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Digital marketing is constantly growing and that’s why businesses are investing more resources into making sure their businesses are partnering with internet marketing firms. Even if your business is a brick-and-mortar business Forrester predicts that mobile devices will influence $1.4 trillion in offline spending in the year 2021. 

This year alone global ad spend will reach $605 billion and 67% of that will come from paid search and social media advertisements. What you’ll spend on digital advertising will depend on your marketing budget and your goals. Digital marketing costs can range between $2,000 to $20,000 a month based on the size of your small to midsize business.  

Digital Marketing Services

The internet is constantly growing and there are new digital marketing services becoming available as it does. Knowing your target audience and devising a marketing strategy to reach them could lead to a higher ROI. Here are some of the most effective digital marketing strategies at your disposal:


Over the course of two years, there was a 900% growth in local SEO “____ near me today/tonight.” Due to the increased usage of search engines, SEO is one of the leading digital marketing strategies today. SEO helps your company’s website rank higher in Google searches. Being on the first page of a web search is vital to the online visibility of your business. 

50% of internet users sited find new products or services via internet searches and 14.6% of these searches close. Consider that the close rate for outbound leads like direct mail or print services only convert about 1.7% of customers. 

SEO is an extremely effective digital marketing strategy and can help grow any business. We offer packages at different prices so that your business can choose the best option for you. OTM can also offer you a fixed price that keeps your costs consistent. 


Paid per click improves search visibility due to paid advertisements. Google shows paid advertisements first on it’s ranking pages. When you search for something, the first few articles that pop up related to your search are usually PPC ads because they will say “Ad” right at the top.

The costs of PPC ads may vary because you determine your budget. Each time someone clicks on your preferred keyword you pay a fee. Let’s say you pay 20$ per click for the keyword “ppc digital marketing” and you set your budget at $200, then it will take 10 searches and clickthroughs on your ad to exhaust your budget. 

You want to be careful which keywords you invest in because you wouldn’t want to leave resources invested in unsuccessful keywords. Linking SEO and PPC can be very effective because PPC may help your business perform better in competitive searches. Speak with us now about using PPC to increase your business’ effectiveness online. A slight boost using PPC can help your page grow until it is able to compete organically. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing is more effective than traditional marketing methods because it can improve your brand’s conversions and awareness. Telling your business’ story is essential to growing an online following and content marketing can help accomplish this. 

All of the information that goes on a webpage including its words, images, infographics, videos, articles, and more are pieces of content. Each piece of content allows users to gain valuable knowledge and insight into your brand and why using your business could help improve your life. 

Content marketing is an ongoing digital marketing initiative because it constantly creates value for your consumers. Content also has the potential of virality which could lead to an unexpected yet organic jump in visibility and notoriety for your webpage. 

Though it’s possible for your business to grow rapidly using content marketing, there is no guarantee that this will happen overnight. It’s important to consider the duration of these services when you’re planning your digital marketing initiatives and speaking with an industry leader like On The Map Marketing about the most effective ways to create engaging content for your business. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media is constantly growing and it’s not only important for your business to show up on search results pages but equally important for your business to have a social media presence. Generating social media content can help your business build a following, increase regular online activity for your business, and increase your web traffic. Customers are 2-3 times more likely to use a business that they follow on social media. 

There is a real opportunity to outgrow your competitors because all businesses haven’t learned how to use social media. Social media can help you target potential populations based on the platforms that you decide to use. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have been the largest social media platforms over the last 5-10 years but now Tik Tok and Linked In are growing in engagement, especially among youth and business professionals. On The Map Marketing can help you to use social media to engage with your followers and create value for them with engaging content. 

Email Marketing

E-mail marketing campaigns are an effective way to stay engaged with your customers and 49% of internet users reported that enjoyed receiving weekly promotional campaigns from their favorite brands. For every $1 you invest in an email marketing campaign, you could expect $42 in return. 

Picking the right strategy can be extremely beneficial for your business and that’s why we would like to partner with you to help your business create a customized digital marketing plan that meets the needs of your business. 

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Search traffic generates 65% of all e-commerce sales, 33% of those sales were generated by organic search, and 32% were generated by paid search. Digital marketing is important to the overall growth of a business and here are a few of its benefits:

  • Savings: Digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing and the return on investment (ROI) can be tremendous. The average adult spends more than 3 hours on mobile devices and according to the PEW research group, a third of Americans report being online constantly. By focusing your marketing efforts on where people are spending more time each year you can increase your ROI. 
  • Globalization: By having an online presence for your business you increase your potential reach far beyond the reach of an offline business. By expanding your audience you expand your growth potential.
  • Virality: Online content has the potential to go viral due to social media sharing. Engaging content has the potential to be circulated rapidly bringing in more business without added costs. 
  • Tracking results: Digital marketing is much easier to track compared to traditional marketing methods because of analytics tools. 
  • Competition: With the growing popularity of search engines and social media, every business is expected to have some sort of online presence. Your competitors could surpass you if your business doesn’t take advantage of digital marketing. 
  • Customization: Your brand is very unique and your potential consumers are as well. Digital marketing can ensure that your clients see your business in a way that speaks to their particular demographic with target marketing. You can use page-level or URL offers to generate specific ad-based content depending on how users interact with your site or advertisement. This can be extremely powerful for e-commerce shops and content distributors. 

There are enormous benefits to digital marketing and with the right team, you can take advantage of these opportunities. 

What should I pay For digital marketing?

Digital marketing services vary based on a myriad of factors. The following factors will determine how much you may need to pay for digital marketing services: 


Working with an experienced digital marketing agency is vital to getting the best service possible in return. An agency that’s been in service for a long time will have a history of meeting their client’s needs while collecting vast amounts of marketing know-how. 

Agencies with more experience will be more expensive because of the value that their service adds to your brand. All experienced agencies won’t have outrageous prices but all inexperienced agencies won’t be cheap either. The difference between the two could be minuscule but an experienced agency is worth the extra investment. 

Company Size

An international corporation’s budget for digital marketing won’t be the same as a small to midsized business (SMB) due to their scale. The prices of a digital marketing agency often reflect the services they offer. It’ll be highly unlikely that your business will partner with the same marketing firms promoting brands like Nike and Amazon for example. 

When you’re researching digital marketing companies, look for agencies with experience servicing brands of similar size to yours. These agencies will have the knowledge and experience that support businesses like yours. On The Map Marketing has loads of experience supporting small to medium-sized businesses and can offer guidance on businesses looking to grow, and expand their market outreach.  

Marketing Strategy

Your digital marketing budget will determine what strategies your business is able to use. Digital advertising is on-going therefore the costs do add up. An experienced agency, will have an idea of what strategies fit your budget, reach your target audience, and generate more traffic for your brand. 

Paid advertising like social media marketing or PPC ads will cost more. These aggressive strategies are effective but require more work. Also, the more digital marketing strategies that use, the more you’ll be fiscally responsible.  Speak with the experienced team at On The Map Marketing now about which digital marketing strategies fit your budget and business model. 

Services Offered

Specialized agencies will be less expensive than full-service agencies. A full-service agency is able to provide you a range of services and expertise under one roof but agencies that specialize in one type of digital marketing strategy won’t be able to offer you a diverse marketing plan. Though a full-service agency like On The Map Marketing could be more expensive, these businesses will save you the time and inconvenience of coordinating services between multiple agencies. 

Goals and Timeline

Some services can be delivered expeditiously depending on the needs of your business while others like SEO content, for example, may have turnaround times that can’t be expedited. Rapid services may increase the pricepoint so try to ensure that you give your preferred agency plenty of time to complete the projects to save on costs. 

Unique Selling Points (USPs)

Going over what makes your digital marketing agency special will help determine the costs of your advertising campaign. Marketing agencies want to retain your business and ensure that you are satisfied so that you both can create an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship. In order to best serve you, the client, your marketing agency should be able to offer you a unique experience. If the agency doesn’t demonstrate how exactly they will serve you and what results you can expect as a result of working with them, then you may want to find an agency who can. 

Important Digital Marketing Factors

When you’re hiring a digital marketing firm you want to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Output: An agency should be able to provide you with a list of tangible services that they will deliver to your business and an expectation of the results you will see. If the digital marketer you’re thinking of hiring can only provide you with vague information about the services they will deliver or the expected return on your investment, then they may not be the agency for you. 
  • Costs: Since agency fees can vary they rarely post their fees online. If an agency does post their fees, then make sure you review the quotes that they give you and ensure that they align with the information they have posted. If an agency can support your business, they should be able to detail the services they will provide within the agreed-upon budget. 
  • Approach: Some marketing agencies use a cookie-cutter approach to all of their clients. This approach doesn’t lead to the types of returns that your business would like to see because they don’t consider the needs of your business, your clientele, and the best industry practices for your business. A personalized approach will provide more value to your business.
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