Consultwebs Marketing 2023 Review

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Consultwebs is one of the biggest law firm agencies in the US, so it shouldn’t surprise you to find them when searching for marketing companies to hire. Find out if you should by learning about the services it offers, what their customers think of them, and their client results.

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What is Consultwebs?

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Consultwebs is a law firm marketing agency specializing in paid ads (pay-per-click or PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) services to help its clients connect with their target audience more effectively.

Consultwebs Services Offered

The agency helps law firms reach the top of organic search results by observing the best on-page and off-page SEO practices. It also implements tactics like generating new positive online reviews for businesses to improve their local search rankings.

Consultwebs offers other services you can choose from, like website design, social media marketing, and content marketing. But Consultwebs offers unique solutions that give it a distinct advantage over other agencies. Below are the services in question:

Accident Data Center Marketing

Accident Data Center is a site that contains detailed information about car accidents in the US as they happen. Consultwebs can put up your ad banner on top of specific pages on the site and get backlinks from relevant news articles. 

The ad placement increases your brand visibility among its website visitors, who may contact your car accident or personal injury law firm. The backlinks, on the other hand, improve your organic search rankings and attract more highly targeted visitors to your website.


Instead of expecting regular actionable reports from the agency, Consultwebs provides you access to LawEval. It’s an online dashboard where you can track the company’s marketing strategy for your firm. Monitor leads and conversions across different channels, campaigns, and data sources for a full view of your law firm’s performance over time.

Over The Top 

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Consultwebs’ OTT advertising services allow your firm to leverage the popularity of streaming platforms to connect with your target market. The agency will launch your video or audio ad that will be played on Hulu, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and others. More importantly, only people who meet your target demographic can hear and watch your ads.

Consultwebs Ratings Across Directories

Lawyerist gave Consultwebs 4.1/5 stars. The site praised the agency for the range of services it offers to law firms–in particular, its PPC services as a Google Ads Premium Partner and content written by licensed attorneys. However, Lawyerist criticized its lack of offline advertising solutions and its slow pace at developing and executing its digital law firm marketing strategies.

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Six Clutch users reviewed Consultwebs, which got an average score of 4.9/5 stars. Everybody praised the agency’s attention to detail, enabling it to provide custom online marketing campaigns that resonate with the client’s target audience. They also appreciated the communication skills of the Consultwebs team, like responsiveness to client queries and patience with customers changing their minds.

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Top Client Results

Consultwebs took on a personal injury law firm that is paying high costs per case and is losing money due to ineffective traditional marketing strategies. The agency launched a campaign that focused on organic search growth. By minimizing its CPL and attracting highly targeted traffic from search engines, the agency experienced a 43% increase in new users and a 45.5% boost in leads.

Geiger Legal Group sought Consultwebs’ help in gaining a foothold in the cutthroat personal injury industry. The agency launched a strategy that focused on creating quality content optimized for their respective keywords and bid for competitive keywords for its paid advertisements. The result was a 457% and 28.44% boost in new users and yearly lead growth.

On The Map Marketing Vs. Consultwebs

ConsultwebsOn The Map Marketing
Offers a mix of time-tested and cutting-edge legal marketing strategies to help give your law firm an advantage in the market.Develops and executes digital marketing campaigns using tactics guaranteed to generate more leads and cases for your firm. 
Has a very, albeit slow, thorough discovery phase where Consultwebs employees assigned to your project learn everything about your firm to create a marketing plan tailored to your needs.Uses a deliberate process of screening potential clients to ensure they align with the agency’s goals and values before they start developing the strategy guaranteed to improve their law firms’ online presence.
Lets you access its online dashboard anytime, containing data about the results of its marketing campaigns.Allows you to monitor its local keyword rankings using its proprietary software TrackRight. Log in to your account and see the results in real time. 
Provides client support that immediately responds to your queries and attends to your needs to ensure that everything on your website is running smoothly.Assigns a dedicated project manager to your website who will keep you informed about the campaign’s strategy and answer your every question about the campaign.

Consultwebs is a solid choice for getting your marketing efforts off the ground for online success. The company has a track record of producing solid results from its services. But while Consultwebs offers digital marketing services, some of its resources also go to its unique solutions your law firm may not need.

We at On The Map Marketing deliver only online marketing services that matter. We pour all our energies into ensuring that you have a professionally designed that ranks on search engines for your target keywords. Get a free website marketing audit from us to see how we can do these for your law firm.