Scorpion Legal Marketing: Pricing, Features, and 2023 Review

Upon researching for marketing agencies your law firm should hire, Scorpion Marketing may come across as a leading provider. It is indeed a top-rated digital marketing company catering to small businesses. But you also need to know its drawback to help decide whether this agency will help generate more website traffic and clients for your legal practice.

What is Scorpion Marketing?

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Scorpion Marketing is a well-established agency offering comprehensive digital marketing services for law firm websites, although it has branched out to other industries. However, Scorpion Marketing has terms in its contract with local businesses that make it difficult for them to cancel their partnership with the agency.

Scorpion Marketing Services Offered

The agency provides various services to help small business owners like you across different industries reach their goals. From growing their revenue to delivering the best customer experience possible, Scorpion Marketing will be your partner every step of the way.

Digital Marketing

The agency starts by designing for you a beautiful website that attracts many visitors and turns them into clients. If you have an existing site, the agency can redesign it to provide visitors with a much better user experience.

From here, Scorpion Marketing leverages search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, and social media marketing to attract more traffic to your site. The agency uses Ranking.AI., an industry-leading technology that helps identify opportunities to generate more organic traffic. It also uses AI to make better decisions in its paid ads initiatives for your law firm.

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The agency’s technology-led service finds keywords you can optimize in your content marketing strategy, whether you’re writing articles or creating videos. It also helps Scorpion Marketing bid for search terms that will help generate most conversions for your paid advertising campaigns.

However, Scorpion Marketing owns the data and website it gathers and creates for you. Consider this crucial when choosing a marketing agency, especially if you prioritize your law firm’s flexibility and freedom.

Customer Experience

Scorpion Marketing makes contacting your law firm much more accessible for website visitors to help facilitate the conversion. The agency does this by setting up multiple website communication channels on your site, from email marketing to live chat.

All conversations and campaigns fall under a single dashboard, so you can promptly address their replies. You can also keep track of online bookings more effectively for better lead management. You won’t lose leads due to double-booking or appointments not getting through your system, or getting lost in the shuffle.

Reputation Management

Scorpion Marketing monitors online reviews about your law firm to help you build a positive online reputation with your target audience. It notifies you of new user reviews so you can appropriately respond and engage with each one. Putting your best foot forward makes it much easier to turn visitors into clients.

Scorpion Marketing Ratings Across Directories

Scorpion Marketing reviews are generally mixed based on different review sites. Lawyerist gave the agency a 2.9/5. It is the lowest score among lawyer-focused digital marketing companies issued by the site. Lawyerist praised Scorpion Marketing’s free consultation and its SEO, PPC, and reputation management services. However, its non-exclusivity and cost dragged the agency’s score down.

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On the other hand, Scorpion Marketing received a 4.9/5 star rating and an average referral rating of 5/5 out of six users from Clutch. It helped clients increase their website traffic and book more clients for their business. The agency was also easy to work with and ensured meeting all the goals promised to clients. The only criticisms the agency received were its lack of consistent meetings, updates regarding the campaigns, and communication channels for reaching out to them.

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Finally, Scorpion Marketing got a 4.5/5 rating from 41 Capterra users. Most reviews praised the agency’s ability to work with clients and take their suggestions in building a marketing strategy and campaign personalized to their needs and wants. However, two users gave Scorpion Marketing 0/5 stars. They complained about the company’s lack of communication when canceling their accounts due to unmet goals.

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Top Scorpion Marketing Client Results

Scorpion Marketing has helped clients in the legal industry multiply their revenue and firm size. For instance, Joy Owenby’s goal was to achieve 60 new cases in a month, four times than what her marketing efforts were currently amassing in 2015.

After Scorpion Marketing revamped its website design and implemented digital marketing strategies other than PPC, Owenby Law, P.A., saw a 330% increase in organic traffic, a 75% boost in cases due to advertising campaigns, and a 330% jump in total leads. All of these results took four years to achieve.

Ashkan Yekrangi is another success story from Scorpion Marketing’s digital marketing services. At the start, Askhan started his immigration law practice on a shoestring budget. But things started looking up for him after contacting Scorpion Marketing for digital marketing help.

The agency started by building a professional website that allows Ashkan to display his authority and knowledge in his legal practice. It also helped Ashkay establish his local brand to gain people’s trust. Finally, Scorpion Marketing used growth-focused strategies to boost its online visibility. These helped Yekrangi & Associates increase its annual revenue from $100,000 to $1 million.

On The Map Marketing Vs. Scorpion Marketing

Scorpion MarketingOn The Map Marketing
Prioritizes paid advertising more than SEO. Lawyers looking to boost their website’s organic traffic should consider looking elsewhere.Offer the same quality of digital marketing services (SEO and PPC included) as its top competitors but at lowered costs.
Started as law firm marketing experts but eventually branched out to other verticals. This makes the agency somewhat less of an authority in law marketing because its resources are shared across other industries.Majorly serves law firms with proven results across competitive lawyer markets.
Uses proprietary technology for creating websites and managing marketing campaigns. Getting your website and its data upon leaving the agency is next to impossible.Builds websites on WordPress and tracks data using Google Analytics and Google Search Console. You have full access to all these even if you terminate your contract with the agency.

Scorpion Marketing is more than a capable marketing agency that can help your law firm increase its online visibility and generate more clients. However, the agency’s biggest caveat is how it holds clients hostage if they decide to leave it. They’re forced to stay and swallow a bitter pill or cancel their Scorpion contact without their websites and marketing campaign data.

Scorpion lately hasn’t been great at customer retention, and also drawn flak for incentivizing prospects with Amazon gift cards. Read this Facebook thread for some details.

On the other hand, we at On The Map Marketing will give you the WordPress website we created for you and track all the marketing campaigns we launch if you decide to leave. But we have a good feeling you won’t with the quality of digital marketing services at the cost we offer. Contact us to get a free marketing website audit.

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