Rankings io Review: Is It The Best Lawyer SEO Agency?
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Rankings io Review: Is It The Best Lawyer SEO Agency?


Rankings.io is one of these marketing companies with a solid reputation for helping clients in the legal industry get more organic traffic via SEO. But before you hire them, you need to know whether they’re a good fit for you.

So let’s look at:

  • Rankings.io services,
  • Some reviews and results of its clients,
  • How Rankings.io compares with On The Map Marketing in terms of law firm SEO and other law firm digital marketing services.

TL;DR Review:

  • Rankings.io uses the Attorney Rankings System, a proprietary process that aims to rank client websites on Google search for their target keywords.
  • The company specializes in helping personal injury law firms with attorney SEO. It’s also extremely selective of the law firms it works with, and quite expensive. You need a minimum monthly budget of $10,000 to work with them.
  • On The Map Marketing offers a much better value for money than Rankings.io whether you’re a personal injury lawyer looking for help with SEO or any other lawyer needing help with PPC, website design, or even end-to-end digital marketing.

Note: With over a decade of experience and stellar SEO results, we also specialize in helping law firms with SEO and marketing. Indeed we’re much much more cost-effective than Rankings.io. Contact us to learn how we can help your law firm.

What is Rankings.io?

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Rankings.io is a law firm search engine optimization (SEO) agency dedicated to ranking elite firms — specifically injury lawyers on top of Google search. Its team of specialists will help clients generate more leads while responding to all their queries promptly. Rankings.io also operates under radical transparency–-it explains the methods and approaches to clients to temper expectations and ensure success.

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Rankings.io Services Offered

Before you can benefit from Rankings.io’s service, you must undergo an initial call discussing your needs with one of their staff to determine whether you and the agency are a mutual fit. Its dedication to aggressive growth means limiting the law firms it can work with.

Once everything goes well, there will be an SEO discovery consultation to discuss your site’s issues and competitors further. Rankings.io will use the information here to provide a customized proposal detailing the SEO services it’ll do for you. Below are some that the agency may include in their proposal to you:


Rankings.io aims to primarily help personal injury lawyers dominate first-page rankings. The agency uses its Attorney Rankings System, a four-step SEO process to help clients rank on top of SERPs in the ultra-competitive legal industry.

It starts with SEO content writing, in which the agency prepares content ideas covering legal topics and choosing the best ones to create optimized content and pages. Here’s an example for the keyword “Chicago car accident lawyer:”

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After publishing the articles, its link building and outreach team will acquire backlinks to the client’s site from well-reputed publications. This process expedites the time of clients’ pages to rank on search engines.

Rankings.io also performs on-page SEO on client sites. This involves organizing their site architecture properly, making their pages load faster, and reoptimizing existing content, among others. The agency also communicates and explains these changes to clients so they know the positive impact these tasks will have on their sites.

Finally, Rankings.io practices local SEO to optimize your listings and establish name, address, and phone number (NAP) consistency across all online directories.

While waiting for its SEO efforts to take effect, Rankings.io can launch a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign to help initially boost its client’s online visibility. It researches and analyzes which keywords and locations to target for the campaign to generate highly qualified leads.

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Upon executing the campaign, the agency will monitor the clicks, impressions, and conversions it receives. Using this information, it runs tests and refines the campaign as necessary. This shows the agency’s proactive approach to paid ads to ensure the client’s success.

Local Service Ads

To complement the client’s PPC campaign, the agency can do local service ads (LSAs) via Google Screened.

Unlike paid ads, LSAs only require businesses to pay for every successful lead that reaches out to them from the ad that appears above Google search results, which is higher than where paid ads appear. Here’s an example for the keyword “Houston car accident lawyer:”

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To appear on Google Screened, however, professionals must undergo a stringent screening process that involves background, insurance, and license checks to ensure its legitimacy. Rankings.io helps its clients through the process of securing their LSAs. The SEO agency then monitors and sends monthly reports regarding their Google Screened performance.

Website Design

A law firm’s website design not only helps it stand out from the competition. It also dictates how high on SERPs the website will appear. Rankings.io does this by looking outside of logos, colors, and fonts.

It performs a brand discovery on clients to identify what makes the law firm unique. It then uses this information to help develop a site design that perfectly captures the brand and its target audience would trust.

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Rankings.io also uses a custom WordPress framework optimized for speed and usability. That means the site is guaranteed to load fast and is easy to tweak whenever site design changes are necessary. The latter happens if Google changes its ranking algorithm so the client site remains competitive and on top of search results.

Rankings.io Ratings Across Directories

Rankings.io is one of the better-rated law firm SEO companies. Lawyerist users gave the agency a 4.25/5 star rating.

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Despite the relatively high score, Lawyersit didn’t provide the pros for Rankings.io. Instead, it mentioned their many cons, namely: semi-exclusive, add-on products, and expensive.

Users of Clutch, on the other hand, gave Rankings.io a 4.9/5 score from 46 reviews.

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Two reviews were lukewarm towards Rankings.io. Their main criticism was due to the need for more ROI from the SEO campaign. Regardless, both praised the agency’s communication abilities and deliverables. Aside from these reviews, everyone else commended the campaign results Rankings.io developed.

And while many SEO agencies hide behind excuses due to overpromising and under delivering, Rankings.io holds itself accountable and makes the necessary changes to get things right for clients. A reviewer gave the agency a 1 out of 5 stars but changed it to 5/5 after the agency professionally addressed its criticisms.

Finally, 31 Capterra users scored Rankings.io a 4.6/5.

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Reviewers were positive, even with their criticisms. One even “complained” that their firm was getting too busy because of the leads the agency generated for them. Almost all reviews raved about Rankings.io’s expertise and knowledge in SEO. The majority also commended the agency’s responsiveness and transparency.

Top Rankings.io Client Results

Rankings.io has a proven track record of helping clients in the legal industry improve their organic traffic and lead generation regardless of their practice. The agency did this for The Levin Group increasing its organic traffic by 3,400%.

Google initially blacklisted the Philadelphia-based personal injury law firm website due to spammy backlinks, resulting in the firm losing its main source of leads. Thankfully, Rankings.io’s expertise solved the issue by not only recovering the organic traffic it lost, but also increasing it over 24 months.

Converting leads into clients isn’t generally within the scope of SEO. But Rankings.io also incorporates conversion rate optimization tactics to help clients get the most of the traffic they generate from SERPs. Take Stewart J. Guss, Attorney at Law’s, for example.

The Houston-based personal injury law firm was having trouble with Google Maps ranking due to fierce competition and its location. Since working with Rankings.io in 2017, the law firm has seen a steady increase in the next four years, which resulted in 300% more cases and 47% more calls.

On The Map Marketing Vs. Rankings.io

Rankings.ioOn The Map Marketing

Specializes in offering results-driven personal injury law firm SEO — that too to elite firms. Does offer other marketing services as well.

While personal injury SEO is also our sweet spot, we have experience delivering results via law firm SEO across practice areas. Have expertise across design and lawyer marketing as well.

Reliable, responsive, and accountable SEO agency. You do need to reach out over the phone to get your questions answered or want any updates on your campaign.

A responsive account manager is available to answer questions on your campaign. But we also have a transparent lead tracking dashboard — our in-house software — TrackRight for getting any real-time updates.

Does not offer exclusivity slots.

You can request exclusivity slots and block your competitors in your locality from accessing our expertise.

Only takes in personal injury firms with a minimum of $10,000/month budget.

Gives you the best bang for your buck with campaigns starting a few thousand dollars per month based on your needs.

Rankings.io is a reputable thought leader in the lawyer SEO industry. They are no doubt one of the best vendors if you’ve the monthly budget to afford them. But they specialize in serving injury attorneys and elite law firms through their SEO. Here’s a comment on a Reddit thread if they’re the best law firm SEO company (that kind of sumps up their expertise):

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On The Map Marketing can offer you much better value for money at a flexible budget that makes sense for your market competition and your current website health. We also offer a free SEO marketing audit for firms we’ve fit with. Contact us with your needs and let’s explore how we can help you grow your law firm.

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