Lawlytics 2023 Review: Legal Website Design and SEO

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For lawyers and law firms looking to take a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to running their legal business, Lawlytics is an option for them. To know if this legal-specific platform is also for you, read this review to learn its features, what review sites say about the tool, and the positive results it has produced for clients.


  • Lawlytics is an easy-to-use software designed to help lawyers create a professional small business website to establish their brand and promote their legal services online.
  • Its Legal Content Generation allows users to choose from its template library of legal pages to create for their desired areas. From here, they will just have to edit the content before publishing to provide more value to their audience.
  • On The Map Marketing can create your website and execute a law firm marketing strategy tailored to your goals, so you don’t have to. Also, you get to own the site and content the agency will create for you–no need to worry about getting locked out of your own website.

Note: We at On The Map Marketing ensure that your website design reflects your law firm’s brand and generates highly targeted traffic from search engines so you can acquire more leads and clients. Things that Lawlytics won’t do for you. Contact us to learn more about our marketing solutions.

What is Lawlytics?

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Lawlytics is a software company that offers small law firms a content management system (CMS) to create and manage their websites. It possesses all the features firms need to establish their online presence, generate organic traffic, and acquire more leads and clients.

Lawlytics Services Offered

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As a CMS, Lawylytics streamlines the process for lawyers to manage their professional websites so they can attract more cases. Before are core features that most users will find very helpful from the platform.

Done-For-You Web Design

Before using the Lawlytics platform, its legal marketing experts advise you to schedule a demo of its software to see if it’s a right fit for your law firm. If yes, its web designers will build your site from scratch or import your existing website to its platform without downtime or loss of content. They will use their proven design framework to personalize your website design and ensure it matches your brand.

Drag-And-Drop Page Builder and Editor

Once the company takes care of the other technical details before launching your site, you can begin adding web pages, like attorney profiles and recommendations, to communicate your services. Add forms on your service pages to collect and manage leads. Its intuitive drag-and-drop editor lets you add and move various page elements with ease.

Legal Content Generator

This feature makes creating informational content on your law firm website much faster and easier. Choose from customizable templates relevant to your practice area in its content library and replace the placeholder text with your own to generate the content. You can then edit the text to add value and make it more unique before publishing it on your site and automatically sharing it on social media.

Lawlytics Ratings Across Directories

Lawyerist gave Lawlytics a 4/5 star rating. The site acknowledged the platform as a good DIY solution for people who want complete control over their law firm websites. At the same time, Lawyerist clarified that the company doesn’t offer online marketing services to its clients outside of website maintenance and customer support from its client support team.


There have been Reddit threads inquiring whether Lawlytics is a reasonably priced alternative to website platforms. Most of the users believe that a self-hosted WordPress site can be much more affordable than what Lawlytics is offering. A user also emphasized website ownership–once you decide to leave Lawlytics, exporting the website and its content is very difficult.

Top Client Results

Lawlytics’ case studies focus on its Legal Content Generator feature. Attorney Philip Hamilton is looking for a way to manage current clients and acquire new ones simultaneously. Using this feature, he published 72 new pages, which cover two new practice areas, on his site. He also reported increased web traffic and prospects since publishing the content.

Attorney L. Sherril Davis also had the same issue as Philip. With clients keeping her busy, she simply doesn’t have the time to run her business effectively. Using the Legal Content Generator, however, Sherill was able to quickly create 20 pages for her practice area, enabling her to attract new clients.

On The Map Marketing Vs. Lawlytics

LawlyticsOn The Map Marketing
Offers a robust platform for managing a well-designed law firm website and monitoring its online performance.Lets you monitor your leads and local keyword rankings, as well as manage your Google Business Profile, using TrackRight anytime and any place. 
Makes creating new pages for various practice areas more convenient using its Legal Content Generation.Develops and executes a content marketing strategy optimized for your target keywords to increase your search engine rankings and attract highly qualified traffic.
Has features to help you market your law firm online yourself. Does not offer marketing services Provides results-driven law firm marketing solutions, like search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and web design so that you can focus on your clients.
Owns the site you will build on the platform. If you discontinue your subscription with them, you and your audience won’t be able to access your Lawlytics site.Gives the website and content it created for you and the gathered data once the contract is up.

Lawlytics is perfect for law firms looking for a CMS specifically designed for the legal industry that allows them to design the website, publish content, and track its progress themselves. That said, the platform only works if they have a marketing team that will handle these tasks for them. Otherwise, they’d still need a digital marketing agency to do the above for them.

We at On The Map Marketing will take care of everything, from hosting your website to executing a results-oriented marketing strategy. Not to mention, you get to own the site even after your contract with us runs out. Get your free website marketing audit so we can provide you with an actionable plan on how to promote your law firm online.