you get started, try out On The Map Marketing. You take ownership of everything we create for your business, from web design to analytics data. We also launch results-driven marketing campaigns for businesses regardless of size or type.

Let’s talk about your business needs — we offer a free marketing audit to businesses we’ve a mutual fit with.

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