11 Best Law Firm SEO Companies in 2023

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With an industry as competitive as law, there are hundreds of companies that offer search engine optimization (SEO) for law firms. If you’re looking for the best SEO agency that fits your marketing goals and budget, you’ll need to do a lot of research and initial consultations before making a decision.

Why Do Law Firms Need An SEO Agency?

Law firms need a law firm SEO company to partner with to save time and focus on their day-to-day tasks. Lawyers are often busy with their cases and client calls and don’t have the time to learn search engine optimization skills. A law firm SEO agency can help with implementing law firm marketing campaigns with effective and proven strategies that rank websites in search engines.

How Much Does A Law Firm SEO Agency Cost?

The cost for SEO services for law firms would depend on a few factors: the law firm’s size, the current state of the law firm’s SEO performance, the law firm website’s search engine ranking, the practice area, and the law firm’s target SEO goals.

Depending on the level of law firm marketing efforts involved, an SEO agency can charge anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 a month. Some practice areas are more competitive than others, so personal injury lawyers can expect stronger competition and more expensive SEO services than lawyers in other practice areas.

Here are our the 11 Best Law Firm SEO companies according to their business profile and online presence and reputation:

1. On The Map Marketing


Year Founded: 2010

Headquarters Address: 200 SE 1st Street Miami, FL United States 33131

Law Practice Areas They Specialize in: Personal Injury Lawyer SEO and Criminal Defense Attorney SEO

Notable Law Firm Clients: Henningsen Injury Attorneys, Grossman Law Offices, 1-800-Injured

On The Map Marketing is a renowned digital marketing agency that has worked with law firms in providing holistic search engine optimization, including content, backlinks, local SEO, and technical SEO. Our law firm SEO services have helped law firms improve their search engine visibility, attract potential clients and grow their revenue. We specialize in helping personal injury law firms and have a proof of efficacy in the most competitive national lawyer markets in the US.

Look at some of our law firm marketing case studies demonstrating the success of our law firm SEO and marketing campaigns for our clients. As an example, our client Hipskind & McAninch, LLC, achieved an increase in website visitors and keyword ranking with the help of our services that included link building, website redesign, and SEO content. The firm’s website traffic value also went up and lead generation improved as well.

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Get in touch with us to get a free consultation on your law firm website’s current SEO health, and discuss how we can help.

2. Whitespark

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Year Founded: 2005

Headquarters Address: 10060 Jasper Avenue. Tower 1, Suite 2020. Edmonton, AB

Law Practice Areas They Specialize in: Bankruptcy Law SEO

Notable Law Firm Clients: Consumer Law Pro

Local law firms can benefit from hiring Whitespark for local SEO campaigns. This law firm marketing agency helps clients appear in Google organic search, specifically in location-based queries with the help of law firm SEO experts and the agency’s proprietary SEO tools. 

You can also hire them to create citations and listings to further boost your search engine rankings. Whitespark is trusted by companies like Marriott, Staples, and Expedia, to name a few.

3. Blue Seven Content

Cpaok3j2benke9 88g1m1thydnx24paixsttazqlnplwymyhrslqogldirbm39wqlb5fdxbz5c1 lnov0vldbhxx5xvnc8zq5yqwhhe87mqquoug8wtjt73cvqlu wmclYear Founded: 2019

Headquarters Address: Myrtle Beach, SC

Law Practice Areas They Specialize in: Personal Injury SEO, Criminal Defense SEO, Family Law SEO, Estate Law SEO, Bankruptcy Law SEO

Notable Law Firm Clients: WebsLaw

Blue Seven Content is a digital marketing agency that specializes in writing quality content for its clients. Their highly knowledgeable legal writers have years of experience in the field and can create content for a law firm’s website like landing pages, practice area pages, legal blogs, FAQ pages, case studies, and press releases. The agency ensures all their legal content writers are native English speakers with years of experience in writing for law firms and lawyers.

4. LinkBuilder.io

O8ixfhk4zh46qaa 5pwgcojetrhgc axiymge6n79ice97f1ia xojxgrhs88oegmzoedbags3dvntrnuf6tsul6u5t9f4tngbp7nl79zajbkrvuzcxnziuku9v1wtdv8Year Founded: 2016

Headquarters Address: 600 California St, San Francisco, CA 94108

Law Practice Areas They Specialize in: Intellectual Property Law SEO

Notable Law Firm Clients: Heer Law

LinkBuilder.io is a specialized search engine optimization agency that employs a team of dedicated link builders with years of experience. They help businesses like law firms acquire backlinks from high-authority domains with their strong link building connections, search engine marketing, and outreach campaigns. Each client undergoes a link and content audit, keyword research, competitor analysis, strategy, prospecting, and delivery. 

5. Rankings.io


Year Founded: 2013

Headquarters Address: 1405 N Green Mount Rd Ste 220, O Fallon, Illinois, 62269

Law Practice Areas They Specialize in: Personal Injury SEO and Criminal Defense SEO

Notable Law Firm Clients: Dolman Law Group, The Levin Firm, Gomez Trial Attorneys

When we talk about legal SEO services, it’s hard to miss these folks. They specialize in working with elite firms, especially personal injury, and have delivered great results. But you need a budget of at least $10,000 a month to work with them. The agency is lauded for impressive communication with clients, exceeding client expectations, owning your law firm website without lock-in rules, and a team of SEO experts who are committed to putting you on the top spot.

The company also claims they treat their clients as partners and shares transparent reports on your performance — that you can access at any time. If you’re looking for a super niche specialization, they are a decent choice. You just need to have a good sum of money.

6. LawRank

Year Founded: 2014

Headquarters Address: 295 Madison Ave, 12th Floor New York, NY 10017

Law Practice Areas They Specialize in: Personal Injury SEO, Criminal Defense SEO, Family Law SEO, Estate Law SEO, Bankruptcy Law SEO

Notable Law Firm Clients: Zavodnick, Zavodnick & Lasky, LLC, Briski Law Firm, Shaked Law

Co-founded by lawyer and SEO expert Mariano Rodriguez, LawRank is an accomplished law firm SEO agency that has served attorneys in many different practice areas since 2014 with proven internet marketing techniques. LawRank’s SEO services include link building, content creation, local SEO, and On-page SEO.

This company offers pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and web design to add to their digital marketing services. With locations in California and New York, the agency has received multiple industry awards and positive reviews. It has also proven results of gaining first page search engine ranking for clients in competitive markets like personal injury and criminal law in Los Angeles and Miami. Former clients of this SEO agency commend them for their expertise, trustworthiness, responsiveness, and warm customer service.

7. MeanPug Digital

Qip a2v9m1k9m2k2wulfe9yyyjnigmuhf0m0uy3nwqa4vzzu7ydfa79imwgvcp5eumxdhqqjrqmau9nmf7kt90z26xgizzj6ogmz2hjz 47ackria1qqbleYear Founded: 2020

Headquarters Address: 124 9th St Unit 254, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Law Practice Areas They Specialize in: Personal Injury SEO, Mass Tort SEO, Insurance Dispute SEO

Notable Law Firm Clients: Wallace Law, CarAccident.Law, The Ferraro Law Firm

MeanPug Digital is a young but highly capable law firm SEO agency based in Brooklyn, New York. Being a full-service marketing agency for law firms, MeanPug goes beyond law firm SEO services and offers Branding, Website Design, Content Marketing, Digital & TV Advertising.

According to their website, MeanPug stands out and is different from other law firm SEO companies because some of their marketing team have experience in the legal industry either as a legal professional or an attorney. 

8. Comrade

C2fagr2fugbfdymwp9d0jqn73lpugavjlbh5gc3myx wbxkkryawd7yvgxlf4 4ymrf71yanedybpn9uh s 4zqmwtfs7 l6zpow0rq5Year Founded: 2007

Headquarters Address: 770 N Halsted Street, Suite 106 Chicago, IL 60642

Law Practice Areas They Specialize in: Criminal Defense SEO, Personal Injury SEO, Estate Planning & Probate SEO, Family Law SEO, Immigration SEO, Employment Law SEO

Notable Law Firm Clients: Stracci Law Group, Sequoia Legal, Brooks & Radchenko

Comrade is a full-service marketing company that provides all-in-one law firm services including web design, content marketing, PPC, social media marketing, lead generation, email marketing, and reputation management. With a strong team of marketing experts, Comrade claims to be the only marketing agency that guarantees results. They are transparent with their SEO pricing and has a page that shows their SEO packages that starts at $2,500/month.

This Chicago-based SEO company is noted to support small to mid-sized businesses so they can compete with larger firms. Comrade helps these businesses run successful SEO and marketing campaigns by providing them with a dedicated team of marketing experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring internally.

9. Funnel Boost Media

Qrkgzyqxfxccncrj5t8ds xjnocxzih8 vhkxt6ahin o5edglj5tq9qhnp 7n jqhnxzvqiiaytks3xckrvsopa8s0v1q18ab woaaldexqdyngnuowlcn6qntYear Founded: 2012

Headquarters Address: 3201 Cherry Ridge, Suite 328 San Antonio, Tx 78230

Law Practice Areas They Specialize in: Personal Injury SEO, Family Law SEO, Estate Planning SEO, Bankruptcy Law SEO

Notable Law Firm Clients: Hannah Law, Lishman Law, Bavariya Law, Javier Villareal Law Firm

Funnel Boost Media is a digital marketing agency offering SEO, branding, web design, PPC, and social media marketing to many industries including law firms. Based in Texas, the agency helps their clients rank in local search with customized strategies that align with their clients’ brand. 

This versatile SEO agency also works with businesses from other industries like Home Services, Financial Services, and Healthcare.

10. Searchbloom

Ifo2bestct2xolun7sx3gcxkz1fcnnagodnqnlrpbsr1bzghx1cy bvekzlcxasbzsno1y7fwnybi93j5meztqias90xylzoi25l2q5etmkqxoy6imugb b2qcivgctnkf0fqzsf0ew1unbd9ex 1weYear Founded: 2014

Headquarters Address: 12884 Frontrunner Blvd #140, Draper, UT 84020

Law Practice Areas They Specialize in: Personal Injury SEO, Family Law SEO, Bankruptcy Law SEO, Estate Planning SEO

Notable Law Firm Clients: Schwartzapfel Lawyers, wh Law

Searchbloom offers its law firm SEO services with a specialization in local and national SEO. This means that they can personalize their attorney SEO services depending on the law firm’s size, whether it’s a small firm in a city (local SEO) or a multi-location firm (national SEO). 

The agency offers a free SEO audit to identify areas for improvement. From there, Searchboom’s attorney SEO providers create a bespoke strategy to implement high-performing SEO campaigns that attract prospective clients.

11. reduced design

Nue mb8nubitffximd5z9gxp di6nhs8w0hd7awjhwpgpxp1fdgu l4dzskto8o1dxf7fu3es05wmfpf9h8jwovnkyecgws5iyhsooa 5topfmx1bi9voufrvotlmpbfttyu u6hjkfvovegv7eogegYear Founded: 2009

Headquarters Address: Atlanta, Georgia

Industries They Specialize In: Footwear, Automobile, Hospitality

Although reduced design is not exclusively a law firm SEO company, they can help make your law firm website stand out with crystal clear branding and minimal design. The company has worked with international brands like Nike, Adidas, Land Rover, and Mac. Like other full-service SEO agencies, this company offers other digital marketing services like branding, social media strategy, copywriting, and graphic design for law firms as well as other industries.

Hire The Best Law Firm SEO For Your Firm Today!

Finding the best law firm SEO agency can take some time and research. Fortunately, On The Map Marketing has the most comprehensive law firm SEO services around. We’ve helped hundreds of law firms rank in search engine results pages and boost their revenue. 

Reach out to us to start working with one of the best law firm SEO companies and reach your marketing goals.