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Dental Case Study

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Client R + R Dental

Hicksville, NY

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Technical seo

SEO Strategy by Adrian Gas

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Content Marketing


PPC Services

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A/B Testing


Seo optimazed

Lead Inconstancy

Needed consistent, regular patients that actually needed dental care (more qualified leads).

Technical seo

No Results

Was spending but not getting results.

Jump in monthly leads

Low Leads

Needed a more patients.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) services are crucial for clients looking to maximize the value of their marketing budget.


Technical seo

SEO Strategy by Adrian Gas

Content keywords

Content Marketing


PPC Services

Traffic icon

A/B Testing

Our PPC team here at On The Map…

  • Created a fresh campaign strategy to upgrade previous setup.
  • Conducted market research to refine their keywords.
  • Organized the account structure to focus on exact match and phrase match keywords based on proximity, like “Dentist near me.”
  • Created a custom landing page designed for conversion.
  • Experimented with bidding strategies. This started on manual cost per conversion to gather data. Once we had over 15 conversions in 30 days, we were able to use the “maximize conversions” bidding strategy to boost performance.
  • Updated extensions to improve CTR (click through rate).
  • Implemented bid adjustments across the account, including Keyword, Location, and Devices.


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Conversion Rate

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Results May 22 – Sep 28 vs Jan 12 – May 21:

Conversion rate +200%

Improving conversion rate is a key focus for our team, as it leads to a more efficient and cost-effective campaign. A conversion rate refers to the percentage of users who take a desired action after clicking on an ad. The formula to calculate the conversion rate is:

Conversion Rate = (Number of Conversions / Number of Clicks) x 100

A higher conversion rate, which R + R Dental achieved through working with On The Map, indicates that a larger proportion of the people who clicked on the ad took the desired action, in this case a patient contacting them (either via a phone call or form submission on the landing page). R + R Dental’s conversion rate rose 200%, allowing them to maximize the return on their advertising investment.

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Results May 22 – Sep 28 vs Jan 12 – May 21:

Conversions +890%

In PPC advertising, a conversion refers to a specific action that you want a user to take after clicking on your ad. Conversions can vary depending on your campaign goals and objectives. For R + R Dental, a conversion was defined as a new lead, either a form submission or a phone call. This means the user took an action to get in contact with them. 

The specific conversion our team tracks in a PPC campaign will align with a client’s overall business goals and marketing objectives. As a New York dental office, R + R Dental chose leads as their conversion metric because leads turn into new patients, which keep them profitable. By measuring conversions, our team is able to assess the effectiveness of our PPC advertising efforts and optimize R + R Dental’s campaigns to achieve a higher return on investment (ROI).

On The Map’s PPC team achieved what we were hoping for, and then some. R + R Dental’s conversions are now close to 900% higher than when the campaign began!

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Cost per Conversion

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Results May 22 – Sep 28 vs Jan 12 – May 21:

Cost/Conv. – 90%

It isn’t just about converting as many people as possible, but doing so as cost effectively as possible. Cost per conversion (CPC) in PPC advertising is a metric that measures how much the client pays, on average, for each successful conversion achieved. The formula to calculate the cost per conversion is:

Cost per Conversion (CPC) = Total Cost of Campaign / Number of Conversions

CPC is a crucial metric for assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of PPC advertising efforts. Lowering R + R Dental’s CPC while increasing their conversion rate was our main goal, as it helps improve the overall ROI and ensures that our client is getting the most value from their advertising budget. We continually optimized their PPC campaigns to achieve a lower CPC and a higher ROI. The result was a 90% improvement on this metric.

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Our experienced team of digital marketing experts brings a wealth of knowledge to the table when it comes to overseeing paid digital marketing initiatives. We specialize in creating effective PPC strategies, improving CPC, and generating valuable leads for our clients’ websites. Time and again, our tried-and-tested methods have produced impressive outcomes, even in highly competitive markets, with R + R Dental as just one example of our success stories in the dental office advertising space.

Here at On The Map, we are your ultimate destination for all of your digital marketing requirements! To replicate the outstanding achievements of R + R Dental, we offer comprehensive services, including PPC of course but also strategies for enhancing Domain Ratings through link building, content creation, SEO optimization, social media packages, and website design.

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