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SEO For Plastic Surgeons

We drive leads, recognition, and revenue for ambitious plastic surgeons through holistic SEO. Contact us for a marketing consultation by clicking the button below. Or scroll on to learn about SEO for Plastic Surgeons and explore our marketing case studies.

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What is Plastic Surgery SEO?

Plastic Surgery SEO involves optimizing your business website and local listing to enhance their online visibility for relevant keywords your prospective clients are searching. It’s an effective digital marketing strategy that takes time to start generating leads, but the results compound over the long-term.

How Does a Plastic Surgeons Practice Benefit With an SEO Strategy?

Search engine optimization helps you dominate SERPs in your local area for queries related to your Plastic Surgeons services. Its top benefits include:

  • Reach targeted audience: A well executed SEO strategy drives qualified traffic of potential clients to your website.
  • Relatively stable and scalable marketing channel: Search algorithms are typically less volatile than social media platforms. Over the long haul, SEO is a relatively more reliable and predictably scalable marketing channel over others.
  • Complements other marketing: Whether you’re pursuing traditional marketing on billboards, paid digital advertising, or another tactic, SEO improves the effectiveness of your entire marketing.

Our Four Pronged Holistic SEO Strategy

To get Plastic Surgeons a spot on the first page, we execute a balanced mix of the tactics below.

Local SEO to Dominate Your Service Location

We prioritize SEO to boost Google’s rank within your service area. This begins with optimizing your online listings and building high-quality citations.

Backlink Strategy to Impress Both Google and Your Audience

We land you mentions on reputable websites to keep Google happy and your clients impressed.

High-Quality Content that Ranks

Generic content can struggle to stand out. That’s why we use a team of expert writers who work with our SEO strategists and editors to create top-notch content that ranks.

Technical Optimization to Keep the Bots Happy

Our team of specialists ensures your website is built to be easily accessible by search engine crawlers. It increases your chances of ranking higher in search results.

What Are The Components of SEO For Plastic Surgeons ?

Here are six SEO tactics to unlock higher search rankings and organic traffic for your website.

Local SEO

It involves optimizing your local listings so that you appear for relevant local searches on Google Maps and even organic search.

Begin here:

  1. Claim and optimize your Google Business Profile (earlier called Google My Business).
  2. Encourage satisfied clients to leave more positive reviews on your GMB profile.
  3. Ensure your business name, address, and phone number match across the whole internet.

Keyword Research

Keyword research
Image Inspired from Mangools

The key to attracting potential clients lies in targeting the right keywords that can help you attract qualified leads. Content marketing calls for understanding your target audience and interjecting at every stage of their buying journey.

Begin here:

  1. Instead of only generic terms related to your business, use SEO tools to find specific phrases. 
  2. Understand the search intent behind a query before targeting it.
  3. Conduct a competitor analysis using Ahrefs to find the keywords other businesses are targeting.

Content Creation

Content creation

Once you find the right set of keywords you want to rank for in Google search, you need to create valuable and informative content. It should answer all the pain points and questions of your readers.

Begin here:

  1. Find the right content format for your keywords: should you create a landing page or a blog post?
  2. Create the content piece and proofread it using a tool like Grammarly
  3. Do some on-page SEO optimization using tools like Surfer SEO.

Link Building

Link building
Image inspired from Ahrefs

When high-quality websites link back to yours, Google considers it as a “vote” of trust from other websites. You need build a competitive number of links back to your website to ensure you give your web pages the best chance to rank.

Begin here:

  1. Create a profile on prominent directories to earn some free links.
  2. Become a journalist source for quotes on platforms like

Technical Optimization

Technical optimization
Image inspired from Backlinko

You want to ensure that search engines can easily discover, crawl, and index your website. Technical SEO helps with the same.

Begin here:

  1. Use the search operator “” in Google to check your website’s indexed pages.
  2. Use the free Ahrefs Webmaster Tools to crawl and check your site’s current health.
  3. Get feedback from your website’s users if they can easily find the information they are after.

Measuring SEO Results

Measure your seo performance

Effective SEO requires consistent testing and iteration. Some important metrics you can track are your website’s organic traffic, keyword rankings, leads, bounce rate, conversion rate, and ultimately sales.

Begin here:

  1. Track website data with GA4 and Search Console.
  2. Monitor your keyword ranking with Ahrefs.
  3. Track your SEO progress and iterate your strategy every few months.

The Verdict of Plastic Surgery On Our SEO Services is Out

They put alot of time into the website and they are always quick to respond and take acre of anything that arose.

“My company and I worked with On The Map to build my website and business. Rachel Doheny, has been my account manager and I have nothing but positive things to say about her. The company helped me grow from brand new business to a thriving business. I started with them back in late 2020 and my business was up and rolling by early 2021. After they built my site I used different services to help me get customers and rank on google, which is what everyone wants nowadays as well as on google my business which is also what everyone wants nowadays. I think their help in getting me onto page one was instrumental in my success and I will remain grateful to them for their help in accomplishing that goal. They put alot of time into the website and they are always quick to respond and take acre of anything that arose. It was tough trying to figure out where to go initially but I am l glad I found on the map and Rachel Doheny, they help they have provided me in business will always stick with me. We had frequent contact to assure things were going as we planned, or dress anything where it was not. Often other team members were involved in these meetings so I was able to meet different parts of the team and hear different views of our plans.”

OTM is the real deal.

“OTM is the real deal. Before my current business, I owned an SEO agency, and I know good SEO from bad SEO. Now, I use OTM for all my SEO needs. Not only are these guys doing it right, they have excellent customer service and account management. My account lead, Andrew, is awesome. I continue to expand my campaigns and services with OTM. I highly recommend.”

Here’s What Engagement With Our SEO Company Looks Like

1. Discovery Call

We’ll discuss your business goals and requirements to determine our fit.

2. Marketing Audit

Next, we analyze your website’s health, identifying its current issues and growth opportunities.

3. A Custom SEO Strategy

After a goal alignment call, we’ll share some SEO packages with the timeline and costs.

4. Onboarding and Scaling Your SEO

Once we set up your account, our SEO team executes your online marketing campaign in 90-day sprints.

5. Ongoing Reporting and Analysis

Your account manager regularly shares updates on your campaign, gets your feedback, and adjusts the strategy as needed.

Ready to Make The Best SEO Decision for Your Plastic Surgery Practice?

Let us get you some more leads and clients.

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