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Personal injury is a very competitive industry, so it’s refreshing to know that a marketing agency like Neon Ambition exists. Discover its services, customer testimonials from review sites, and client success stories to know if the company can help lawyers and attorneys in this field generate more leads and close more cases.

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What is Neon Ambition?


Neon Ambition develops and executes proven marketing strategies for clients to help them generate sales-qualified leads and increase their revenue.

Neon Ambition Services Offered

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Neon Ambition offers various online marketing services, from content marketing to conversion optimization. But as an inbound marketing agency, it serves attorneys and lawyers with custom legal marketing solutions to help them generate more organic traffic and convert visitors into new cases for their business. Let’s look at each of their services.

Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing

Among the different legal practice areas, Neon Ambition has extensive experience helping personal injury law firms land high-ticket clients. Aside from legal copywriting, web design, and social media campaigns, the agency can help you launch offline marketing campaigns like billboards and TV ads to reach as many prospects as possible.

SEO for Personal Injury Lawyers

The legal marketing agency ensures the best customer service for personal injury lawyers by keeping account manager-to-client ratios low. This gives managers the time to know what their clients need for developing and launching a comprehensive SEO campaign that covers local SEO, copywriting, link building, and more.

SEO for Law Firms

Broaden your digital presence with Neon Ambition’s national and local SEO services, regardless of your practice area. The agency first conducts a technical website audit to establish its assets and gaps before it develops an SEO strategy consisting of powerful SEO content and a consistent stream of backlinks from authoritative websites.

Link Building for Lawyers

The Neon Ambition team aims to help craft and execute ethical link building campaigns that observe the latest Google guidelines for lawyers and attorneys like yourself. Its team uses white hat tactics like guest blogging, legal directories, broken link building, etc. They ensure your website rises the ranks on SERPs without any risk of dropping your search rankings.

PPC for Lawyers

The agency knows the common mistakes law firms make with their paid search campaigns. And to help you avoid these, Neon Ambition maximizes your ad spend on your Google and Bing ads, local service ads (LSAs), Facebook advertising, and retargeting ads. Its team of experts will optimize your landing page and web copy, tighten your keyword bidding, and more.

Neon Ambition Ratings Across Directories

Neon Ambition received an average score of 4.9/5 stars from 20 Clutch reviews. Everybody praised the agency’s professionalism and technical expertise. Its team was always ready to answer any questions outside their weekly meetings. More importantly, the team was able to submit its deliverables on time and with great results.

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The company received a 5/5 star rating from 43 verified reviews at Upcity. Its clients appreciated the depth of research Neon Ambition’s fantastic team put into knowing more about their law firm. This allowed the agency to develop effective digital marketing campaigns that they execute with precision and great attention to detail.

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Top Client Results

Personal injury law firm FVF Law needed help ranking its web pages on organic search despite having great information on its site. Neon Ambition stepped in to execute a three-pronged strategy of technical SEO updates, new and multilingual page creation, and authoritative backlinks. The result is a 993% increase in organic traffic after ranking 108 high-value keywords in the top three search results.

Torgenson Law was frustrated with the low ROI its SEO agency is producing. This led the law firm to hire Neon Ambition for new ideas. The agency began by localizing content, creating high-converting pages, and optimizing its website and Google Business Profile. The campaign helped the law firm increase its YOY in retained cases by 127%.

On The Map Marketing Vs. Neon Ambition

Neon AmbitionOn The Map Marketing
Provides comprehensive inbound marketing services using online and offline tactics to maximize your law firm’s visibility.Specializes in digital marketing solutions not only for law firms across different practices but also for businesses from various industries.
Offers excellent project management and support to ensure that its account managers answer all your questions and complete all the deliverables on time.Assigns a dedicated account manager to discuss strategy with you, oversee your campaign, and provide you with updates and suggestions on how to improve results moving forward.
Too much emphasis on personal injury law firms for its marketing solutions and not enough on other practice areas.Caters more than just personal injury lawyers and attorneys. Regardless of your practice groups, this agency can help develop and execute results-based marketing campaigns for your law firm.

Neon Ambition is the marketing agency you’d hire if you’re a personal injury lawyer or attorney. The agency has service pages dedicated to the needs of its clients in this practice area. But if you’re not a personal injury law firm, you may want to look for other companies that are more well-equipped to market your legal business online.

We at One The Map Marketing can be that agency you’re looking for. We specialize in law firm marketing for various practice specialties. Aside from personal injury, we help criminal defense and car accident law firms increase their organic traffic and generate more highly qualified leads. Sign up for a free website marketing audit to learn how we can help reach your business goals.