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If you’re looking for an agency focused on growing your law firm, then the SMB Team is something you should look into. The company takes a different approach to helping businesses generate more leads and cases. Read more about its solutions, resources, customer reviews, and client success stories. These should tell you if the company can help achieve your law firm’s growth.

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What is SMB Team?

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SMB Team is a law firm growth company that helps legal businesses improve their online presence and reach their target audience more effectively. The agency also offers bespoke marketing services from their team of experts so that they can focus on the results.

SMB Team Services Offered

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SMB Team has solutions like coaching and courses to provide legal businesses with the marketing framework they implement for their law firms. But if you don’t have the resources to execute their teachings, their services should be more than enough to increase your law firm site’s exposure and generate more traffic and conversions. Below are SMB Team’s services you can choose from:

Law Firm PPC

SMB Team implements its patented G-3™ Marketing Method to help law firms increase their visibility on two of the most visited sites online: Google and YouTube. Its team of experts will help launch a PPC campaign to show your ads to more people. They will also formulate Google Maps and YouTube ads using the “Blue Ocean” strategy from the abovementioned method to maximize your results.

Finally, SMB Team can launch a Local Services Ads (LSAs) plan to diversify your sources for building awareness of your law firm. All these help you attract the attention of highly qualified prospects that you can easily turn into clients.

Website Design

The agency takes a “fluff-free” approach to web design. This means its web designers develop a professional and functional website with an appearance that aligns with your brand and appeals to your target audience. More importantly, the agency doesn’t hold your website hostage even after your contract concludes. You are free to take the website and its design to work on with your marketing company of choice.

Law Firm SEO

The agency’s SEO services begin by generating more reviews for your website from your Google Business Profile to increase local search rankings. It then creates high-quality content that the company will use to attract links from authoritative websites. Finally, SMB Team analyzes your site for issues preventing search spiders from crawling and indexing your site problem through a comprehensive SEO audit.


SMB Team prides itself on its custom social media marketing designed to generate more leads for your law firm. It creates conversion-focused content published on social channels where you can find most of your prospects. The company is also knowledgeable in launching marketing strategies for Facebook Ads to increase your online visibility in this channel.

If your website struggles to close leads from your landing pages, the agency can help you optimize them. Its team can help you build trust and confidence in your firm from prospects to increase their chances of clicking a button or filling out a form on your page.

SMB Team Ratings Across Directories

A reviewer from Clutch gave SMB Team 4/5 stars. The client was impressed with the agency’s PPC advertising services and recommended them to companies with little to no time to launch their marketing campaigns. However, the user criticized the company’s lack of receptiveness to ideas outside its own, making the firm feel unimportant.

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SMB Team has more reviews on Upcity and received 4.9/5 stars from 22 verified reviewers. Everybody was happy with the agency’s professionalism, focus on reaching their goals, and communicativeness. The only review that gave the company less than five stars was unsatisfied with the lack of leads the SMB Team brought to its law firm.

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Top Client Results

Philadelphia-based personal injury law firm Wilk Law sought the SMB Team’s Google Ads and Local Services Ads (LSAs) solutions. The agency developed a campaign that shows ads in areas with the highest conversions and leverages local geo-targeting. The result is a 566.7% return in ad spend (ROAS) increase, which may have resulted in four new clients in a month.

The SMB Team did the same campaign for Driver Defense Team (DDT) Law, a criminal defense firm in Illinois. It used paid search advertising methods while crafting well-thought-out demographic audiences and leveraging discovery campaigns. This allowed the firm to generate a 36% boost in click-through rate and a 271% bump in traffic violation campaign conversions.

On The Map Marketing Vs. SMB Team

SMB TeamOn The Map Marketing
Provides attorneys and lawyers with proven resources to help up their marketing game and generate more revenue for their businesses.Offers law firms across various practice areas with digital marketing services to help them build a professional website, generate more traffic, and attract more leads.
Its selection of digital marketing services uses proven frameworks like the G-3™ Marketing Method for its PPC solutions to ensure the campaign’s success.Has case studies and portfolios spanning hundreds of legal businesses through the years to attest to the effectiveness of its work.
Its choices of growth solutions may cause the company to spread itself too thin, leaving its services with insufficient resources to provide clients with optimal results.Focuses all its resources on providing clients with the best digital marketing solutions to achieve their desired results.

SMB Team offers something unique that this industry hasn’t seen before. However, its focus on other solutions (coaching and courses) makes you question whether it can sustain its performance over time.

You won’t have to think about this with us at On The Map Marketing. We offer nothing else except to help law firms grow their online presence and ability to generate leads and clients from our custom strategy and campaign. You can start by taking our free website marketing audit to know the best strategy for your website.