Here at On The Map, Inc., over the last nine years of our agency’s existence, we’ve worked on over five hundred Lawyer SEO campaigns. No kidding! Check out the screenshot from our client management dashboard.


Almost every week, we hear questions from our clients asking things like, “Why is this website ranking better than mine?” “What are they doing better than I am?” To celebrate the tenure of On The Map, Inc., we decided to answer these questions by releasing some interesting research around the highest traffic value small business websites in America.

The initial edition includes a summary of the top three best-ranking personal injury lawyer websites in the ten most populated cities in the USA. But before we dive into the research, let’s identify a couple of control factors in our research.

Website Organic Traffic Value

Organic traffic value is the equivalent monthly cost of traffic from all keywords that the target website/URL ranks for if it paid via PPC instead of ranking organically. To calculate a website’s organic traffic value, we use Ahrefz—a site analysis tool. To read more on how Ahrefs calculate site traffic value, click this article.

Seo tools

Data Analysis

Keep in mind that the numbers in each category tend to fluctuate; these are what the numbers were at the time this article was written. In our research, we are excluding directory type sites, sites that don’t fall into the SMB (small business category) and websites that are ranking in multiple states.

What is Considered a “Small Business”?

Subsector 541 – Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
541110Offices of Lawyers$11.0
541191Title Abstract and Settlement Offices$11.0
541199All Other Legal Services$11.0

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration companies with as much as $35.5 million in sales and 1,500 employees are considered “small businesses,” depending on the industry. But that’s really not all that small … More specifically, based on the available data from the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (as of December 20th, 2018), a small business within any Legal Service field is a business with annual receipts of $11 million or less.

Why Personal Injury Lawyer Websites?

Personal injury law is a highly competitive field, and at times, it can seem like there are more personal injury firms than there are people getting injured, so each major city has dozens of firms scrambling to get noticed and stand out from the crowd. The law firms listed here have managed to climb to the top of Google’s SERP (search engine results page) once you exclude the paid advertisements and lawyer directories. Now, let’s take a closer look at their website data to find out what they are doing right and how other business websites can benefit from this knowledge.

Personal Injury Lawyer SEO: 2019 Highest Ranking Websites in the USA

New York

The Big Apple is not the haven of crime and disrepute it once was, but people can still get in trouble there, and when they do, these are the legal sites they will find: 

  1. The Perecman Firm P.L.L.C.
  2. Union Law Firm
  3. Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum
WebsiteEstimated TrafficTraffic ValueWebsite PagesBacklinks

Los Angeles

The City of Angels might not have any actual angels, but a good personal injury lawyer may be the next best thing … at least for some people. They are lawyers after all. Here are the best ranking ones:  

  1. Farar & Lewis LLP
  2. Cohen & Marzban
  3. The Reeves Law Group
WebsiteEstimated TrafficTraffic ValueWebsite PagesBacklinks$267,000837348


The Windy City experiences many personal injury accidents each year, but probably not because of the wind. (Chicago is actually not significantly windier than other cities.) Regardless of the reasons behind those injuries, these are the sites Chicagoans are likely to visit when they get hurt.  

  1. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC
  2. Corboy Demetrio
  3. Ankin Law Office
WebsiteEstimated TrafficTraffic ValueWebsite PagesBacklinks


“Houston, we have a problem,” is a phrase made famous by astronaut Jack Swigert in reference to the explosion on the Apollo 13 spacecraft. Personal injury attorneys will not be able to help with that kind of problem, but they can be useful for more earthbound issues. Here are the top ranking sites for Houston:  

  1. Baumgartner Law Firm
  2. Smith & Hassler
  3. Simmons Fletcher P.C.
WebsiteEstimated TrafficTraffic ValueWebsite PagesBacklinks


Phoenix is part of the Sonoran Desert, so it has a hot arid climate, and presumably, many cactus-related personal injuries. Or not. Regardless of the nature of the personal injury, these are the highest-ranking personal injury attorneys in the Valley of the Sun.  

  1. Lamber Goodnow
  2. Gerber Injury Law
  3. Zachar Associates
WebsiteEstimated TrafficTraffic ValueWebsite PagesBacklinks


When the City of Brotherly Love is feeling less than brotherly, and someone realizes that they need a personal injury attorney to take care of their legal needs, these are the legal sites that residents visit the most.  

  1. Reiff & Bily
  2. Rosenbaum & Associates
  3. Levin Injury Firm
WebsiteEstimated TrafficTraffic ValueWebsite PagesBacklinks

San Antonio

San Antonio is the second most populous city in Texas, and through the west is not as wild as it once was, people still get into trouble that requires the services of a personal injury lawyer. Those injuries might not include stagecoaches or horse rustling, but they can be just as serious. These are the top sites in the city.

  1. The Herrera Law Firm
  2. Carabin Shaw
  3. Salinas Trial Law
WebsiteEstimated TrafficTraffic ValueWebsite PagesBacklinks

San Diego

San Diego is sometimes called the birthplace of California, so it is a very important part of the state, and of the West Coast in general. The city has an easy-going attitude that does not seem like it would result in a lot of personal injuries, but accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. When they do, the following sites are the ones San Diegans are likely to visit.

  1. Personal Injury Lawyers San Diego
  2. San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys
  3. McClellan Law
WebsiteEstimated TrafficTraffic ValueWebsite PagesBacklinks


Dallas is one of the busiest cities in America, with several Fortune 500 companies having established their headquarters located there. The personal injury attorneys in Dallas are busy—especially the following three:

  1. Mullen & Mullen
  2. The Barber Law Firm
  3. Zinda Law Group
WebsiteEstimated TrafficTraffic ValueWebsite PagesBacklinks

San Jose

As the official capital of Silicon Valley, and one of the cities with the highest GDP in the world, San Jose has the greatest number of millionaires and billionaires in America. Those millionaires and billionaires are mainly in the tech industry rather than personal injury law. However, many of those personal injury attorneys serve San Diego as well as San Jose.  

  1. Habbas & Associates
  2. Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc.
  3. San Jose Personal Injury Attorneys
WebsiteEstimated TrafficTraffic ValueWebsite PagesBacklinks

Honorary Mentions: Miami

With On The Map, Inc. headquarters being located in Miami, we had to identify the best-ranking personal injury websites in the Magic City. Miami residents will eagerly tell you that Miami drivers are the worst in the world—not the country, the actual world—so the need for a car accident attorney is paramount. That is why car accident attorney websites and personal injury websites are so competitive. In this particular section, we use the search phrase, “accident attorney Miami,” to discover the sites that rank the highest for that term:  

  1. Gerson & Schwartz P.A.
  2. Wolfson Law Firm LLP
  3. 1-800-Injured
WebsiteEstimated TrafficTraffic ValueWebsite PagesBacklinks

You can see from the huge estimated traffic numbers that accident attorney is a popular search term—one that Gerson & Schwartz ranks very highly for because of their backlinks and keyword research. An interesting fact to mention: 1800-Injured is an On The Map, Inc. client.

2nd Honorary Mention: Sacramento

Sacramento is one of the bigger financial and economic centers of the west coast which makes it one of the fastest growing cities in California. Oddly enough, it’s also considered to be the most hipster city in California. Chances are, none of the following top-ranking lawyer websites fit into that category.

  1. Berg Injury Lawyers
  2. AutoAccident.Com
  3. Arnold Law Firm
WebsiteEstimated TrafficTraffic ValueNumber of PagesReferring Domains

Top 3 Highest Monthly Organic Traffic

CityWebsiteEstimated TrafficTraffic ValueWebsite PagesBacklinks

Top 3 Highest Monthly Traffic Value

CityWebsiteEstimated TrafficTraffic ValueWebsite PageBacklinks
Los Angelesfararlawgroup.com3,100$267,000837348

What is the Secret SEO Formula?

Looking at the thirty-three best-ranking personal injury lawyer websites, we found some interesting facts that are in common with all best-ranking personal injury lawyer websites. To get on this list your website should average out to a model that looks something like this: 

WebsiteEstimated TrafficTraffic ValueWebsite PagesBacklinks

That would mean that in 2019 starting a brand website you would have to publish 72 pages of and build little over 23 backlinks per month—not factoring in the average domain authority value of the built backlinks. Doable? Totally. However, it requires serious resources and proper site content publishing strategy.

Where Does Your Website Stand?

Want to learn where your website stands. Comment “SEO report” and one of our team members will email you a detailed ranking report. Hope you enjoyed this article – share your thoughts in comments! 

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