Law Firm PPC Case Study: 5.61% conversion rate in 2 months
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How Nunez Law got 17 leads from PPC in 2 months

Law firm PPC case study

Form submissions and calls


Increase in conversion rate

Monthly budget



Organic traffic


Jump in CTR

Lead increase


Lead increase

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Nunez Law

They are a personal injury law firm focused on car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and bicycle accidents.

Nunez law website

What On The Map
Marketing provided

Increase in organic keywords indexed

Extensive keyword strategy

Local link building

Landing page development



    Form submissions and calls

    Low quality traffic

    Frequent use of broad match type keywords promote low quality traffic

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    Wrong Keywords Focus

    Most expensive keywords were not generating the majority of conversions

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    Missing landing page

    Subpar experience after clicking on these paid search ads (whereas competitors were using dedicated landing pages)

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    Search increase

    Questionable search volume

    The search volume of keywords that were generating interactions was questionable

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    At the start of the campaign, the client had zero conversions and a CTR of 1.5 percent.

    Client expressed trouble with their previous Google Ads campaigns in:

    • Getting leads
    • And quality of the leads
    • Further they didn’t have enough data for us to start optimizing their campaign. There were under 100 clicks (as you can see in the screenshot above).
    Nunez law conversations
    Nunez law keyword audit

    The search volume of keywords that were generating interactions was questionable as seen in screenshot below:




    Audience targeting

    Use phrase match keywords (with a robust negative keywords list) to better target their audience.

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    Keywords optimization

    Remove non-performing keywords. Sort the rest by priority and efficiency

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    Robust domain migration

    Landing page

    Create dedicated landing pages for the paid search traffic. Examples: car accident, bicycle accident, motorcycle accident, and truck accident

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    Keyword strategy

    We created a list of keywords on different monthly budgets and forecasted their conversions:

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    List of keywords on different monthly budgets and conversions we forecasted:

    Nunez law keyword and conversations focus

    Above the fold section of their car accident landing page:

    Nunez law landing page hero

    Compelling pitch of lawyer’s services below the fold:

    Nunez law landing page footer



    +1053.33% Jump in CTR

    We went from 1.5% to 16% CTR (the industry average stands at about 5%). That’s a jump of 1053.33%

    Increase in monthly traffic

    +5.61 increase in conversion rate

    Our conversion rate went from 0 to 5.61%

    Jump in monthly leads

    +17 Lead increase

    We generated 17 conversions (leads)


    $400 CPL

    Further the our cost per lead (CPL) stands at an impressive $400

    First month

    The first month was slow as we were working with a limited budget and the CPC of our target keywords hovered around $500. So we couldn’t get enough data to optimize the campaign. Our targeting was also too precise to only get quality traffic.

    Second month

    For the second month, Nunez Law doubled their monthly budget. We experimented with: search networks, targeting mobile only, call only campaigns, dynamic search ads, a branded campaign, and budget & bid changes.

    Wonder about the results at the end of the second month?

    Nunez law results


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