10 Best Contractor Digital Marketing Agencies in 2024
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10 Best Contractor Digital Marketing Agencies

In today’s digital age, contractors must establish a strong online presence to attract new and repeat customers. However, having a website and social media profiles is not enough to achieve this goal. You need to launch marketing initiatives to help people find your business online.

If you don’t have an in-house marketing team to do the heavy lifting, hire a contractor marketing agency instead. Its team analyzes your site to create a digital marketing strategy that addresses its gaps and needs. By allowing the agency to take complete control over your marketing campaigns, all you must worry about are the leads that contact you from your online properties.

If you’ve decided to hire an agency, the next step is knowing which among them to choose. This article lists ten of the best contractor marketing agencies you should consider hiring. It describes what makes each one great and the respective services they offer to help you decide the right agency for you. Let’s get started!

Top 10 Agencies Offering Construction Marketing Services

When choosing a marketing agency, ensure it has the knowledge and experience in the construction industry. You don’t want a generalist marketing agency as it may not have the know-how to acquire more prospects for your contractor business. So, to make your research easier for you, here are agencies that specifically cater to contractors, modelers, and ot

1. On The Map Marketing

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Best for: End-to-End Digital Marketing For All Contractors

On The Map Marketing is a digital marketing agency that helps contractors generate more website traffic and sales for their businesses. It offers web design and development services to help improve your site’s ability to attract more leads you can turn into clients. The agency can also create a professional contractor website from scratch if you don’t have one yet.

On The Map Marketing then improves your site’s organic traffic through its search engine optimization (SEO) services. It researches keywords to rank for and creates content that resonates with your target audience via its content marketing initiatives. The company also develops a link building plan to help your site appear on top of search engine results pages (SERPs) faster.

But before the company’s SEO efforts take effect, On The Map Marketing can help attract prospects to your contractor business through its pay-per-click (PPC) services. The agency will launch your paid ads campaigns using the best keywords to bid for that are relevant to the services you offer.

2. Hook Agency

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Best for: Top Contractors Who Want to Establish Their Business Through Online Marketing

Hook Agency’s marketing efforts begin by learning more about your business to understand how to develop and launch lead generation and marketing campaigns that deliver results. But as an SEO-focused marketing company, it will ask questions that will provide answers on how to rank your website properly.

Hook Agency will mostly do this by allowing its contractor-focus writers to create content for you. Its content creation services guarantee to observe the best SEO practices to help improve your brand’s online. They also provide value to your target audience so you can gain their trust and effectively convert them into customers.

The agency also provides web development services so you can put your best foot forward to prospects via your website. Its paid ad management services allow the agency to further increase its online visibility by letting it bid for keywords, create compelling ads, craft convincing copy, and manage its ad spend for maximum ROI.

3. Blue Corona

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Best for: General Contractors Who Want To Generate More Calls and Leads for Their Business

Blue Corona offers various digital marketing services to increase your search engine rankings. Aside from observing the best SEO techniques, the agency can also create verified reviews about your construction business. This local SEO technique helps you gain the trust of your audience and attract more prospects from local Google search.

Aside from PPC and social media marketing services, its email marketing services provide you with alternative channels for generating more website traffic. Blue Corona helps segment your email audiences and launch highly targeted email campaigns to maximize your conversion rate further.

The agency also has services that other agencies don’t offer. Its conversion rate optimization service gets the most out of your site visitors so they convert into customers. In line with this, the agency helps you sell your services smarter and recover leads you may have lost.

4. Builder Funnel

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Best for: Design-Build Modelers and Custom Home Builders Seeking Effective Marketing Solutions

Builder Funnel’s goal is to help its target audience achieve sustainable growth. Its marketing experts analyze your business to prepare its Remodeler Marketing Blueprint, a comprehensive marketing strategy designed to meet your revenue and profit goals.

The strategy details proven tactics Builder Funnel will execute for you, like SEO, social media, paid advertising, email and messaging, and more. These aim to improve your website performance and attract highly qualified leads to your business that you can convert into customers.

The agency also hosts the Remodeler Growth Community. It’s an online group of passionate remodeling business owners like you who want to network, share their journey, and get feedback from others. Once Builder Funnel approves your application, you can access training materials and resources to help grow your remodeling business the right way.

5. Contractor Charlie

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Best for: Contractors Who Want to Generate High-Quality Leads Via SEO

As an SEO agency, Contractor Charlie aims to help construction companies rank on top of Google for their target keywords. It follows a tried-and-true process, starting with analyzing your website for opportunities to improve its performance for search engines. These include fixing broken links, slow loading speed, and indexing issues.

The agency proceeds to prepare a custom SEO strategy that addresses your site’s needs. It installs Google Analytics to help track your website traffic over time. Contractor Charlie then creates and publishes blog posts optimized for keywords relevant to the construction industry.

Aside from optimizing your site for SERPs, the company also helps you rank on local search engines. It creates content specific to your service areas, allowing people in these locations to find your business much easier. Contractor Charlie optimizes your Google Maps listing to increase its chances of appearing on local 3-pack.

6. Home Remodeler SEO

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Best for: Remodelers Seeking Out a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

Home Remodeler SEO helps its clients improve their search engine presence via its proven SEO process. The agency starts by researching the best keywords for your custom strategy. It uses the terms to optimize existing content on your site and create new ones with them. Home Remodeler SEO also uses the keywords as anchor texts for your link building campaign.

The company also takes care of your local SEO needs. It optimizes and manages your GMB with weekly posts and combating competitor spam. Home Remodeler SEO also offers a reputation management service to monitor people’s opinions about your business.

Outside of SEO, the agency offers services to expand your online reach outside search engines. Its social media marketing service helps you build a following and engage with them on your preferred platforms. The company can also drive more leads to your small business via its pay-per-click advertising and retargeting campaigns.

7. Contractor Growth Network

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Best for: Contractors Looking To Launch Digital Marketing Campaigns For Lead Generation

Contractor Growth Network is an award-winning marketing firm that helps you feature your contracting company to more potential customers. Its web design service showcases your knowledge and expertise in an appealing way to better engage with your target audience.

After redesigning your site, Contractor Growth Network’s SEO service helps improve your search engine rankings for increased online visibility. It optimizes your Google Business Profile (GBP), researches the best keywords for creating content, and manages your business citations.

The agency can also help with your video marketing needs. It creates professional videos about your business and teaches you how to do it in-house. This content type allows you to connect with your audience on a more personal level.

8. Contractor Gorilla

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Best for: Contractors Who Want a Web Design That Reflects Their Brand

Contractor Gorilla is aware that website design makes your leads convert into customers. That’s why the agency positions itself as the go-to web design agency for business in the contractor industry. From general contractors to HVAC technicians, it can design ROI-focused websites and logos guaranteed to help its clients get more leads.

Contract Gorilla offers SEO and PPC advertising services to complement its website design service. The former allows the agency to develop and execute a strategy to help more people see your professional-looking site on search engines. The latter enables it to manage your paid ads campaigns to help you generate leads while keeping ad spending low.

9. Construction Marketing

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Best for: Construction Firms Looking For Full-Service Internet Marketing Services

Construction Marketing starts by providing its clients with local SEO services to improve their online presence. The agency builds your site’s local listing and implements on-page SEO tactics to grow your presence on local search results, particularly Google Maps rankings and local-3 pack.

Construction Marketing can also build a custom marketing plan upon discussing and auditing your contracting business. The agency will develop a strategy containing its popular search engine marketing solutions. Its pay-per-click ads, social media marketing, and web design services aim to further your brand awareness online.

10. Guerilla Contractor Marketing

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Best for: Home Services and Construction Services Looking to Grow Their Organic Traffic

Guerilla Contractor Marketing’s SEO 2.0 process has helped roofers, electricians, plumbers, and HVAC technicians generate more revenue by ranking on organic search. The process leverages AI and ChatGPT to help its clients establish expertise and authority in the market. These allow the clients’ prospects to trust them and sign up as customers.

SEO also spills over into Guerilla Contractor Marketing’s other services. Its website design and development services redesign or build a beautiful yet functional website that best reflects your brand. On the other hand, its pay-per-click advertising allows you to rank over organic search results and helps your potential customers find your business faster.

What to Look for in a Contractor Marketing Agency?

Knowing the processes of each agency and the services it offers may not be enough to help you decide which one to choose. In that case, below are additional ways to help you determine the best contractor agency to hire for all your marketing needs:

  • Check case studies – Read how the agency helped contractors generate more leads and revenue. Identify the process and tactics used for each client to see if it aligns with your business needs.
  • See awards and recognitions – Look for certifications the agency received and which award-giving bodies gave it the awards. The more prestigious the organizations are in the contractor industry, the more weight their awards carry for your consideration.
  • Read user reviews – Check user reviews the agency received over time. Ideally, the more 5-star rating a company receives from review sites, the more reason you must hire it. But also read negative reviews and how the company addressed them. You want to hire an agency that remains professional in the face of criticism.
  • Take its free assessment offer – Reach out to agencies for their free consultation or assessment and hear what they say. Ask questions and clarifications about their feedback to understand how knowledgeable they are in digital marketing. Consider their answers and how they respond in your decision-making process.

Let On The Map Marketing Build Your Digital Marketing Strategy for You

On The Map Marketing has the know-how to help contractors and similar businesses grow their online presence and generate more leads and customers. Its award-winning marketing team identifies issues your business needs to address so you can promote your contractor services correctly. Be one of our many satisfied clients by first signing up for a free marketing audit.

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