Criminal Defense Attorney Case Study: +152% Traffic in 8 months
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Criminal Defense Law Firm Case Study

How Achieved +152% Organic Traffic in 8 Months

Weber Law is a multi-location criminal defense team of attorneys located in California, Colorado, Utah, and Washington. The team had a large amount of brand name traffic and awareness behind them. On The Map Marketing then launched a custom SEO campaign to scale their organic rankings, traffic, and domain authority.

Increase in monthly traffic


Organic search traffic increase in 8 months

Duration of campaign

8 months

Campaign duration

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Thomas-d.  weber j. D decorative portrait

“We’ve been very hands-on with our SEO Campaign, having an account manager like Andrew, has allowed us to hold weekly meetings to see our growth over time. When operating a campaign of this size, informative weekly meetings have been very satisfactory. SEO is a long-term move, and seeing the website’s traffic uptake has been beneficial for us. SEO can be best described as the snowball effect, its benefits grow and grow over time.”

Thomas d.  weber j. D portrait

Thomas D. Weber J.D.

President at Weber Law


Weber Law

A team of aggressive criminal defense attorneys, the firm’s goal is to help their clients reduce their impact on their criminal record. Mr. Weber, the firm’s president, has worked for the international law firm, Anderson & Anderson LLP, in Shanghai, China. And among hundreds of other criminal cases, he’s worked on civil litigation cases involving real property, contracts, business law, bankruptcy, and intellectual property.

Weber law website

What On The Map
Marketing provided

Technical seo

SEO strategy

Comprehensive content strategy

Custom SEO content

Link gap analysis

Link building strategy and backlinks


Organic traffic

Low website traffic

The firm wanted to Increase their website traffic.

Mdi chart areaspline

Insufficient Map Rankings

They wanted their website to rank strongly on the map and organically for relevant phrases such as “criminal defense attorney”, “DUI attorney” in Washington, California, Colorado, and Utah.


Content writing

Custom Content Creation

OTM began constructing Custom SEO content for keywords with significant search demand and some geo-specific phrases that were relevant for the firm such as “Bellevue DUI attorney.”

Local link building

Backlink building

Law. Ninja wanted to grow at a faster rate. So we got more resources from the firm to build backlinks on a larger scale targeting keywords that were not location specific such as “criminal defense attorney” “DUI lawyer” etc.

Anchor text

Granular anchor text analysis

We did a granular anchor text analysis for the more competitive keywords we targeted. What this means is that we broke down the ratio of anchor texts into categories for our competitors such as: direct, branded, keyword, random, and URL.

Weber law anchors


Increase in monthly traffic

+152% Organic search traffic

+152% Organic search traffic increase in 8 months

As we built new links to the website, the rankings for the website started rising quickly

Law. Ninja keyword analytics

Its Domain Rating (DR), a measure of a website’s authority, jumped from 6 in February to 25 in November:

Law. Ninja domain rating

The overall traffic for the website also increased significantly:

Law. Ninja traffic analytics

We also saw improvements in our Google Maps rankings for two of our primary keywords:

Criminal defense attorney (in Utah)

Law. Ninja dui attorney map rankings
Data and map rankings from

DUI attorney (in Seattle)

Law. Ninja criminal defense attorney keyword map rankings
Data and map rankings from


Case Study Team

Chintan zalani

Chintan Zalani

Head of Content Marketing

Andrew degryse

Andrew DeGryse

Account Manager

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