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Finding digital marketing agencies that can provide results on a limited budget is a tall order. PageTraffic appears to be capable of providing these solutions for cash-strapped law firms. But actually delivering results is another thing. Continue reading to discover its services, customer reviews and ratings, and client results.

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What is PageTraffic?

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PageTraffic is an Indian-based marketing company that helps businesses generate more traffic and new customers from local and organic search engine rankings. It also serves digital marketing solutions geared towards improving website performance and diversifying traffic sources.

PageTraffic Services Offered

PageTraffic comprises certified digital marketing specialists with two decades of experience helping clients in various niches improve their online visibility. The team lends its expertise to providing clients with affordable online marketing services geared toward helping businesses succeed online.


The agency’s SEO strategies for clients start with researching top-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel keywords. It uses these for optimizing cornerstone content and blog pages with internal links and schema markup. Then, PageTraffic launches a link building outreach strategy targeting authoritative websites to increase page traffic. Its national SEO services cost as low as $499/month.

Web Design

PageTraffic aims to create websites with responsive designs to improve user experience, drum up engagement, and increase conversions. Its professional designers also ensure that your site design is SEO-friendly so it loads fast and scores high on Google’s Core Web Vitals. 

But before the agency does all this, it asks about the client’s goals, target audience, and other factors. It then uses the gathered information to create the wireframe and design concept for approval. Once approved, PageTraffic tests the design on the site for issues before launching it. Its business web design service costs a one-time payment of $799.

Digital Marketing

The PageTraffic team of Certified Google and Microsoft Partners offers PPC services to help its clients generate highly qualified leads quickly and at lower costs. It also provides online reputation solutions to protect clients from negative press on search engines for their keywords. Finally, the agency’s social media marketing and management handles your social profiles and develops a content calendar for each.

SEO for Lawyers

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PageTraffic combines its online marketing services to help lawyers and attorneys rank on Google in this highly competitive niche. Aside from the aforementioned solutions, local SEO is included in the package to help clients rank on Google’s local search engines. Prices start at $299 and include on-page and Google Business Profile optimization, citation submission, writing content as guest posts, and more.

PageTraffic Ratings Across Directories

PageTraffic received an average star rating of 4.7/5 from 35 Clutch users. Clients appreciated the agency’s initiative and how its project managers kept them in the loop regarding the campaign. Two negative reviews about the company criticized its lack of responsiveness to client queries and inability to complete tasks on time.

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The digital marketing agency got an average star rating 5/5 from 18 Upcity reviewers. Almost all were pleased with the company’s detail-oriented approach and ability to go the extra mile for clients.

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However, upon further checking the reviews, almost all follow the same structure and format. And after running the first three reviews on Originality.AI, they got a 100% AI score. This means there’s a good chance that the agency gamified Upcity using AI-generated content to increase its star rating.

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Top Client Results

PageTraffic has a handful of case studies that showcase its expertise as a capable digital marketing agency. However, none of them are related to the legal business. This could make you second-guess if the company can genuinely help generate more online visibility for your law firm.

Nonetheless, PageTraffic has helped a website in the stamp business resurface on Google search after dropping all its rankings a while back. By ranking the site for a very competitive keyword in the industry, the agency doubled its organic traffic in less than a year. The same went for an online ticketing website, which the agency multiplied its website traffic in 12 months.

On The Map Marketing Vs. PageTraffic

PageTrafficOn The Map Marketing
Provides clients from various niches with comprehensive digital marketing services to help people make finding their website and online profiles much easier to find.Focuses on providing clients in the legal business with SEO, PPC, and web design solutions guaranteed to produce positive results for their digital presence.
Has clear and affordable pricing packages for all its services, which helps temper clients’ expectations.Takes a more personalized approach by running a free website assessment on the websites of potential customers before providing it with suggestions on how to improve its online visibility.
Gamified its customer reviews by using AI content, which is indicative of the kind of business practices it may be using for its clients.Guarantees that its customer reviews and case studies are authentic.
No case studies from clients in the legal business, which puts into question their experience and expertise in helping lawyers and attorneys improve their digital presence.Has years of experience helping law firms across various practice areas rank on Google search, generate leads from paid search, and design a website that captures their brand.

PageTraffic has all the features and services you need from a digital marketing agency, especially if your marketing budget is tight. However, it doesn’t specialize in a particular industry, and it may have been using questionable tactics to improve its ratings on online review sites artificially. These could put its credibility as a marketing company into question.

You won’t encounter these issues with us at On The Map Marketing. We specialize in developing a legal marketing strategy comprised of ethical and white hat tactics that deliver results as seen from our client results. Get your free website marketing audit to learn the strategy your law firm needs to increase its traffic and conversions.