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Law Firm SEO Services: A Simple Guide For 2022

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Most law firms suffer from a low utilization rate. They don’t have enough client work to fill their work day. Or have inefficiencies distracting them from putting in more billable hours. Hiring SEO services for law firms can fix this.

See, most of your prospective clients will search for a lawyer on Google. If they find your law firm’s website ranking in organic search results or Google maps, you’ll get more high-quality leads.

If you can get top search engine rankings without lifting a finger, well then why wouldn’t you? It leaves you ample time to actually serve your clients.

In this article, you’ll learn the kinds of law firm SEO services, law firm SEO costs, and how to find the right agency for your needs. Let’s begin with the basics.

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What is Law Firm Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Legal SEO is a digital marketing strategy to improve the rankings of a law firm’s website in search engines for keywords related to your legal services. A holistic lawyer SEO strategy improves your presence in organic search and maps, thereby leading to calls and form submissions.

You can either execute a law firm SEO strategy yourself or hire law firm SEO companies or SEO consultants for the same. In the next section, let’s look at the various kinds of services SEO experts offer.

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Types of Law Firm SEO Services

Here are the most common services a law firm SEO company might offer. The first below would mean coverage of all the aspects of SEO, including on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, local SEO, and SEO audits. The ones after that are for specific needs.

These law firm SEO services are made for optimizing a law firm’s website to increase its chances of ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). As a result of a highly-visible website, law firms enjoy business growth.

Here’s what On The Map Marketing offers:

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Why Should You Focus on Law Firm SEO?

Law firm SEO stats show that it’s one of the most effective marketing channels.

With customers using search engines like Google to find a business, it’s important that you are visible. To be visible, your website and other online assets should be optimized to rank in the top spot of SERPs for relevant search queries.

It won’t matter how well-written and attractive your website is if no one discovers it.

SEO takes some time to learn and not everyone can be an expert overnight. This is why law firms invest in a law firm SEO agency to save time and maximize their marketing budget.

Hiring a law firm SEO agency also allows you to focus on your firm’s main day-to-day tasks while having a dedicated team that takes care of your SEO.

What Should You Look For in a Law Firm SEO Agency?

Choosing the right agency for your law firm can be overwhelming, and most firms won’t know where or how to start. Here are some important factors that can help you focus on what to look for in a law firm SEO agency.

Successful case studies from previous clients

An effective SEO agency should be able to show you results and successful campaigns from their previous clients. Without this, there is no way of telling if the agency can deliver what they say they can.

Here’s what our client, Julian Stroleny, has to say about our services:

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Contracts should be clear

The contract should be clear and outline everything that will be applied in the campaign. Methodologies, timelines, and scope should all be laid out to avoid any confusion or surprises during the duration of the project.

Transparent reports

The agency should provide transparent and easy-to-understand reports that show the project’s performance. It is important that the report states how many leads were generated as a result of their service.

Competent and knowledgeable people

To achieve success for your law firm’s SEO campaigns, you need to work with someone who is experienced and truly knows his/her way around SEO. This factor is key to whether or not you get the results you want.

Types of SEO Agencies for Law Firms

Agencies that offer SEO services are often structured as follows:

Niche SEO law firm agencies

Niche law firm SEO agencies focus on one specialization such as personal injury, corporate law, or divorce. While niche agencies have a lot of experience in a certain aspect of the law, they might not be able to help you scale when you decide to go into multiple locations.

Multi-industry SEO law firm agencies

Law firm SEO agencies that offer services across different industries and verticals, like On The Map, offer a lot more experience, cases, and expertise. Their cases won’t be limited to a specific niche, so their strategies can be trusted to work on any type of business in any industry.

How Should Law Firms Prepare to Work With a Law Firm SEO Agency?

Before working with a law firm SEO agency, you need to be prepared with a few things. Here they are:

Know your current metrics

Familiarize yourself with basic SEO and digital marketing concepts, including analytics and metrics. Knowing how to measure results is essential so you understand future reports that your agency will present to you.

Here are some website statistics you need to have handy:

  • Average visitors per month
  • Visitors that turned into leads per month
  • Keywords your site is ranking on SERPs

You can use an Attorney Client Relationship Management (CRM) software to track and generate this data.

Know your ideal goal

When you know where you are in terms of your SEO ranking, you need to have a goal. This can be lead generation, getting more clients, website visits, or ranking in the top spot for a highly competitive keyword.

Be cautious of law firm SEO agencies that promise vanity metrics as results (such as more traffic). This is a common red flag and often indicative of an agency’s desperate move to land a client.

How Much Should You Spend on a Law Firm SEO Agency?

The cost of law firm SEO services will vary depending on whether or not your specialization is highly competitive and the health of your law firm’s website. You can expect to pay anywhere between $2k to $10k per month.

Remember that a low budget could be an impediment to getting results quicker. A higher monthly budget will mean more content, links, and more hours put into the technical upkeep of your site by law firm SEO experts.

How Long Should You Expect Results From a Law Firm SEO Agency?

This would depend on three factors:

  • Current rankings
  • Resource allocation
  • Competitor aggressiveness (the volume of content and links they are pushing out)

Here’s a calculated estimate assuming you’re aiming for ranking in a highly competitive niche (such as metropolitan areas or personal injury):

  • Starting from 0 ranking: Could take multiple years (at a budget of over $5k per month)
  • Starting from rankings on pages 3-5: About a year to crack top spots
  • Starting from page 2 rankings: 4 to 6 months (or a bit more)

What Are Some Red Flags of a (Scammy) Law Firm SEO Agency?

Some agencies don’t have your best interest in mind and are simply out to make money. Here’s what to watch out for:

Pricing that’s too good to be true: If an agency is promising you a top ranking for a high-competition keyword for $100, it’s probably not going to happen.

Top 1 ranking on high-competition keywords: This is a marketing ploy to get firms to sign up, but often leads to disappointing and underwhelming results.

Reports that don’t show lead generation: If an agency only shows rankings & traffic, but can’t show how many people convert to leads, then they may not get you the kind of high-intent prospects you need.

Local SEO campaigns without showing map rankings. You need to know your map rankings when you have a local SEO campaign because it’s a measure of the campaign’s effectiveness. An agency should be able to do this.

Final Thoughts

Working with a law firm SEO agency is one of the best steps you can make towards building awareness and growing your clientele online. Entrusting your firm’s marketing goals to experts allows you to focus more on the actual work of managing your firm and serving your clients.

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