Grow Law Firm Review 2024

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When searching for companies that can grow law firms online, Grow Law Firm should come at the top of the list. But it’s one thing to appear on search results. It’s another for the agency to deliver results to clients. Keep reading to find out if Grow Law Firm’s services, user reviews, and case studies ring true to its name.

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What is Grow Law Firm?

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Grow Law Firm is a Chicago-based team that provides marketing services to private practice lawyers and attorneys who want to improve their digital presence and get more leads and clients online. Comrade Digital Marketing Agency, another digital marketing company, owns Grow Law Firm to focus solely on law firms.

Grow Law Firm Services Offered

Before Grow Law Firm offers its online marketing solutions to clients, its dedicated experts assess the prospect’s market to determine if the law firm agency can deliver legal leads to grow its law firm. If the opportunity for growth is high for your law firm, below are services you can expect to receive from the agency.

Law Firm Website Design

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The agency is fully aware of the benefits a website built for humans and search engines can have for law firms. That’s why Grow Law Firm strives to develop a custom web design for each client that meets its specific goals and presents its brand in a positive light. The company also emphasizes user experience, responsive design, and ADA compliance to improve the site’s engagement and conversion rates.

SEO Services for Attorneys

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Help your target audience find your website on Google with Grow Law Firm’s SEO services. The agency first conducts keyword research to find relevant search queries it will use for prospective clients once it launches its on-page SEO strategy on law firm websites. This includes creating keyword-optimized, expert content to help the site rank for their money keywords.

Grow Law Firm then launches an effective link building campaign to boost clients’ keyword rankings on organic search. It also develops a local SEO strategy to help law firms appear on Google’s local 3-pack for their service areas. All these help its clients generate sustainable and high-quality traffic from search engines.

PPC Ads for Lawyers

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For law firms with a sizable marketing budget, Grow My Firm’s specializes in creating working ad campaigns to help clients reach out to more highly qualified leads in less time. The agency can launch optimized Google and social media ads to connect you with prospects on a lower ad spend. It also lets you launch local service ads (LSAs) to help you appear on top of search results and receive more business inquiries.

Grow Law Firm Ratings Across Directories

The legal marketing agency got 5/5 stars from two Capterra reviewers. The first reviewer was happy with the website Grow Law Firm designed for them due to the traffic and engagement it’s been getting in the five months after it was published. The other review expressed its satisfaction with how the company is generating leads for the law firm from its PPC services.

Unfortunately, that’s the extent of Grow Law Firm’s footprint on review sites. While the agency also has a perfect score on Upcity, the reviews were identical to those in Capterra. This could mean that the two Capterra reviewers posted the same reviews on Upcity.

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Top Client Results

A California-based estate and trust litigation firm hired Grow Law Firm to design its website and develop an SEO strategy for the law firm. The agency’s initiative produced a 934% increase in organic traffic and a 651% boost in qualified leads. The company also decreased the cost per lead by 110%, allowing the law firm to increase its team personnel by approximately 200%.

Grow Law Firm also implemented similar strategies to a criminal defense and personal injury law practice in Indiana. But instead of designing its site from scratch, the agency redesigned its existing one to showcase the law firm’s brand better. And by creating relevant, high-quality content on the website, the company grew its organic traffic by  547% and reduced the bounce rate by 39%.

On The Map Marketing Vs. Grow Law Firm

Grow Law FirmOn The Map Marketing
Provides digital marketing services focused on lawyers and attorneys to help develop a strong online presence for them.Offer results-based SEO, PPC, and website design services not only for law firms in different practice areas but businesses in other industries as well.
Does its due diligence by running market assessments and feasibility studies on prospects and knowing if they can help grow their businesses before taking them up as clients.Offers a free website marketing audit and a strategy call for all businesses to provide them with the strengths and weaknesses of their online presence and provides suggestions on how to improve it.
Does not have an extensive online footprint, i.e., not enough user reviews, mainly because the agency is relatively new.Has years of experience helping lawyers and attorneys create high-performing websites that rank on search engines and generate leads from paid ads.

Grow Law Firm has a pretty good grasp of how to build a successful law firm by growing its online visibility. However, as a relative newcomer, the agency needs to continue building up its reputation to gain the trust of prospects.

We at On The Map Marketing don’t have this problem, as we’ve helped hundreds of law firms grow their organic traffic and acquire more highly qualified leads for years. Our client results across different practice areas prove our digital marketing services work. Get a free website marketing audit to see how we can get more clients to your law firm and increase its revenue.