Comrade Digital Marketing Agency Review

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On the surface, Comrade Digital Marketing Agency has a great reputation on review sites and provides comprehensive information about its services and their effectiveness. But to be sure, find out its exact services, customers’ thoughts about the company, and client success stories before choosing Comrade for your digital marketing needs.

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What is Comrade Digital Marketing Agency?

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Comrade Digital Marketing Agency is a Chicago-based company that provides clients with results-based web design and online marketing services.

Comrade Digital Marketing Agency Services Offered

The Comrade team believes in transparency and accountability. That means it only takes in clients they believe can help with their services. To help the agency filter highly qualified prospects, the agency offers a free audit consisting of website content review and a 20-point SEO audit check. Once you’re in the clear, below are the services the company can offer you.

Digital Marketing

Part of Comrade’s online marketing solutions are its PPC service plans. The agency takes care of setting up your ad campaign on various platforms, researching for the best keywords to bid on, and optimizing your landing pages to maximize conversions. It also sends monthly reports regarding the campaign performance and runs A/B tests to boost its ROI.

To complement your paid advertising efforts, Comrade’s content marketing services let you drive more organic search traffic to your website and establish your brand as an authority in your industry. The agency does this by creating web content and long-form blog articles that connect with your audience, as well as case studies to showcase your past successes.


Before Comrade launches an effective SEO strategy on your website, it conducts an SEO audit to help its team understand your site’s search performance. From here, it suggests ways to resolve critical issues preventing your site from appearing on search engines. The agency then implements on- and off-page tactics to boost your site’s rankings and website traffic.

The company also does local SEO to help businesses increase online visibility in their service areas. Comrade oversees optimizing your Google Business Profile account, building and managing your local citations, and creating local content. It can also build links for you and optimize your website to help it appear on the Google local 3-pack.

Web Development

Comrade provides custom WordPress website development services to various businesses, guaranteed to improve user interface and site functionality across all devices. The agency can also integrate other platforms with your website to help your site generate more qualified leads and clients. Finally, it provides continuous support to help keep your site updated and running at optimum performance.

Comrade Digital Marketing Agency Ratings Across Directories

Comrade Digital Marketing Agency scored an average of 4.8/5 stars from 61 Clutch reviewers. Everybody praised the agency’s honesty and transparency–its team is not afraid to share why their websites aren’t generating clients and how Comrade can address these issues. On the downside, some believe the regular reports it submitted become repetitive over time.

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The marketing company received a perfect score of 5/5 stars from 24 Upcity users. Everybody raved about Comrade’s patience when dealing with clients. Since most business owners aren’t well-versed in digital marketing and SEO, the agency’s account managers were more than happy to walk them through the entire process and answer all their questions and concerns.

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Top Client Results

Barr & Young Attorneys hired Comrade to help the law firm regain its local search rankings. The first order of business was to redesign its website and help distinguish it from competitors. The agency then launched a digital marketing strategy consisting of SEO and PPC tactics. The result was a 943% increase in organic traffic and a 651% boost in client inquiries.

Stracci Law Group added personal injury as a service on its website and wants to generate new business from it. Like the case study above, Comrade redesigned its outdated site with a fresh and modern take to accommodate the new practice area while staying true to its brand. This change helped the law firm receive more inquiries about its services by 262% and improve its organic traffic by 547%.

On The Map Marketing Vs. Comrade Digital Marketing Agency

Comrade Digital Marketing AgencyOn The Map Marketing
Offers a variety of digital marketing solutions and packages to businesses in different verticals.Award-winning agency that provides online marketing services not only to law firms but also to dentists, home services, realtors, and more.
Assigns an account manager to your project who will answer all questions you have about your site and update you regarding its campaign performance.Appoints a dedicated manager who will look over your strategy and campaigns and be ready with all your inquiries. Also lets you monitor your local search rankings yourself using TrackRight.
Most of its specialty lies in its website design and redesign. Not much has been said about its other digital marketing services from its case studies.Complements its website design services with equally excellent PPC and SEO services, as seen from the various client success stories published on its site.
Does not offer exclusivity slots to clients.Offers slots that clients can purchase to prevent the agency from offering its services to competitors.

Comrade Digital Marketing Agency is a very solid choice if you want to generate more leads and conversions from your site. The only caveat the agency has is its emphasis on web redesign in its case studies as the catalyst for increased rankings and conversions. This can be the case sometimes, but it’s not the solution to all your marketing problems.

We at One The Map Marketing determine the actual issues preventing your website from getting more highly qualified traffic online. From the initial assessment, the agency prepares a strategy to address your website needs and achieve your online goals. Sign up for our free website marketing audit to know what it takes to build an even more successful website for you.