Mass Tort Marketing for Lawyers: A Simple Guide

Mass tort lawsuits let you build a career out of helping people that manufacturers take advantage of. But to achieve this in the first place, attracting new plaintiffs is key. It requires you to learn marketing methods different from those in other legal practices.

In this guide, we’ll discuss mass tort marketing, what makes it different from other legal marketing tactics, and how to develop one for your legal practice. Let’s do started!

What is Mass Tort Marketing?

Mass tort marketing helps your law firm generate potential claimants for a mass tort case. It focuses on a specific product liability that causes physical harm to people. When done correctly, you can attract those who suffered injuries caused by the same company and convince them to pursue a legal case.

Why Do Law Firms Need Mass Tort Marketing?

This marketing type enables you to communicate the harm that a product is doing to people’s lives. By educating them about the injuries it causes, you engage them to file a case against the manufacturer, effectively turning them into your clients.

At the same time, other lawyers are contacting the same people you’re trying to turn into plaintiffs. That means if you don’t have a sound mass tort marketing strategy, people might turn to other lawyers in your area instead. So, promoting your legal services that makes you different and better than competitors is of utmost importance.

Is Mass Tort Marketing Worth It For Law Firms?

Mass tort marketing can help you land clients and ultimately improve business, but it depends on certain variables.

First, a mass tort with multiple defendants composing of drug and medical device manufacturers makes the case very lucrative for any firm. Also, its economies of scale allow you to handle multiple clients for the same case efficiently.

Both factors result in the competition being more cutthroat with their marketing initiatives as they will do whatever it takes to secure the case. Also, lawyers with more resources and greater reputations have better chances of landing plaintiffs.

Another variable to consider is using the correct tactics for your marketing strategy and executing them flawlessly. Each technique requires skills that you must develop before putting them into practice.

Accounting for all these things, you must pick mass tort cases that play to your strengths as a lawyer. Then, to increase your success rate, plan for a marketing strategy that will suit your budget.

Injury Lawyer Marketing Vs. Marketing Mass Torts

Injury lawyer marketing targets people hurt due to the negligence of a person or group. Examples include motor vehicle accidents, workplace malpractice, and others.

Personal injury cases come in different types as well. For instance, rear-end and head-on collisions are two types of motor vehicle accidents. The extent of the damage each accident brings could also vary–some may be seriously injured while others were hurt but not incapacitated. Still, both qualify to take legal action against the offending party.

This makes injury lawyer marketing broad, which significantly benefits the law firm. The various accident types and the vast extent of the damage caused allow law firms to target more leads they can turn into clients.

Mass tort marketing is different. It uses precise language concerning the specific mass tort litigation. The campaign launched is also intended only for that mass tort case and does not apply to others.

Finally, the goal of both marketing types differ. Injury lawyer marketing aims to build a law firm’s brand and reputation in a local market to help it constantly generate prospects. On the other hand, mass tort marketing focuses on acquiring tons of leads on a national level.

How to Launch a Mass Tort Lead Generation Strategy

Follow the steps below to help you generate mass tort leads.

Identify Target Audience

Determine who your potential mass tort claimants are before building your strategy. The best audience is those who don’t even know they are victims of the defective medical device or drug they’re taking or using. This way, you not only benefit from getting them as clients, but you also help them from harming themselves further.

From here, research the demographics of your target audience like age, gender, occupation, and more. You can use Google Analytics to help you break down your website visitors according to city as the demographic. From here, you can gauge their engagement rate and time spent on your website. Next, target cities with the higher engagement rate as your target audience.

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You also need to know their psychographics. Look at their lifestyles, personality traits, and values. These supply you with data you can use to build a marketing campaign that will resonate with them.

To gather this information, set up survey forms on your site using Google Forms asking questions about the visitor’s psychographic and demographics. Embed the form on a dedicated page so they can visit and fill the form out. You can also make a pop-up box to appear on all your site pages.

Set Goals For Marketing Your Mass Tort Practice

The goal of your marketing strategy is to generate more leads. But how you can achieve this depends on the engagement metrics you’ll measure alongside it. In particular, you want to monitor the performance of your landing page, which turns visitors into leads. To do this, you must optimize certain factors as goals to generate the best results.

One goal is to increase click-through rates. Find out how many people clicked on your email campaign or landing page button.

Next is conversions. You want to see how many people perform your desired action to become a prospective claimant. If you have a sign-up form on the page to get their contact information, you want to track the percentage of people who will fill it out instead of those who don’t.

You can use Google Analytics to track traffic and conversions. But for monitoring clicks and conversions, landing page builders like Landingi are better. It lets you create conversion-focused pages from their selection of high-performing templates. Over time, you can track the number of visits, leads, and sales the page received to analyze its performance.

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Another goal is the number of shares and like your campaign receives on social media. While they don’t necessarily generate leads, social media engagement is a barometer for measuring your campaign’s reach with your audience. The more of them you get, the more people see your page.

Try Digital Marketing

All the goals mentioned above require you to implement online marketing tactics in your lead generation plan. They are scalable because you can track the campaign results in real-time. From here, you can make the changes in the hopes of improving your campaign results.

Below are the different digital marketing techniques you can do:

  • Optimize Your Website for SEO – Conduct keyword research to brainstorm ideas your audience searches on Google related to defective drugs and medical equipments. From here, create pages for each while observing best search engine optimization (SEO) practices.
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  • Launch Paid Ads – Bid for keywords you want your landing page to appear on top of search engine results pages (SERPs) just above organic search. Your placement here depends on your budget.
  • Develop a Content Marketing Plan – Find keywords your audience types on Google to find information about the defective product. Then optimize for these terms by creating blog posts and including keyword suggestions from tools like Frase.
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  • Do Social Media Marketing – Choose which social media platforms most of your audience uses and engage with them there. Publish posts about defective products, reply to posts and comments, and more.

Go The Traditional Law Firm Marketing Route

This approach provides you with platforms that maximize the visibility of your ads. They are also more accessible for older adults or people not adept at using computers and mobile devices.

One of the most popular traditional marketing tactics is advertising on radio, television, and print ads. Ask TV networks and radio stations about airtime, pricing, and other information you need to get your ads on the air.

For print ads, inquire about ad spaces where you can display your billboards or posters that most of your target audience will see. Even if people who see or hear them aren’t your target audience, they may refer your ad to people who are.

If you want a more high-targeted traditional marketing tactic, use direct mail marketing. Send postcards to your leads with information about the defective drugs and medical devices. Then teach them how to become a plaintiff and file a mass tort case against the manufacturers with your help.

On the downside, you can’t monitor traditional marketing as it happens. Nonetheless, you can incorporate online marketing elements into your traditional ads. For example, you can feature QR codes or URL shortener that points to your landing page on your print ads. Also, use a campaign URL builder to track the marketing channel from which you acquired the visitor.

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Buy Exclusive Mass Tort Leads

You can skip launching a marketing campaign and get the contact details of leads by buying them. From here, reach out to each one and convert them into mass tort clients for litigation. Doing this saves you time and resources that might have been spent on your time-consuming and costly marketing campaigns.

As ideal as buying mass tort leads sounds, it’s not always the best solution. One, you don’t know how the seller generated the prospects. It may claim to have ethically acquired high-quality leads, only for you to find out later that they are anything but. The emails you’re sending leads bounce, their phone numbers are incorrect, or they don’t match your target audience.

Another issue is that there’s no trust built with this group of leads. They didn’t go through your marketing funnel and may be unfamiliar with your law firm. Launching an outreach strategy to familiarize your firm with them can help, but it defeats the purpose of buying the leads in the first place.

Nonetheless, you can purchase mass tort leads as part of your marketing campaign, not to replace it. Having more leads increases your chances of getting plaintiffs. And even if the leads don’t immediately convert, you can nurture them back into your marketing funnel.

Get Help from Mass Tort Marketing Companies

Following the steps above can help build your desired marketing strategy. But your focus should be getting and converting leads into plaintiffs, not brainstorming ways to acquire them. In this case, choosing from mass tort lead generation companies should help. Your chosen agency will prepare and launch the marketing strategy for you. All you have to do is wait for the leads to come in so you can convert them into mass tort clients.

Let On The Map Marketing Help Your Law Firm Get More Mass Tort Leads

We at On The Map Marketing can do the above for you. Our marketing experts will discuss your business with you to better understand your goals and needs. From here, they will prepare the best strategy that will help drive more leads to your law firm using the best tactics and techniques. As the campaign progresses, please expect to receive a report from us. It contains the campaigns’ progress and real-time actionable insights to help you generate more legal leads. If you want to work with us, get a free marketing audit from our team.

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