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9 Best HVAC Digital Marketing Agencies

When your HVAC business struggles to generate online leads and convert customers, partnering with a specialized digital marketing agency is your next move. The following list highlights leading agencies that can help your business boost its online visibility, achieve the goals above, and grow revenue.

1. On The Map Marketing

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Best For: HVAC companies seeking clear communication and measurable outcomes from their marketing agency.

Digital Marketing Services for HVAC: SEO, Website Design, PPC

Social Media Links: Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn

At On The Map Marketing, you get a dedicated manager who creates personalized marketing campaigns and addresses project needs. With this approach, Giron Roofing Inc. saw an increase in monthly keyword rankings by 405 and gained 20 new leads. GWSPressureCleaning.com also increased organic search traffic by 621.05% and monthly leads by 30% while working with the agency.

2. Hook Agency

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Best For: Home service and contractor businesses focusing on Google as their main marketing channel.

Digital Marketing Services for HVAC: SEO, Website Design, PPC

Social Media Links: XLinkedInInstagramFacebookYouTube

Hook Agency specializes in SEO and PPC services to help HVAC businesses generate more highly qualified leads to convert into customers. The agency charges monthly for its custom website ($1,750) that you will 100% own, SEO ($4,800), and PPC ($2,000) services.

3. Blue Corona

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Best For: Home service companies looking for data-driven marketing decisions.

Digital Marketing Services for HVAC: SEO, Website Design, PPC

Social Media Links: FacebookXLinkedInInstagramYouTube

Blue Corona leverages analytics to provide actionable insights and measurable results for home service businesses. Ben Landers founded the agency in 2007 with help from Bob Perini, founder of DrinkMore Water. Blue Corona’s marketing analytics platform powers its data-driven approach, combining Ben’s data gathering and Bob’s business analysis and intuition.

4. LeadHub


Best For: Local businesses in need of industry-specific marketing strategies using third-party integrations.

Digital Marketing Services for HVAC: SEO, Web Development, PPC Management

Social Media Links: FacebookX, InstagramLinkedInYouTube, TikTok

LeadHub marries marketing and operations to optimize its clients’ marketing spend and streamline its workflow. The agency recently launched LeadReply, the first AI-powered Yelp autoresponder, to significantly decrease missed leads on the platform. This enabled them to win the first-ever Yelp Advertising Partner Award (YAPA) for Best in Lead Generation in 2023.

5. Rival Digital

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Best For: HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contractors who want an experienced marketing agency in their industries.

Digital Marketing Services for HVAC: SEO, Website Design, PPC, Social Media

Social Media Links: FacebookTiktokLinkedInXYouTubeInstagram

Founded in 2020, Rival Digital specializes in providing custom marketing services tailored to HVAC businesses, addressing their specific needs and challenges. By restructuring HVAC and plumbing provider Grasshopper Heating & Cooling’ SEO strategy, the agency boosted its organic search traffic by 225% in 90 days.

6. Ryno Strategic Solutions

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Best For: Home businesses looking for effective call listening and reporting to improve their lead conversion process.

Digital Marketing Services for HVAC: SEO, Website Design, PPC, Video, Social Media

Social Media Links: FacebookInstagramYouTubeLinkedInTikTok

RYNO is a Google Premium Partner awarded by MarTech Outlook as one of the Top 10 Google Marketing Solutions Providers in 2022. Aside from its digital marketing services, the agency’s RYNOTRAX™ service allows its team to conduct call listening and reporting to help its HVAC clients classify calls, identify trends, and suggest opportunities for improvement.

7. Scorpion

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Best For: Local businesses that want to leverage emerging tech to improve their online presence.

Digital Marketing Services for HVAC: SEO, Content Marketing, Brand Building and Monitoring

Social Media Links: LinkedInFacebookInstagramX

For over twenty years, Scorpion has been providing local businesses with a convenient way to attract more customers, communicate with them, and get paid on time using its digital marketing platform. Its new Leads AI service leverages AI to help companies identify lead performance and assess potential customers at scale.

8. Thrive Agency

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Best For: Professional services looking for tailored marketing strategies and solutions.

Digital Marketing Services for HVAC: Digital Marketing, Website Design, Social Media Marketing

Social Media Links: FacebookXLinkedInYouTubeInstagramThreads

Thrive Agency is an award-winning, full-service digital marketing firm that helps businesses in various industries enhance their online visibility and conversion rates. In 2024 alone, it is awarded one of the Top Digital Marketing Agencies by Clutch, the National Excellence Winner by Upcity, and a Forbes Agency Council member.

9. WebFX


Best For: Businesses of all sizes that want to increase their bottom line through data- and results-driven digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Services for HVAC: SEO, PPC, Social Media, Marketing Automation, Content Marketing, Design

Social Media Links: FacebookXLinkedInYouTubeInstagram,

WebFX runs all its digital campaigns through MarketingCloudFX, its proprietary platform from actionable analytics, sales enablement, and everything in between. With 500 staff members lending over 3 million hours of expertise, the agency has helped clients raise over 24,000 leads and $6 billion in 28 years.

Parting Tips For HVAC Companies on Hiring an HVAC Marketing Agency

  • Check online reviews and testimonials to measure the agency’s effectiveness in helping its clients reach their marketing goals.
  • Consider your budget and ensure that your financial capabilities align with the agency’s services.
  • Ensure that the agency provides transparent reporting and is responsive to your needs and concerns. The consultation call should give you an idea of its communication style.
  • Ask the agency which marketing areas it specializes in to ensure it has the expertise and experience to handle your specific requirements.

Partnering with a digital marketing agency specializing in HVAC can help you reach your audience and grow your business. If you think On The Map Marketing is that agency, contact us for a complimentary HVAC marketing audit.

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