Family Law Digital Marketing: 15 Simple Ideas For 2024

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Given the sensitive nature of family law cases, attorneys like you face unique challenges while marketing your family law services. In this article, we’ll explore what you need to do differently in your legal marketing plan as a family lawyer and various approaches you can take to consistently and rapidly grow your law firm.

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Why Do Family Law Attorneys Need a Nuanced Digital Marketing Strategy?

You require a nuanced digital marketing strategy because of the sensitive nature of legal processes involved in the law cases you handle.  

Your clients don’t just need legal assistance. They require emotional support too. So, you need to have empathy in your message. To do this effectively, you must consider your client’s emotional and mental state while creating their marketing persona.  

With such a tailored strategy, you can connect with your prospective clients on a deeper level and build trust with them eventually, which is vital for family law cases. 

Getting Started with Digital Marketing for Your Family Law Firm

Let’s understand what you need to approach to take for your family law marketing. 

1. Set up Your Google Business Profile


Google is the first place your prospects will look for a family or divorce lawyer when they need one.  

To get started, claim your Google Business Profile (earlier called Google My Business) and fill up all the required details, including NAP, website, and hours.  

But to get results out of it: 

  • Make sure every single information you mention here matches with what you have on your website; if something changes — update it.
  • Add a full description of your law firm — add keywords here naturally.  
  • List all your practice areas with a sub-description where required in the Services section — these are also the keywords you want to be found for. 
  • Share updates regularly, if not daily — you can also add links here and get people to contact you or at least visit your website.  
  • Have a system to collect as many testimonials and ratings as you can. 
  • To enhance your audience’s trust, respond to all or at least the maximum reviews you can — both positive and negative. Along with asking for reviews, consider asking for referrals as well. They’re not dead.

2. Get on Important Law Firm Directories

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Listing your law firm on prominent legal directories can enhance your online presence even more with more reviews, heightened recognition, improved reputation, and valuable backlinks.  

But even though there’s nothing wrong with claiming all your free lawyer directory listings, for the paid ones that also require your time investment, consider evaluating their offering. Some essentials to consider are their monthly traffic, trustworthiness, and features that attract new clients (like enabling clients to leave reviews and you to answer legal issues or add content). 

Here are some of the good law firm directories that you can consider: Avvo, Super Lawyers, FindLaw, and  

3. Building a High-Performance Family Law Website 

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A high-performance family law website is a marketing tool. Your goal should be to: 

  • Have a secure site with a good website design 
  • Optimized it SEO
  • Ensure it loads quickly and is mobile responsive 
  • Easy to navigate,
  • answers your visitors’ queries

And provides an overall great user experience, thereby nudging your prospects to take action — contact you or book a consultation call with you. 

The easier you make it for your audience to get the right information and take action, the more leads you can expect. Or else you’ll lose them to the competitors who do so. 

Here are some tools that you can use to check your website performance: 

  • Website Grader is powered by Google’s Lighthouse tool. It can help you check your website’s overall performance. 
  • PageSpeed Insights can help you check your website’s speed. 
  • Pulsetic can help you check your site’s maintenance and other reports. 
  • GTmetrix can help you get the overall brief summary and suggestions for your website performance. 
  • Webpage Test can help you check your site’s security.  

Here are some top family law websites you can take inspiration from to design yours.

4. Optimize Your Law Firm Website for SEO

The first goal of your legal website is to be found when someone searches for a family lawyer. So, you need to optimize your family law site for search engines. The three major Search Engine Optimization techniques you need to use are: 

On-Page SEO: Craft top-tier, keyword-packed, high-quality content that ensures your site aligns perfectly with the specific legal terms your target audience searches for — like “divorce attorney, family law attorney, family law firm, and more.” 

Off-Page SEO: Build backlinks for your website on other platforms, establish a robust local online presence, and eventually elevate your website’s authority, which is both a major ranking factor for Google and a trust factor for your potential customers.  

Technical SEO: Improve user experience and simplify Google’s journey through your site. You can achieve it with an SEO-friendly structure, obliterating duplicate content, and making your site a search engine favorite.  

5. Get on Top Social Media Platforms

Using social media marketing for your law firm can reel in leads for you even without a massive budget. Many law firms do it, and Google has mentioned that though social media “doesn’t help you rank by itself” in the organic search — it can still benefit you indirectly in terms of prominence.

Here’s how different family law firms use their social platforms.  

Family Law San Diego posts regularly on Facebook. 

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Lawyer Kelli has over 29K followers. She creates engaging reels answering common questions and also addresses FAQs in the form of highlights.

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Ryan Kalamaya posts engaging content twice weekly on LinkedIn.

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Ways to Get More Leads Instantly For Your Family Law Practice 

While certain aspects of internet marketing yield long-term results, they often require a substantial amount of time to achieve success.  

So, you employ alternative digital marketing methods that can deliver rapid results and even augment the outcomes from your time-intensive digital strategies. 

6. Run Google Ads

It’s a fast track to leads as it can directly connect with prospects seeking legal help. 

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But it’s not a stroll in the park either, and the costs can spiral real quick. To make your Google ads campaign a hit, you need solid strategies that cannot just help you stop wasting money on the wrong audience but boost your ROI too. 

Now, you have two options: either roll up your sleeves and learn the necessary expertise or bring in a reputable digital marketing agency to manage your law firm marketing campaigns effectively.  

7. Try Pay Per Click Social Media Ads

Just like Google ads, social media platforms also offer PPC ads. You bid on the right keywords, demographics, interests, and behaviors to target your audience. And you only pay when your ads generate some specific action — a like or a click. 

But when you consider social media advertising, start with just one platform and ensure you’ve already established a strong presence with quality content on that specific channel. This is important because although potential clients may not immediately schedule a consultation through a social media ad, they might visit your social page.  

In such cases, having a well-curated profile featuring important information about your firm, like operating hours, website, address, and other pertinent details, can encourage them to follow and engage with your content. 

8. Experiment With Local Service Ads

These ads are a little different than your regular Pay Per Click ones. Here, instead of paying for every click, you are billed for each lead, akin to a cost-efficient approach. 

But they’re only accessible in specific regions, and the US is one of them. Still, you’ll need to verify your location and other details to check your eligibility. Google implements a rigorous screening process for it. 

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But that’s done to ensure quality to the end user, who may eventually hire you for their case. 

These ads can cost you as much as $25 or more per lead. You can estimate the expenses using Google’s cost analysis tool

9. Buy Family Leads From Vendors

This is a swift solution for lead generation, but you can’t rely on it forever, not a sustainable long-term strategy. Yet, it’s a good idea for times when business is a bit slow.

Some of the top companies that offer leads at an estimated price of $10-$60 per lead are Nolo, FindLaw, and

Scale Online Marketing Efforts and Get Even MORE Family Law Clients

So far, we’ve discussed both long-term and quick lead generation options. Along with them, it’s also essential to invest in marketing strategies that enhance the effectiveness of your current marketing initiatives.

These strategies are designed to optimize your existing efforts and maximize results.

11. Make Your Law Firm’s Branding Consistent

A robust brand shows your prospects why they should choose your firm instead of your competitors by highlighting your unique qualities and core values.  

Your brand identity, including logos, colors, and fonts, aligns with your “why” and values, creating a cohesive image.  

To succeed at it, pinpoint your target audience, construct client personas, and establish a clear mission and vision while upholding authenticity, consistency, and trustworthiness. You’ll also need to have a well-defined brand voice, visual elements, and patient persistence to build your brand recognition over time.  

12. Start Publishing Blog Posts Consistently

Content marketing not only builds trust but also enhances your on-page SEO game.  

By publishing consistent content, you can target keywords that your dream clients would search for, like adoption, guardianship, postnuptial agreement, domestic violence, restraining orders, child support, child custody, etc. They can be a direct way to generate instant leads. 

13. Get More Client Reviews and Improve Your Local SEO

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You know online reviews are important. But do you know how important they are? 

The majority of your legal prospects consider them as personal recommendations, and many people are willing to work with a law firm in a less convenient location if they have good ratings and reviews.

So, have a system in place to get as many reviews as you can, not just on GMB profile, but other legal directories as well for building citations. Plus, respond to them for better results. Plus, it can also boost your local SEO ranking in the local search results. The top results your prospects get for a family lawyer near me are always the ones with a 4+ rating.

14. Try Advanced SEO Strategies

Some of the best SEO strategies that you can try to get amazing results are:

  • Create the type of content that not only delivers value and information but a great experience. So, the next time they want to understand something complex, they think of you or visit your website even if it’s not at the top of search engine results.
  • Improve internal linking and fix the broken links for better SEO structure. It helps Google crawl your website easily and increase your web visitors’ dwell time.
  • Invest in building backlinks
  • Have separate practice area pages. It helps you target all the required keywords.

15. Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

When you tie all strategies together – social media, PPC ads, and SEO, you’ll see long-term rewards, such as increased customer trust, authentic engagement, and a steady stream of new clients.

But if you simply don’t have the kind of time to learn everything from scratch and then experiment with these marketing techniques, just hire a digital marketing agency.

They’ll not only provide you with good returns and grow your business while you pay attention to providing great legal services — but also save you from losing time and money in the process.

On The Map Marketing is a team of law firm marketing experts that would love to help! Contact us today for a free custom audit of your family law firm’s online presence, and how our marketing services can help you grow it.

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