How Miami Top Cleaning Achieved +164% Increase in Organic Traffic and +118% in Monthly Email Submissions in 12 Months

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Miami Top Cleaning wanted to rank prominently for cleaning services in Miami. However they had almost zero domain authority. On The Map Marketing designed their website and provided holistic SEO services to elevate their rankings and leads.

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Form submissions and calls


Form submissions & calls increase in 12 months

Increase in monthly traffic


Organic search traffic increase in 12 months

Increase in organic keywords indexed


Ranking organic keywords increase in 12 months

Duration of campaign

12 months

Campaign duration

Miami top cleaning team

“My Team and I put nothing but passion, hard work, and excellence behind everything that we do. I’m happy that On The Map Marketing has done the same for my website and its SEO. The results from their services have more than covered the costs 10x.”

Ulysses Gonzalez

President – Miami Top Cleaning Service


Miami Top Cleaning

Miami Top Cleaning is a respected commercial cleaning and janitorial service company located in the heart of downtown Miami.

Miami top cleaning website

What On The Map
Marketing provided

Technical seo

SEO strategy and content

Website structure

Website Design



Starting from ground zero

Miami Top Cleaning wanted to rank on page 1 for “Cleaning Services Miami”, but they were starting from scratch so their domain lacked cache.


Their traffic was solely paid

Their website traffic came solely through PPC, which could be expensive.

Link building

Keyword rankings stuck on page #2

In the initial months, we built links and created custom SEO content, but were stuck at #12 for the keyword “Cleaning Services Miami.”


User intent

Identified the user intent

We identified that the user intent for their main keyword “Cleaning Services Miami” was mostly household cleaning services.

Site strutcure update

Re-optimized and restructured the homepage

Since the client handled commercial services, we re-optimized and restructured their homepage for a more relevant keyword for their business, “Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services Miami.”


Jump in monthly leads

+118% Email submissions

+118% Email submissions increase in 12 months

Increase in monthly traffic

+164.71% Organic search traffic

+164.71% Organic search traffic increase in 12 months

Increase in organic keywords indexed

+294.24% Ranking organic keywords

+294.24% Ranking organic keywords increase in 12 months

As soon as we re-optimized the homepage, we saw an increase in organic traffic, and broke through into page 1 for two important keywords: “Commercial Cleaning Miami”:

Commercial cleaning miami keyword overview

And “Janitorial Services Miami”:

Janitorial services miami keyword overview

We further helped Miami Top Cleaning rank on Google for relevant business keywords such as: Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Janitorial Services, etc. 

Here’s an Ahrefs rank tracking screenshot showing our keyword jumps:

Keyword ranking table

Email submissions: +118% in 12 months

We began at an average of around 11 submissions per month and that number doubled to around 24 submissions per month in a year!

Email submissions table

Organic search traffic: +164.71% in 12 months

Search traffic analytics

The website now ranks for 62 keywords in the top 3 compared with 6 keywords a year ago. And mind you, all the keywords drove relevant traffic for their business.

Organic keywords growth chart 2021
Organic keywords growth chart 2022


Case Study Team

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Miami Office Chintan Zalani Head of Content Marketing
Miami Office Andrew DeGryse Account Manager
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