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  • Responsive and personalized account management by law firm SEO experts
  • Transparent performance reports about your leads and keyword rankings

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SEO is the most effective marketing strategy for criminal defense lawyers

Don’t get me wrong:

Google ads and social media marketing may get clients for a criminal lawyer. 

However, as a premier law firm SEO company, we’ve found that our clients tend to get a higher conversion rate from organic search than other channels. A BrandMuscle local marketing report also found SEO rated the most effective channel.

Seo for dui attorneys tactic image

It also helps that the results from SEO compound over time once you start the flywheel of content and links. For instance, we started with our client, Stroleny Law — a criminal defense attorney in Miami — faring not so well in their Google My Business (GMB) rankings across the board:


Their organic search performance was also below par. Here’s a screenshot of their rankings from our proprietary tracking software, TrackRight:


Further, it didn’t help that they were splitting from their partner, so they had to start on a new domain and a new web address. It was as if the criminal law firm were starting from scratch. 

We advised them to buy rights to the old domain and create a new site. After successfully executing a redirect to the brand new domain, we started with GMB optimization and tirelessly built links and crafted content for them.

Here are the jumps they witnessed in their organic rankings in a year:

Keyword 2

And here are their GMB jumps:

Keyword 3

Here’s a snapshot of Ahrefs showing how their SEO results started to compound over time:


See how a regular investment into content and links with On The Map Marketing’s Limited Local Domination package can do for a criminal law firm?

Do the results inspire you to start law firm SEO for your criminal attorney business today?

Then start with building a responsive, client-centric law firm’s website

Stroleny law

When potential clients look for legal representation, they will hire someone with an elegant and modern law firm website. You also need persuasive copy and visually appealing design for your:

  • about us, home, & contact pages, 
  • thorough practice area pages, 
  • city specific pages, 
  • attorney bio and related content for establishing your credibility, 
  • blog posts answering questions of your prospective clients,
  • and online payment options as well as other interactive features.

Search engines also favor technically sound websites with robust architecture. If your current website doesn’t check any of the above boxes, your developer can fix technical issues. Or hire our law firm website design services.

Next, choose the right kind of criminal law keywords

You want to rank for those “money keywords” in your region that drive leads for your attorney business. For instance, you can see one of our clients pop up for “criminal defense attorney Miami” in Google Maps due to our GMB optimization efforts.

302 038136 5321

That’s valuable real estate that drives direct business for Stroleny Law

Here are such related keywords you can aspire to rank for in your region:

  • DUI attorney near me,
  • DUI attorney in [your state name here],
  • second DUI in [your locality name here],
  • violent crime attorney [your state name here],
  • drunk driving lawyer [in your state].

You can also target informational keywords related to your law practice on subjects such as “how to hire a DUI lawyer?” The idea is to answer the legal questions of your prospective clients to establish trust.

For ranking for these keywords, you’ll need to optimize your title tags, meta descriptions, write optimized content, and finally:

Links count as votes in search engines and are important for getting your website to rank in SERPs. On The Map Marketing’s 2021 original research found that the average domain rating (DR) — a measure of the number of referring domains to a site — for best-ranking attorney websites in Austin is 35.

You may need to sponsor local websites, strike partnerships with news websites, and conduct email outreach to get other websites to link to you. Here’s a snapshot of the new links Stroleny Law’s website got in the week leading up to 22nd January 2022:

Referring page

I know doing all of those SEO tasks is a LOT of work. 

Fortunately, you’ve another option to rank for competitive criminal defense keywords on autopilot: simply hire On The Map Marketing’s SEO services.

Components of OTM’s criminal defense law firm SEO services

Stellar local SEO strategy to dominate local search for relevant DUI keywords

You want to appear at the top of local SERPs in Google Maps and organic search for relevant DUI keywords. So our team incorporates a solid local SEO plan to give your attorney practice the best chances of dominating the local-3 pack.

A strong foundation of technical SEO

Our developer takes care of your site speed, mobile friendliness, strong site structure, and your website’s overall technical infrastructure, which are all important search ranking factors. These ensure that search engines like Google can effectively crawl and index your website’s content.

Custom DUI law content marketing to establish your expertise

Backed by smart keyword research and relying on foundational on page SEO practices, our team of content writers will create hubs of legal content related to your practice. Don’t worry — we’ll ensure the content meets your branding goals, takes the advertising bar regulations in your region, and accurately represents you.

Quality link building at scale (that demonstrates your criminal law authority…)

Off page SEO is fundamental to growing the authority of your website. That’s why our SEO team has built its secret sauce: high-quality legal link building at scale. After a link gap analysis, we get you both kinds of links: topically relevant and high-authority. Our standards are higher than most other SEO agencies out there, and our results show their effectiveness.

Full-stack digital marketing team

Legal SEO is multi-disciplinary and requires a bunch of skills to perfect. On The Map Marketing will holistically cover all the bases for you. While our account manager will report on the progress of your campaign, they have a full-fledged marketing team of SEO tech, developers, content writers, and outreach managers behind them to grow your website.

Success story of our law firm SEO client.


Increase in Ranking Keywords Monthly


Increase in Generate Leads Monthly


Increase in Organic Website Visitors Monthly


Increase in Traffic Value

Fasig brooks apr2020 logo full color rgb

Fasig Brooks Reaches $22,000.00+ in Monthly Traffic Value

Roadmap of OTM’s SEO for DUI Attorneys

Step #1: You contact us for a free SEO audit

Our SEO specialists will get to work as soon as you fill out the DUI lawyer SEO services proposal form with your website. They will conduct thorough SEO research of your law firm’s website. Then they will get back with strategies for growing your traffic and recommend an SEO package by our SEO company to grow your firm.

Step #2: Review and sign a contract. Then meet your account manager

Once you’ve reviewed the audit and our offerings, it’s time to make a call about working with us. Signed the contract and decided to grow your attorney business with us? Nice. We’ll prepare to launch your SEO campaign and put you in touch with your account manager. 

Step #3: *Welcome* goal alignment call

To understand your current marketing strategy, ideal prospective clients, and top-selling criminal defense legal services, your SEO advisor will welcome you on a goal alignment call. 

You’ll also need to complete client intake and content questionnaires to understand your branding requirements. Finally, our marketing team will set up your account inside TrackRight: our proprietary reporting and tracking software.

Step #4: Finalizing a three-month SEO sprint strategy

Based on your chosen SEO plan and website’s current requirements, On The Map Marketing’s SEO strategist will create a 3-month sprint plan for you. Then we’ll get your feedback on it before beginning to execute the documented strategy.

Step #5: Personalized account management and iteration of your strategy

Throughout the campaign, you’ll get regular updates from your account manager on your ranking jumps and drops. They will be happy to answer any of your questions during the sprints. They will also meet you on monthly touchpoints to share the progress. From there, we’ll iterate your SEO for DUI attorneys strategy based on the results we start seeing.

Why should criminal defense lawyers trust On The Map Marketing…

Otm riga office team

Law firm SEO is in our DNA:

We’ve over a decade of experience in ranking law firm clients. Indeed our founder started the agency with ranking attorneys on the map. We thoroughly understand the criminal lawyer market.

Proof of efficacy in the most competitive lawyer markets:

We’re a law firm SEO agency with results across metropolitan areas and the most challenging law disciplines (such as personal injury lawyers). The criminal defense law niche comes relatively “easier” for our team.

Relentless focus on driving business results:

The real test of an SEO company is if their organic traffic and rankings translate into high-quality leads. OTM passes this test with flying colors — we’ll get you those form submissions and phone calls from prospective criminal defense clients.

Onthemap team

Personalized and responsive account management:

Our customer success managers (CSMs) aspire to become long-term assets for your criminal law practice. They will always be ready to educate you about your local SEO campaign and answer any questions you may have.

Transparent and convenient performance reports:

Once we set up your account inside our proprietary software — Trackright — you can conveniently access your leads, keyword rankings, and traffic 24 x 7. Your CSM also meets you on monthly touchdowns to discuss how your SEO campaign is performing.

Frequently asked questions about DUI lawyer SEO

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