PaperStreet Law Web Design Review 2023

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A professional-looking and easy-to-use website helps turn visitors into clients of your legal practice. And an agency with a reputation for designing these kinds of websites is PaperStreet. If you’re unsure about hiring this company, keep reading to learn whether it offers more than just web design to its clients and what users say about their other marketing services.

Note: We at On The Map Marketing have comprehensive client success stories from our law firm clients that show the effectiveness of our digital marketing solutions, not just our website design services. Contact us to get a free consultation and see which of our services you must subscribe to achieve your business goals.

What is PaperStreet?

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PaperStreet is a highly-rated and award-winning website design company that caters to small law firms, enterprise clients, and everything in between. Formerly known as PaperStreet Web Design, the agency now offers SEO, PPC, and branding solutions to help clients grow their online presence and showcase their legal practice to their target audience.

PaperStreet Services Offered

PaperStreet takes immense pride in its custom website design services for small to large law firms. However, it also offers digital marketing solutions to clients, providing them with a comprehensive strategy and campaign to grow their online presence. Below is a quick look at each of the services it offers.

Website Design

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The digital marketing agency prepares a custom, fast-loading, responsive web design that meets ADA guidelines for your WordPress site to set your law firm apart from competitors. Its essential package includes a logo design, a homepage photo slider, and iStock photos. Its premium packages include services like custom homepage and subpages, branding, and design revisions. 

Internet Marketing

The legal marketing agency’s SEO specialists develop a plan for clients to help them rank on top of search results for their target keywords. Its PPC services help boost their exposure to audiences in less time. Other online marketing solutions like social media, email newsletters, and content marketing aim to improve their client’s digital presence and generate highly qualified leads.


To help establish your expertise and build trust with your audience, PaperStreet’s expert team of attorney writers can craft high-quality web content, blog posts, and press releases. Its editing and proofing services can update and improve your existing content to generate more engagement. Finally, the agency can create engaging videos and podcasts to help build your brand further.


PaperStreet’s all-inclusive branding solutions create a visual representation of your business across all platforms, from your website and social media to even your business cards and brochures. Its design team uses custom illustration ideas and photography to achieve a brand design that best reflects your law firm’s goals and objectives.

PaperStreet Ratings Across Directories

PaperStreet got a 4.7/5 star rating, the highest score Lawyerist gave to an agency. It praises the company’s comprehensive marketing solutions centered on high-performing attorney websites that clients will own even after their contract with the agency expires. The only downside of PaperStreet is it doesn’t focus exclusively on law firms.

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PaperStreet received an average of 4.8/5 stars from six Clutch users. All reviewers appreciated the agency’s fast turnaround times despite tight deadlines and quick response to questions and inquiries. One reviewer appreciated how PaperStreet did not have a sales-focused approach and also maximized the allotted budget for the marketing campaign to achieve positive results.

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Top Client Results

PaperStreet doesn’t have comprehensive case studies for the clients it has worked with. What the agency does show on its website are its achievements in digital marketing based on various key performance indicators. Under search results, PaperStreet helped increase its organic traffic by 4,200 in years and ranked’s 125 personal injury keywords on the first page of Google search

Under Google Ads and PPC, PaperStreet helped achieve a monthly conversion increase of 500% after a year and increased’s Google Ads and local service ads (LSAs) conversion by 300% over two months. Regarding website conversions, the agency improved’s organic traffic by 50% and conversions by 30%.

On The Map Marketing Vs. PaperStreet

PaperStreetOn The Map Marketing
Serves online marketing solutions to clients with designing high-performing law firm websites as its specialization.Delivers results-driven SEO, PPC, and website design to ensure businesses in the legal industry improve their online presence and generate more leads and clients.
Provides transparent pricing on some of its marketing services, setting clear expectations for clients.Offers custom prices based on the free marketing audit the agency conducts on your site. This way, it develops a strategy composed of marketing tactics tailored to your website needs.
While it shows the results of its marketing initiatives for clients, it doesn’t show the process of how the internet marketing company solved the issues its clients had in the first place.Its client success stories show the law firm and the challenges they were undergoing. Then, it explains what the agency did to address them, showcasing their technical knowledge and expertise much better.
Puts too much emphasis on its web design services, and rightfully so, but it puts its other marketing services on the back burner.Promotes all its digital marketing solutions equally, which shows the value of all the services it offers. 

PaperStreet mentions on its site that they are primarily a web design company that does internet marketing and SEO services for clients. While this is true, the agency’s focus on website design makes the rest of its services feel less important. If you’re looking for a company that does end-to-end digital marketing and treats all tactics as pieces to the puzzle, consider looking for something else.

You can start with us at On The Map Marketing. Our digital marketing services have helped law firms create professional websites that attract organic traffic and generate highly qualified leads. Get your free marketing site audit to know the custom package your site needs to achieve these goals.