25 Best WordPress Themes for Lawyers and Law Firms in 2024

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In the digital age, having a website for your law firm is a bare minimum. It acts as your virtual office and can provide potential clients with the primary impression of your firm.

A lawyer website design agency can set you back a few thousand dollars, but creating a website yourself isn’t difficult. You can use many lawyer WordPress themes to build a beautiful and functional website for less than $200. Some even have free plans to get you started. 

Why WordPress? Well, it’s powerful, offers many customization options through plugins, and is SEO-friendly. 

Without further ado, let’s look at the 25 best WordPress themes for law firms. 

What are the Features of a Good Law Firm WordPress Theme?

Forget conformity—choose a WordPress theme for lawyers that makes a statement. A memorable website is bold, captivating, and designed to inspire action. Consider these attributes:

  • Bold design: Premium themes offer vibrant colors, large imagery, and interactive elements that grab attention. Showcase your awards, team, and offices—a compelling visual story builds credibility. A flashy and dynamic site signals your confidence and competence.  
  • Minimalist interface: Avoid clutter and confusion. An intuitive theme has a clean layout, seamless navigation, and pages dedicated to single goals. Visitors should instantly find what they need. Simplicity suggests focus and expertise.
  • Calls to actions that compel: Don’t just inform—inspire action! Interactive buttons for consultations, contact, newsletters, resources, and more make it easy for visitors to opt in and engage. The lower the barrier, the higher the response. 
  • Mobile-responsive: With a great amount of time spent on mobile devices today, your site must deliver great experiences anywhere. A responsive and mobile-friendly premium theme means convenience and impact across devices, leading to more calls and clients. It’s also super important for the SEO of your law firm.
  • Integrations that wow: A site integrated with tools like chatbots, appointment booking, client portals, and custom widgets streamlines client interactions and strengthens relationships. Seamless experiences build loyalty. 

A law firm website with these qualities conveys competence, builds trust, and fuels action. So, don’t settle for standard—choose a remarkable option.

With thousands of lawyer WordPress themes available, we narrowed down the options to find one suited to demonstrate professionalism for a law firm. Here’s a list of the twenty-five best WordPress themes you can use.

1. Astra

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Astra is the most popular WordPress theme available. It allows law companies to make an accessible, mobile-friendly website efficiently. This adaptable and free WordPress theme works with page builders, provides legal templates, and permits customizing headers, footers, and blogs without coding knowledge. 

It flawlessly integrates with all the features of the Elementor page builder, giving you a straightforward, drag-and-drop way to create an attractive site. Optimized for speed and mobile use, Astra gives your law firm full control to convey competence through your professional-looking site. For law firm website design, look no further than Astra.

Good for: Law firms of all sizes, from individual lawyers to large legal offices and companies. Its versatility caters to different law specializations, and its speed makes it great for firms prioritizing productivity.

2. Divi

Divi is a stylish WordPress theme that provides the tools to create professional business websites. Its standout feature is the Divi Builder—a drag-and-drop page builder allowing you to design and customize page layouts without coding skills. 

This feature makes it easy to tailor your site to your unique brand by showcasing case studies, introducing attorneys, or describing practice areas.

Divi includes many pre-built front page templates, blog layouts, and modules so you can quickly design a polished, professional site versus building from scratch — meaning you save significant time. 

Good for: A law firm that wants a customized, unique online presence. Its versatility accommodates all kinds of law and legal businesses anywhere, from family law to corporate law and everything in between.

3. Avada

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Avada is a multipurpose WordPress theme for lawyers desiring a professional, polished look. It offers a variety of customization options to represent your brand and services accurately.

Its key strength is its Fusion Builder, which allows you to maintain your site independently. 

It also includes demo content for various industries, including WordPress themes for lawyers, giving you a perfect starting point. Avada is fully responsive, meaning your site looks perfect, no matter the display size or device.

Good for: Law businesses looking for a polished website. Avada is versatile, making it ideal for various law fields, including personal injury, employment, and criminal law.

4. Blocksy

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Blocksy is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that helps you build innovative and optimized websites. It offers hundreds of pre-built demos that you can import, including a few for lawyer or law firm sites. 

Blocksy’s real-time customizer enables tailored layouts, colors, and fonts without coding. And with its prebuilt law firm demos, you can get your site up and running within just a few hours. 

Built for SEO and speed, Blocksy helps lawyers achieve an efficient, brand-aligned website. For firms seeking a modern solution for an accessible, high-performing website to attract clients, Blocksy is ideal.

Good for: Legal firms desiring a modern, innovative, and efficient website. Its high performance makes it fit for busy firms in fast-paced fields such as corporate or intellectual property law.

5. Lawyer Theme

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The Lawyer Theme is a responsive WordPress theme tailored to law firms and professionals. It provides pre-designed pages to showcase your expertise, services, team, and contact forms for consultations.

With a minimal and trustworthy design and inherent features like case studies, FAQs, and practice area descriptions, the Lawyer theme lets you demonstrate your expertise through your website. 

Good for: All types of legal firms, attorneys, and other legal consultants. Especially useful for firms offering multiple services as it provides pages specifically to list your different attorneys and their areas of expertise.

6. LawyeriaX

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LawyeriaX WordPress theme provides legal firms with a polished, minimalist website. This SEO-optimized theme offers legal-focused features like service ribbons, a client logos section, and front page highlights. 

With a sophisticated design and ample features tailored to law practices, the LawyeriaX theme is an ideal solution for attorneys and law firms wanting an impactful yet straightforward online profile.

Good for: Law practice, legal consultants, and agencies seeking a streamlined website. Its simple design is perfect for firms in sectors like family law, immigration law, or those providing general legal services.

6. Decree

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Decree is one of the best WordPress themes out there for law firms and attorneys looking to build a professional online presence. This theme is super flexible and has a simple but serious design that is perfect for showing off what you do and reeling in new clients. 

Packed with useful features like header links, contact forms, and content blocks, Decree seems optimized for the needs of legal professionals. Decree is ideal if you want an impactful platform to create a law firm website and help potential clients fully grasp what you’re offering.

Good for: Lawyers and firms in solemn practice areas like criminal defense or civil rights—Decree offers a solid, robust design that fits the gravity of the work.  

7. Sway

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Sway is a powerful WordPress theme helping law firms build stylish websites. With pre-built legal demos and page builder integration, Sway provides a customizable solution to establish credibility through a contemporary design aesthetic for improving brand identity.

Sway is optimized for SEO and is mobile responsive, helping you improve visibility on search engines. Because of its no-code page builder integration, Sway also helps law firms build their website exactly the way they need without any coding required.

Good for: Contemporary legal firms looking to make a solid first impression. It is a sophisticated style and theme suit modern sectors like tech law or entertainment law.

9. Hook

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The Hook theme is a versatile full-width theme for WordPress, great for all kinds of websites like blogs, businesses, or portfolios. Its flexible layout can work with a variety of content styles and layouts. This flexibility makes it perfect for lawyers and law firms.  

Hook lets you import demo content with a single click. Before developing it further, you can fill your site with examples to see what it might look like. This way, you can ensure it’ll work without wasting much time. 

It includes free updates for life to keep up with changes to WordPress. Your site will continue to work well without compatibility issues even when WordPress updates.  

And Hook’s search engine-optimized code is meant to help get you more traffic by ranking higher in search results and being more visible. Your content should be easier to find on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.  

Good for: Lawyers, attorneys, and law firms offering a range of services, or anyone wanting a unique online presence thanks to how flexible the layout is. 

10. Attorna

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Attorna is a clean, responsive theme tailored to law professionals. It offers an intuitive page builder that helps you build a professional website with ease. You can also seamlessly embed custom contact and email forms to encourage users to book time and connect with you. 

Being a mobile-first, SEO-friendly theme with multiple header/footer styles and Google fonts, it boosts your search rankings and user experience. 

If you want to enable online bookings or contact, Attorona makes it simple to create these forms and embed them on your WordPress site. 

And with this WordPress theme, you have a homepage slider option to showcase multiple services and attorneys to catch attention.

Good for: Law practices, legal advisors, consultants, legal offices, and financial businesses. Ideal for firms in the corporate law sector or those providing financial, legal services.

11. Neve

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Neve is one of the most popular WordPress themes enabling law firms to build a fast, optimized website. Regularly updated for efficiency and SEO, Neve provides visitors with a great mobile-first site experience. 

This theme also has a page builder that makes designing the site you like as easy as enabling or disabling elements on the page. If you want room to grow your website, try Neve, Astra, or Blocksy.

Good for: Neve, like Astra and Divi, is extremely flexible and can be used by any type of law firm or for any website.  

12. Monochrome Pro

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Monochrome Pro is a straightforward WordPress theme for law offices and legal experts. It has a responsive layout that works on all devices, a quick setup, and built-in optimization for search engines. The premium theme also provides robust security features that allow you to rest assured your site is safe. 

It also offers complete customizability and instant editing so companies can make an accessible website that shows their special brand. The neat design and simple interface try to give law offices a professional online presence yet relatable. 

Good for: Small to medium law firms wanting an enhanced, secure, and accessible website with a minimalistic style.

13. Factum

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Factum is a modern and professional WordPress theme ideal for law firms and attorneys. It provides an elegant design and layout to showcase your legal services and expertise.

It is compatible with different WordPress blocks, so you can flexibly place all the elements in the exact manner you prefer. It also allows you to build sliders for the attorneys on your team to highlight their credentials and experience. 

Good for: Mid-sized and large firms wanting a stylish yet professional online presence. This theme may also suit smaller firms that have a few employees onboard.

14. Barristar

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Barristar is a clean, modern WordPress theme designed specifically for law firms and lawyers. It includes custom pages and layouts tailored to practice areas and attorney profiles. The responsive theme has a grid-based design that displays sharply across devices. 

It uses the KingComposer page builder to make designing easy. With just a few clicks, you can have a simple website ready to go live. It also features multiple home page layouts, header customization options, an advanced theme options panel, and deep integration with content form plugins. 

Good for: Small to midsize firms and solo legal practitioners looking for an affordable yet polished website theme.

15. Kallyas

Kallyas is one of the few WordPress themes and page builders — like Divi. It provides a visual way to create responsive pages without coding knowledge and is optimized for SEO and speed, helping your lawyer websites first gain visibility.

Built on Bootstrap, the theme allows creating and customizing page content with zero coding. It also offers pre-built legal page templates that give you a starting point.

Good for: Small to midsize firms who want an affordable yet robust theme to convey their expertise.

16. Lawyer Base


Lawyer Base is a WordPress theme made for legal service businesses. It helps you create profiles for each attorney that include photos, biographies, and contact details. The theme offers multiple options for showcasing your attorneys on the homepage and interior pages.

It also has dedicated pages for featuring your areas of legal practice only. The theme is designed to be clean, modern, and professional — perfect for a legal website. It’s also fully responsive, so your website will look great on any device.

Good for: Paralegals and legal support services assisting lawyers and attorneys. Lawyer Base lets you create a website to promote your firm, experience, credentials, and expertise to clients.

17. OceanWP

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OceanWP is a clean, multi-purpose WordPress theme that helps you present your legal firm’s refined and professional image. This theme allows you to customize your site to reflect your firm’s unique brand and practice areas. 

With this WordPress theme, your site will be fast, responsive, and optimized to rank in search engines so new clients can discover your services. While elegant and minimal, OceanWP is also one of the best WordPress themes for features. You can easily integrate WooCommerce to add billing directly to your site. 

Good for: Legal firms and attorneys looking for an elegant and professional-looking website. OceanWP offers many clean, minimal demos suitable for a law firm’s brand and services.

18. WizeLaw

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The WizeLaw lawyer WordPress theme is an easy solution for lawyers to build a website. Its design and user-friendly features help establish your brand online without technical knowledge. 

The theme also makes highlighting your areas of expertise easy, showcasing attorneys and sharing case studies through pre-built elements. With WizeLaw, you can customize your site, add content, and translate it into multiple languages to reach more clients, as it is also optimized for SEO. 

Simplicity, key functionality for law firms, and an affordable price make this theme ideal for building your online reputation and growing your law practice.

Good for: Solo lawyers and small legal firms looking to establish a professional online presence. The lawyer WordPress theme allows lawyers and law firms with limited technical resources to create an impactful website.

19. De Jure

De Jure is a thoughtfully crafted WordPress theme for law firms and lawyers. It has a clean and modern style that looks professional and capable, displaying credibility. 

This legal WordPress theme also has a responsive layout that ensures your website looks excellent regardless of the device used by your visitors. It also allows you to quickly change and update your content or design without needing a web developer.

De Jure allows you to exhibit your services and areas of law practice anywhere fully. You can feature your attorneys and staff profiles, post news and announcements, and write blogs to gain more reach. 

Good for: Law firms of any size – from small private practices to large multi-attorney firms. De Jure can showcase the depth and skill of legal firm websites with functionality to highlight all attorneys and services.

20. Libero

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Libero provides an easy way for attorneys to build a website. This lawyer WordPress theme is designed specifically for legal firms and with a default design that will only require changing content to make the site yours.

And if you need more customization, it offers homepage styles, page layouts, and color options tailored for your law business. You can also change headers and footers, Google fonts, and add custom sidebars. Libero is responsive with a modern design that conveys professionalism to clients. 

Good for: Individual lawyers looking to create a personalized website to market their services, Libero is a great choice. It offers versatile attorney bio pages, practice area descriptions, and lead-generation tools helpful for solo attorneys.

21. TheGem

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TheGem is a good WordPress theme for legal firms. This responsive theme offers polished templates and an easy drag-and-drop builder to create a website without coding. 

Dedicated to performance, security, and essential integrations, TheGem helps establish a powerful online presence efficiently and easily. It is an excellent WordPress theme for lawyers ready to make their digital debut.

Good for: Most types of legal entities — its variety of templates, sections, and customization choices make it easy to create a professional site for your specific legal firm, focus, and needs.

22. Revolution

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Revolution is an excellent professional WordPress theme for legal websites. It has a simple, minimalistic design with bold fonts that catch your eye. It also has sections devoted to showing off your credentials, reviews, awards, and client ratings.

You have the freedom to make it match your unique brand. Revolution is optimized to have fast loading times and includes elements highlighting your team members, services, and the key details about your firm in an easy-to-digest way for visitors. 

With frequent improvements, a support team ready to help, and integrations with popular page builders in case you want complete control, Revolution provides an attractive yet practical theme for law professionals.

Good for: Small or mid-sized legal firms and lawyers specializing in specific areas of law. 

23. Exponent

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Exponent is a premium WordPress theme specifically designed for lawyers and law firms. It provides 10+ polished website templates tailored to suit the legal profession so you can quickly set up an effective online presence. 

While there are only a few templates, each one is created with the legal field and law practices in mind, so the designs reflect that targeted focus. 

Exponent is also a highly flexible WordPress theme, allowing you to tweak the theme to match your firm’s unique brand and strengths perfectly. If you have clients internationally, Exponent supports translation, so your website can easily be translated with plugins without disrupting your primary content.  

Good for: Lawyers and attorneys looking to launch or redesign their professional website. Exponent makes it simple to create a straightforward, compelling website to promote your services as an individual.

24. Bridge

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The design of Bridge provides law firms with a polished and professional appearance. Its clean aesthetics and high-quality visuals display attractively across devices. 

Useful pre-built options like blog pages, single-page sites, full-screen images, and parallax scrolling are available with Bridge. These options help craft an interactive and bold website representing your firm. 

For serving international clients, you can translate your site into different languages. Bridge also assists in presenting your services compellingly and professionally.

Good for: Firms with international clients. WPML compatibility for building multilingual sites is included with Bridge. Law firms with clients abroad can translate their whole site or key sections.

25. Handel

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Handel is a popular WordPress theme for lawyers. It has a polished yet minimalist look that projects a reputable image of your brand.

The homepage highlights your practice areas, attorneys, the latest news, and call-to-action buttons. The Handel Lawyer WordPress theme gives law practitioners an attractive platform to build a website without coding. 

This theme has a responsive design that displays beautifully across devices and is retina-ready. It is multilingual and WPML-compatible. 

Good for: Solo practitioners and small private firms. Handel’s versatility creates a customized website for their unique needs. They can showcase their experience, services, and personal approach to gain more clients.

Pick the Right Lawyer WordPress Theme with Confidence

Law firms today need a compelling digital profile. Choosing a WordPress theme that values tradition and embraces innovation positions your practice as a leader.  

With advanced tools for design, clients expect more than a generic template website. You need a lawyer WordPress theme with a polished yet friendly look, robust yet intuitive features, and customization reflecting your firm’s identity.

While countless WordPress themes for lawyers exist, a few resonate. Options like Astra, Blocksy, Neve, and OceanWP help build a professional yet approachable law firm website while providing flexibility to craft a distinctive online brand.  

If you’re uncertain where to start, explore free versions of these themes, then other possibilities.  

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Author: Sujay is the CEO and Co-Founder of Brainstorm Force, the company behind Astra. He’s passionate about the online space and writes articles to help entrepreneurs and freelancers succeed online. A father, a Youtube addict, and the brain behind numerous world-class products, you can connect with him on Twitter.