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Roberts Law Firm Experienced Unprecedented Growth and Saw Over 150% More Organic Leads With On The Map Marketing

Law Firm Case Study

Client Roberts Law Firm

Orange County, California

Robertslawfirm website

What On The Map
Marketing provided

Technical seo

SEO strategy

Link gap analysis

Link building

Content writing

Content Marketing


Organic traffic

Low Domain Authority

Roberts Law Firm came to us with a DA of 5.

Domain migration

Low Rankings

They ranked on page 5 of search engine results pages (SERPs) for the highly-sought-after keyword “Car Accident Lawyer Orange County.”

Ranking keywords

Extensive effort with improvements

Ranking for targeted keywords took extensive effort with such a low Domain Authority.

Lead increase

Low Leads

They had few leads coming in each month.

Roberts Law Firm signed a Local Domination package with On The Map Marketing in January 2022. In a little over 18 months, they’ve seen a massive boost in Domain Rating, organic traffic, traffic value, as well as perhaps the most important metric of all — new leads. By spending just $5,000 a month on their digital marketing efforts, this personal injury law firm was able to nearly triple the amount of potential clients contacting their firm each month. This was all done organically, with no paid ads needed. 

Roberts law firm leads report chart


Comprehensive content strategy

Content Marketing

Our content team created well-written, trustworthy on-page content

Link gap analysis


We facilitated backlinks from high-authority websites, resulting in major jumps in Domain Authority

Seo optimazed

Domain Authority

As the Domain Ratings have improved, we’ve seen a number of keywords rise in rankings.


Keyword Ranking Highlighs

Roberts Law Firm was going after a very high competition keywords. In the graphic you can see that OTM was able to get them in top-5 positions for keywords such as “car accident lawyer orange county” and several other variations. When starting the campaign law firm was ranking on page 6-7 for these term variations.

Roberts law firm keyword ranking highlighs

Domain Rating

Roberts law firm domain rating chart

Domain Authority (DA) is a metric that’s used to predict how well a website will rank on SERPs. It is measured on a Domain Rating scale from 0 to 100, with higher scores indicating a greater likelihood of ranking well in search engine results.

The score is calculated by taking into account several factors, including the number and quality of backlinks (links from other websites to the target site), the overall link profile, and other factors that contribute to a website’s authority and credibility. A higher Domain Authority score indicates that a website has a strong backlink profile and is considered more authoritative.

When Roberts Law Firm signed on when On The Map Marketing in January 2022, the had a Domain Rating of only 5. This low of a number is quite problematic. Google sees websites with low authority as potentially incorrect at best and actively spamming internet users at worst. A less-than-reputable DA makes it difficult to rank for keywords. In a highly-competitive area like Orange County, California, Roberts Law Firm didn’t need the extra hurdle. The higher the Domain Rating, the more credible Roberts Law Firm is in the eyes of Google, and the easier it is for them to rank for their targeted keywords. There is no doubt a correlation between their rise in Domain Authority and their increase in organic traffic.

Roberts Law Firm started with a Domain Rating of 5 and their authority has steadily grown from there:

  • Started: 5 DA
  • After 6 Months: 8 DA
  • After 12 Months: 14 DA
  • After 18 Months: 17 DA

Organic Traffic

Roberts law firm organic traffic chart

In January 2022, Roberts Law Firm was seeing an average organic traffic of about 198 website visitors a day. It’s no wonder they weren’t seeing the number of leads they were looking for. 

As their Domain Rating improved, so too did their organic presence! This is due to Google’s recent EEAT update, which placed even more importance on the credibility of websites. EEAT, which stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, states that “trust” is at the center of this concept. “Showing your website knows what they’re talking about is the most important member of the EEAT family” according to Google. As evaluating the reputation of websites and content contributors has become a major ranking factor on SERPs, our backlink and SEO efforts were a major contributor to attracting more organic leads than ever before. In August 2023, their website was seeing an average of 1,797 visitors a day — a 907% increase in just over 18 months!

Image 4
Image 5
Image 6

Traffic Value

Roberts law firm traffic value chart

In the screen shots above, you’ll see another number rising right along with Domain Rating and organic traffic, organic traffic value. Organic traffic value refers to the estimated worth of the organic (non-paid) traffic that https://www.robertslawfirm.net/ receives from search engines. This value is calculated based on the volume of organic traffic, the quality of the traffic (engagement metrics, conversion rates), and the potential revenue that could be generated from that traffic.

Image 7

In January 2022, Roberts Law Firm’s organic traffic value was a paltry $662. Not only were few people visiting their website, their potential value wasn’t high. On The Map Marketing’s digital marketing efforts changed that! In August of 2023, their organic traffic value was well over $60,000. This astonishing jump, an improvement of 10x, proves the short- and long-term value of a well-crafted digital marketing campaign, handled by the industry’s top experts.



169 Leads

Image 8

6 – 12 Months:

250 Leads 

Image 9

12 – 18 Months:

421 Leads

Image 10
Roberts law firm 18months leads chart

When Roberts Law Firm signed on with On The Map, they were getting just 169 leads each month. We knew with the right digital marketing strategy, we could improve this number  — and we were right. They’re now getting more than double, closer to three times, the amount of leads each month! 

The exciting number of leads now coming into Roberts Law Firm is the result of the other achievements and efforts, combining to make us look more authoritative to Google and therefore seen more often by internet users searching through organic means.

About On The Map

On the map team

Our in-house team of digital marketing professionals have years of experience handling organic digital marketing efforts, crafting SEO efforts, building backlinks for our clients in order to improve Domain Ratings, and attracting more leads to websites than they’ve ever had. Time and time again, with numerous clients in highly-competitive areas, we have proven that our techniques work. Roberts Law Firm in Orange County, California is just one of many such examples. 

On The Map is your go-to agency for all things digital marketing! In order to achieve results like what Roberts Law Firm experienced, we offer law firms link building strategies that boost Domain Ratings, as well content services, SEO, PPC, and website design

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