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Stellar SEO: Pricing and 2024 Review


If you want more of your target audience to find your law firm site, you must ramp up its search engine optimization (SEO) performance. And among the digital marketing agencies that can help you with this, Stellar SEO seems like the one you should hire. But to know for sure, read on to find out what services they offer, their customer reviews and ratings, and client results.


  • Stellar SEO is an online marketing company for businesses looking for on-page SEO and link building solutions to help them rank on top of search engines for their keywords.
  • The agency uses an onboarding process that identifies which pages to optimize and reviews their link profile. It also reviews its backlink profile to determine which link prospects it should contact.
  • On The Map Marketing not only has its own link building process, but it also has pay-per-click (PPC) and web design services to help businesses generate more highly qualified leads in less time from their professional websites.

Note: On The Map has years of experience helping law firms improve their online presence using the above services based on the case studies published on the site. Reach out to us if you want to achieve the same positive results for your legal business.

What is Stellar SEO?

Stellar SEO is an SEO agency that specializes in providing clients in the restoration and legal industry with custom backlink services. It also offers on-page and content marketing solutions to help improve its clients’ organic rankings.

Stellar SEO Services Offered

Stellar SEO starts its services by asking prospects to complete a detailed marketing questionnaire. The agency then reviews the site’s content pages and revises them for the better. It proceeds to analyze your link and anchor text profiles, which are critical in helping Stellar SEO determine who will reach out to for the campaign. Below are the different solutions the agency offers that apply to law firms.

Custom Link Outreach

The company used the gathered information about your site to prospects for websites they can get to link back to you. Stellar SEO coordinates with its handpicked websites for the publishing fee (if applicable) and the content to be published on each site with a link to your site. It will also manage the guest posts to ensure quality and for the websites to publish them.

On-Page SEO Services

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Part of the company’s initial assessment of your site includes checking your existing pages to see if they observe the best on-page SEO practices. Each page must mention its target keyword in crucial page elements of the content while making it load fast. The same goes for any new content the link building agency will create for you. For law firm websites without content, Stellar SEO will develop content clusters for you.

Law Firm SEO Services

The agency takes its SEO game steps further when considering law firms as clients. Not only does it offer its custom link building solutions, but it also covers all SEO tactics to ensure that the client’s websites rank on top of organic search for its keywords. This includes keyword research, paving the way for content strategy development and optimization.

Stellar SEO also performs local SEO techniques by optimizing the law firm’s Google Business Profile to make it appear on Google’s local 3-pack. Having done all these things, the law firm agency compiles the data from its campaigns and presents clients with a report detailing their results and suggestions for improving them.

Stellar SEO Ratings Across Directories

Lawyerist gave Stellar SEO 4.3/5 stars. The star praised the agency’s link building and content marketing services suited for law firms that have covered their basic website optimization. That said, its focus on SEO means the agency is ideal for those with existing marketing strategies for other channels like PPC, email marketing, social media, and others.

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Stellar SEO worked for the 10 Clutch users that gave the company an average star rating of 5/5. The clients were happy with the agency’s onboarding process and responsiveness. They were also pleased with the several high-quality links they received, which led to an increase in their organic rankings.


Top Client Results

The company has 26 customer testimonials featured on their site. Everybody praised its CEO, Travis Bliffin, and the extremely knowledgeable Stellar SEO team for taking good care of them and helping them rank on Google search for their agency’s services. Other than this, there are no case studies that show how Stellar SEO helped these clients through its link building and SEO solutions.

On The Map Marketing Vs. Stellar SEO

Stellar SEOOn The Map Marketing
Delivers client with link building campaigns tailored to their needs to help them rank on Google search.Offers comprehensive SEO services to lawyers and attorneys to help them reach the top of Google and generate more organic traffic for their target keywords.
Performs content asset review to revise content pages and make them more appealing as linkbait to your campaign prospects.Has a free website marketing audit in which the agency reviews the prospect’s site and prepares a custom strategy that addresses areas of improvement the website has.
Not offering PPC, web design, and other marketing services, limiting your online visibility on other online channels.Has web design and PPC solutions to help create high-performing websites for clients and drive highly qualified leads to their businesses via paid ads.
Lots of client testimonials on their website, but no case studies to show how it helped clients with their SEO strategy and campaign.Shows you how the agency addresses the clients’ problems and provides solutions to each one using its services in its client success stories.

As far as SEO is concerned, Stellar SEO knows its stuff. Its link building outreach and law firm SEO process has received praise from clients. However, law firms looking to diversify their online presence outside of search engines may want to look for other companies that offer other solutions.

We at On The Map Marketing not only offer our tried and tested SEO process that has helped countless law firms improve their search results. Our web design service will present your business in a way that will attract the right online prospects. If you want to generate leads immediately, our PPC services have got you covered. Take our free website marketing audit and receive a custom plan to help you generate more revenue.

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