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High-Quality Legal Content Writing Services

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Four Pillars of Our Results-Driven Website Content

We have perfected our content creation process to provide law firms with content that ranks and converts using the foundations below:

Accurately Matches Your Law Firm’s Tone 🔊

We learn how you want your content written to ensure the blog posts and landing page content stay on-brand with your law firm.

Compliant with Legal Requirements in Your State⚖️

Every piece of content we create for your law firm adheres to state-specific legal advertising rules to uphold your firm’s reputation and reflect the kind of legal professional you are.

Optimized for Search Engines 📈

 We mention the target keyword and related phrases on the most important parts of all your site pages. This increases their chances of ranking on top of search engines and improves their visibility.

Establishes Thought Leadership of Your Law Firm👩🏽‍💼

It’s not enough for people to find your content online. It should also exhibit your knowledge and expertise so that readers trust and seek your firm’s legal advice.

What is Lawyer Website Content?

Lawyer website content encompasses various written materials tailored for and published on law firm websites. Well-written content that showcases your legal expertise in your practice area helps generate more clients and cases for your law firm.

You must write and publish the content to help you achieve the above mentioned goal. However, outsourcing legal content writers to produce high-quality content on your behalf gives you more time to work on winning your cases. These writers know which legal topics to cover in your practice and address legal issues your target audience is facing.

To ensure you hire freelance writers with these skills, find a full-service legal marketing agency that monitors and scales your content marketing strategy. Our company can do this to provide legal information to attract prospective clients.

Why Do Attorneys Need Legal Content Writing?

Legal professionals greatly benefit from incorporating content creation into their marketing strategy. Below are the main reasons why:

  • Boost online presence – You can leverage the content to attract highly targeted traffic from different online channels, such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), social media, email marketing, etc.
  • Gain the trust of your audience – By publishing content that compellingly showcases your legal authority, you encourage readers to view you as an expert in your field of practice, if not call you about your services.
  • Engage people in different stages of your funnel – Whether your audience is unaware your law practice exists or remains undecided about hiring you for their cases, the content you publish on your legal website pushes them down your marketing funnel. This results in better conversions and more new clients in the pipeline.

How Do Our Legal Content Writing Services Work?

The first thing we do is align your legal practice’s content needs and marketing goals, paving the way for a successful legal content campaign. We then proceed with the steps below to turn this into reality.

🛠️SEO Tech Creates a Strategy

A digital marketing agency must prioritize generating organic traffic. The SEO tech dedicated to your law firm conducts keyword research to identify which search phrases to optimize for your web pages. This person also analyzes your site’s local SEO to determine which practice area pages to create and rank on search engines.

📅Then We Create a Content Calendar

The team develops a content strategy that caters to the different stages of your client’s journey. The company’s legal blog writing services publish the posts regularly to establish consistency and build audience engagement. They also determine digital marketing channels to promote compelling content and increase its visibility online.

📝Head of Content Collaborates With Our Legal Writers

Once the content team has all the information above, they identify legal blog writers with experience and knowledge in your practice area to produce the best SEO content for your website. Their copywriters optimize your landing pages for conversions. Another type of content the agency should create for you is case studies, which showcase your services’ effectiveness and cast a positive light on your law firm.

🌐Off Page SEO Efforts Begin

After publishing the content on your website, the team must collaborate with link builders to launch a campaign to acquire dofollow backlinks from authoritative websites to your content. Using the right outreach tactics enables them to encourage site owners to link to your pages, helping your law firm website rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

📊Monitoring Content Performance and Iterating

Using a tool like TrackRight helps you determine the effectiveness of the blog writing service in line with your goals. The software checks the blog content’s search engine rankings and sees how much organic traffic each piece of content attracts. 

The team also measures the potential clients generated by your site’s practice area and landing pages. From the gathered data, they tweak the upcoming content campaign to improve its results.

What Clients Say About Our Content Marketing Services

“On The Map has helped me reach both of my goals.”

“On The Map gives me a chance to really focus on what’s most important.”

We are receiving on average 90+ phone calls a month

“Working with On The Map for almost two years has been a game-changer. When we first started our own practice, we lacked a natural online presence. We began our SEO campaign with the sole purpose of generating natural leads… Here we are two years later and not only are we ranking competitively in multiple cities across our state, but we are receiving on average 90+ Phone Calls a month.”

Interested in Our Legal Writing Our Legal Writing Services?

1. Discovery Call

We’ll talk about your goals and objectives to establish the kind of approach we must take when building your website content.

2. Content Audit

We’ll then comb through your site pages to benchmark their current performance and identify issues that need fixing to improve their results.

3. Customized Content Marketing Strategy Development

From the audit, we’ll develop a strategy that addresses your content needs and growth opportunities, aligning with your goals.

4. Onboarding and Scaling Your Legal Content

We begin writing the content according to the agreed-upon plan. At the same time, we collaborate with you to ensure the creation of the best website content.

5. Ongoing Reporting and Analysis

Our account manager will monitor the results of our written and published content. They will share updates with you and collaborate with you to gain insights to help tweak the content strategy.

Ready to Leverage Website Content to Scale Your Law Firm’s Influence?

Let On The Map Marketing take care of all your content needs.

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