iLawyerMarketing Review 2023: Cost and Pros & Cons

iLawyerMarketing is one of the most popular lawyer marketing agencies. In this post, I discuss its services, customer reviews, and case studies to help you decide if you should enlist the help of this company.

iLawyerMarketing has helped clients in the legal industry grow their web traffic, resulting in new cases. To know if this law firm digital marketing agency can do the same for you, look at its services, customer reviews, and case studies, which are factors covered in this review.

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What is iLawyerMarketing?

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iLawyerMarketing is a law firm digital marketing company specializing in SEO, PPC management and advertising, and web design services. It also provides video production solutions for attorneys who want to establish their brand on video platforms and acquire more leads and cases

iLawyerMarketing Services Offered

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The agency offers a boatload of digital marketing services for criminal defense and personal injury law firms and attorneys. But below are solutions that have helped its clients extend their reach online, as well as leads and clients, through the years:

Search Engine Optimization

iLawyerMarketing has a proven process for helping with your search engine optimization (SEO) needs. First, it discusses your marketing goals, which range from increasing your online visibility to acquiring high-quality personal injury clients.

The agency also evaluates your website’s performance on search engines based on factors like link profile, site speed, etc. Finally, iLawyerMarketing analyzes its clients’ top competitors in the market. Using this information, the agency builds a custom strategy that draws from white hat SEO tactics to help law firms appear on search results and sustain their rankings over time.

This process includes keyword research and law firm website content creation. Observing the best local SEO services, like creating local citations and generating more positive online reviews, also falls under here.

Website Design Services

iLawyerMarketing can design a site for your law firm from scratch or redesign your existing website. But before it does either, the agency tries to understand your “selling points” and visual identity (law firm logo, font, color). This helps its designers develop a website concept incorporating conversion rate optimization (CRO) practices to help it generate more sales.

The agency bakes SEO tactics into the design as well to help increase its rankings. Aside from designing a visually striking website that matches your firm’s branding, it also strives to create an easy-to-use website for visitors and search spiders. If you’re unhappy with the design, iLawyerMarketing will make the necessary revisions until it gets your approval to bring the concept to life.

Paid Search

The agency offers the following Google Ads types as part of its PPC management for lawyers:

  • Traditional search ads – Appear on top of organic search results for keywords the agency bids for you to increase your visibility and click-through rate (CTR).
  • Local search ads (LSAs) – Appear on top of organic search results and traditional Google Ads for prime real estate. These “Google Screened” ads show your name, photo, average Google star rating, and phone number to help your law firm’s lead generation campaign.
  • Video ads – Show up on YouTube and other video platforms on the Google Display Network just before organic results. The agency can also do skippable and non-skippable ads for your law firm to expand your reach and visibility in these channels.
  • Retargeting ads – Target people who visited your site but didn’t become leads or clients by showing your ads on other websites they go to. These remind people about your services and return to your site to inquire about them.

The certified Google Ads experts at iLawyerMarketing develop your campaign by creating conversion-focused landing pages and using its data-driven strategies. They will also run A/B tests on the campaigns to ensure you get the best performance from the campaigns.

Video Production

Video marketing allows you to build a level of personalization to your audience that no other content type can provide. This is especially true if you can produce professional-looking videos about the attorneys in your law firm, practice areas, and customer testimonials, among others.

iLawyerMarketing helps film these video types for you in high-definition and with production value that reflects well on your brand. The SEO agency can also turn film footage of your law firm into 6, 15, or 30-second video ads to appear across different social platforms. This enables you to expand your reach while putting your best foot forward.

iLawyerMarketing Ratings Across Directories

Lawyerist gave iLawMarketing 4.3/5 stars, making it one of the site’s highest-rated law firm marketing agencies. It applauded its focus on the legal industry and SEO approach to growing its clients’ business. On the downside, the agency leans too much on online advertising and doesn’t offer offline marketing services to help clients further expand their reach and visibility.

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The legal online marketing agency has a stellar 4.4/5 star rating from 23 Google reviews. Most reviews lauded how good communicators and easy to work with iLawyerMarketing’s team and account managers are. Its high-quality legal services are nothing to scoff at, either, as most were happy with their web design and SEO results.

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Among the iLawyerMarketing reviews online, Clutch is the one that provides the lowest score of 0.5/5 stars. Granted, it has only one review from a user complaining about having an uncaring manager. The review also states that the agency did not take responsibility for its inability to help the client turn a profit and cited external reasons for the campaigns’ poor performances. Indeed they complain of losing north of $50k a month working with the agency.

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Top Client Results

Greg Colburn of Colburn Law started without staff members, clients, and a website before enlisting the help of iLawyer Marketing. It first built a professional and functional website to launch its SEO strategy and drive high-quality leads Greg’s way. The result is a high-ranking site for wrongful death and personal injury keywords in the Seattle market.

Unlike Greg, Mike Bomberger of Estey & Bomberger has worked with other digital marketing agencies with marginal success at an inconsistent rate. iLawyerMarketing was the only one who delivered new cases consistently, thanks to helping the law firm achieve high rankings on Google.

On The Map Marketing Vs. iLawyerMarketing

iLawyerMarketingOn The Map Marketing
Offers robust SEO services and extensive PPC advertising options to help law firms increase their online visibility.Prepares a custom law firm marketing strategy guided by its SEO, PPC, and link building solutions for lawyers and professionals in other industries.
Its semi-exclusivity allows the company to work with the law firm’s competitors but limits the amount of services it can give them. This is only valid if the firm remains signed with the agency.Offers exclusivity slots to law firms who want the agency to work only with them, not their competitors.
Has too many services available that could cause the agency to spread its resources thin on its core solutions.Provides comprehensive online marketing services designed to help attorneys not only increase their website traffic but also generate more leads and clients.

iLawyerMarketing is a solid choice for a legal marketing agency that can create a professional-looking website that ranks on Google search and landing pages that convert visitors into leads. It can also do video production to extend your reach and be found on video platforms.

We at On The Map Marketing also provide the same quality of services to help achieve your online marketing goals. In fact, its focus on SEO, web design, and paid ads allows you to focus on the best-performing online channels, increasing your chances of generating more leads and clients. To know which services are best for your business, take our free marketing audit offer.

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