Criminal Defense SEO Showdown: How Stroleny Law Website Got to Generating 100+ Leads Monthly

Stroleny Law, P.A.
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August 17, 2020



+8,374/moIncrease Increase in Organic Website Visitors Monthly

Ranking Keywords

+3,302/moIncrease Increase in Ranking Keywords

Traffic Chart

+167/moIncrease Increase in Generate Leads Monthly

Who is Stroleny Law, P.A.?

Stroleny Law, P.A. is one of Miami’s premier criminal defense law firms. Led by Mr. Stroleny, previous Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office assistant state attorney. Currently handling hundreds of cases yearly and actively growing his practice.


Massive Site Migration

Upon coming on-board for SEO services Mr. Stroleny was splitting from his current business partner at the time. During the law firm split, Mr. Stroleny was able to maintain the ownership of the site content, however the domain had to be passed to his partner at the time. Considering the web property split, Mr. Stroleny was in a great need for a new website, branding and content/page migration from the old website to the newly developed one. 

Brand New Domain 

Due to the fact that the client did not hold the ownership of the previous domain name all of the website work had to be done on a brand new domain with DR of 0. The risks of losing website rankings during domain redirects are very high. Mainly because all of the established domain authority now needs to be transferred to a brand new domain. Plus, if a website is relatively large (100+ or more pages) by not executing the page redirects correctly the website will suffer severe rankings drops. 

Highly Competitive Niche

Client’s expectations were to achieve Top 3 positions on the map rankings and also Top 3 positions on the organic serps for the main money keywords: “criminal attorney miami”, “dui attorney miami” and other related high-search volume terms. The challenge we were faced with was the highly saturated and competitive criminal defense market in Miami, FL. The average cost per click for above-mentioned keywords can vary between$25-$50+ dollars per click. In addition, our campaign launch had to be executed on a brand new domain.


Domain Migration & Content Expansion

Upon the website launch and page level redirects, the team had made the decision to expand the site’s content and improve the website’s architecture. Biggest change that made a significant improvement was creating content silos (authority and supporting pages) to ensure that Google could efficiently crawl his website and build strong E-A-T signals. 

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Google My Business 

Throughout the campaign, we also heavily optimized his Google My Business profile, to increase the local reach for clients. We ensured that it was properly filled out with the right “money” keywords and business categories. We also used geo-tagged images to increase his authority and constantly posted google my business posts to send the local signals. 

For more advanced strategies to increase the map rankings we developed a custom citation building strategy. Built citations were interlinked within GMB posts and cross-linked between profiles to improve the authority. All executed strategies produced great map ranking improvements. 

keyword rankings table

Local Link Building 

Last but not least, the team performed extensive link building campaigns targeting locally and contextual backlink opportunities. One of the executed tactics was interviews with local Miami business owners. Here’s an example of backlink placement acquired from (DR 76 – Local Miami Blog). 

local link example


In result, between extensive content development, google my business profile optimization and local link building website saw drastic ranking improvements reaching client’s goals to rank top-3 in organic search and in map listings. See the stats below on what performance metrics this came down to.

link building results table


Increase in Organic Website Visitors Monthly

Stroleny Law increase in organic website traffic
3,877% Increase Increase in Organic Website Visitors Monthly Growth




Increase in Ranking Keywords

Stroleny Law increase in ranking keywords
434% Increase Increase in Ranking Keywords Growth




Increase in Traffic Value Monthly

Stroleny Law increase in website traffic value
2,141% Increase Increase in Traffic Value Monthly Growth




Increase in Generate Leads Monthly

Stroleny Law per month increase in received website leads
3,877% Increase Increase in Generate Leads Monthly Growth




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