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Law Firm SEO

SEO for Employment Lawyers

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    What is Law Firm SEO?

    Attorney SEO is a digital marketing tactic that involves optimizing and promoting a law firm’s website to increase its visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). When executed properly, it’s an effective strategy to get more targeted traffic from potential clients.

    Once it starts working, SEO can scale at a fractional cost, unlike pay per click marketing, such as Google ads, where you must keep increasing your budget. However, SEO requires you to keep up with Google’s constant changes to its algorithm.

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    Why Do Employment Attorneys Need SEO?

    Essentially SEO will ensure that people looking for legal help can find your attorney’s website and contact you. Here are its top benefits:

    • Increased visibility in your service area:
      Today, when prospective clients need legal representation, they no longer turn to yellow pages — they conduct a Google search. SEO ensures you interject their research for employment services in your locality.
    • Cost-effective lead generation channel:
      You can leverage numerous digital marketing tactics to get employment clients. PPC campaigns, for instance, can get you instant traction. Now, SEO takes time to get you qualified leads. But your cost per lead can decrease drastically in the long term.
    • Earn a competitive advantage:
      Many law firms are still reliant on traditional law firm marketing tactics such as TV advertising. SEO offers a relatively level playing field against firms with millions of dollars.
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    How Does SEO Work for Employment Law Firms?

    Search engine optimization involves a lot of moving pieces. Let’s look at the combination of strategies you need to execute to achieve SEO success.

    Local SEO

    Local seo
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    As a local business, employment attorneys can double dip in SERPs: appearing in both organic search results and the map pack. A sound local search strategy incorporates both of these.

    Begin here:

    1. Optimize your Google Business Profile (earlier called Google My Business)
    2. Get reviews and testimonials from past clients on your profile
    3. Ensure you have a consistent name, address, phone number, and website (NAP + W) across local listings and social media

    Keep learning: Local SEO for Law Firms

    Keyword Research

    Keyword research
    Image Inspired from Mangools

    Is “employment legal services” the only right keyword to target on your website? Well, many people may search for something related to the criminal defense process. Content marketing calls for understanding your target audience and interjecting their journey at every stage to build trust.

    Your prospects may search for something like, “What are the differences between independent contractors and employees in Arizona?” You want to appear in SERPs for all phrases your prospects search.

    Keyword research using tools such as Ahrefs can help you find them.

    Begin here:

    1. Use tools such as Ahrefs or SEMRush to find low-difficulty keywords related to your legal practice that you can target
    2. Understand the difference between high-intent and low-intent keywords
    3. Plug your competitor’s website in Ahrefs and find the keyword they rank for

    Keep learning: Keyword Research for Lawyers

    Content Creation

    Content creation

    Your homepage can only rank for one main keyword, such as “employment lawyer in your [primary service area].” The other relevant keywords you found in the last step will need individual pages. Depending on the keyword’s intent, you can craft blog posts or practice area landing pages for each one. 

    Ultimately you want to create optimized content for all the keywords related to your services and establish your topical authority in the eyes of Google.

    Begin here:

    1. Start writing legal content for every keyword on your list
    2. Use on page SEO tools like Surfer SEO to optimize your content
    3. Try to improve your attorney website’s E-E-A-T

    Keep learning: How to Optimize Legal Content

    Link Building

    To establish your site’s authority in Google’s eyes, you need “votes” from other websites. Called backlinks (clickable hyperlinks from other websites to yours), they are one of Google’s algorithm’s most prominent ranking factors.

    Link building
    Image inspired from Ahrefs

    The more competitive keywords you target, the more backlinks you need to rank on the first page of Google.

    Begin here:

    1. Create a profile on prominent legal directories to earn some free links
    2. Sign up as a source on HARO for subjects you have expertise in

    Keep learning: Link Building for Attorneys

    Technical Optimization

    Technical optimization
    Image inspired from Backlinko

    If your website isn’t crawlable and indexable by Google Bots, all of the above SEO efforts will go to waste. Further, you want your website’s design and user experience to reflect your law firm’s brand.

    Begin here:

    1. Use the search operator “” in Google to check your website’s indexed pages
    2. Use the free Ahrefs Webmaster Tools to crawl and check your site’s current health
    3. Get feedback from your website’s users if they can easily find the information they are after

    Keep learning: Website Design for Law Firms

    Measure Your SEO Performance

    Measure your seo performance

    Are you getting any traffic, leads, and new clients via employment SEO? You want to monitor your campaign’s progress and tweak your digital marketing strategy.

    Google Analytics is an excellent tool for tracking your website’s visitors. You can set up goals and also get an overview of your conversions.

    Begin here:

    1. Set up GA4 on your lawyer’s website and monitor your traffic
    2. Use tools such as Ahrefs to track your keyword rankings and new backlinks
    3. Get feedback from your website’s users if they can easily find the information they are after

    Keep learning: 6 KPIs for Tracking Your Lawyer SEO Results

The Verdict of Attorneys On Our SEO Services is Out

Always accessible and go the extra mile when needed


“These folks are great! Very skilled, very conscientious, with a lot of follow through, and reasonable pricing. Always accessible and go the extra mile when needed. I strongly recommend this.”

Steve rubin

Steve Rubin

Employment Lawyer, Los Angeles

We are receiving on average 90+ phone calls a month


“Working with On The Map for almost two years has been a game-changer. When we first started our own practice, we lacked a natural online presence. We began our SEO campaign with the sole purpose of generating natural leads… Here we are two years later and not only are we ranking competitively in multiple cities across our state, but we are receiving on average 90+ Phone Calls a month.”

Philip pendergrass

Philip Pendergrass

Personal Injury Attorney in Georgia

Customized Legal Solutions for Your Law Firm

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Has Your Employment Lawyer SEO Agency Got More Proof Than Us?

If they did, they would show off their legal SEO expertise, like we’ll now.

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The Secret Sauce of Our Holistic Employment SEO Strategies is Four Pronged

We play the long and compounding game of SEO that involves focusing on these four important ingredients:

Map location icon

Local SEO to Dominate Your Service Location

We begin with optimizing your local listings in GBP, Avvo, and other local directories. Then build citations and get your employment firm on every nook and corner of the map in your service area.

Link icon

Building Links Google and Your Clients Equally Love

What good is getting published on websites you can’t show off? We land you backlinks on websites that are quality checked to keep Google happy and your clients impressed.

High quality content backed by a solid keyword strategy

High Quality Content Backed By a Solid Keyword Strategy

Creating legal content is time-consuming and detail oriented. Our legal writers work with SEO strategists and editors to craft optimized content that establishes your expertise in SERPs.

Technical optimization to keep the bots happy

Technical Optimization to Keep the Bots Happy

Technical SEO is fundamental to making your site accessible to Google Bots. That’s why we dedicate the requisite development hours to every SEO campaign.

Here’s How an Engagement With  Our Lawyer Marketing Agency Looks Like

1. Discovery call

1. Discovery Call

We’ll discuss your business goals and requirements to evaluate our fit before moving forward.

2. Legal marketing audit

2. Legal Marketing Audit

Next, we analyze your website’s health, identifying its current issues and growth opportunities.

3. A custom seo strategy

3. A Custom SEO Strategy

After a goal alignment call, we’ll share some SEO packages with the timeline and costs.

4. Onboarding and scaling your seo

4. Onboarding and Scaling Your SEO

Once we set up your account, our SEO team executes your marketing campaign in 90-day sprints.

5. Ongoing reporting and analysis

5. Ongoing Reporting and Analysis

Your account manager shares regular updates, gets feedback, and iterates your campaign.

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