BluShark Digital: Cost, Features, and 2024 Review
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BluShark Digital: Cost, Features, and 2024 Review


BluShark Digital LLC claims to be “your partner in digital marketing” on the website. This post answers whether or not this statement is true and whether the company can help your business succeed online. It discusses the agency’s services, customer reviews, and client results over the years.


  • The agency specializes in law firm marketing to help attorneys and lawyers increase their online presence.
  • They have built some solid sites for lawyers, specializing in SEO, and also offer exclusivity slots.
  • But the company doesn’t have a lot of published client case studies and they don’t offer video production services — which are important in the current content landscape. On The Map Marketing offers a robust and holistic digital marketing solution for lawyers with a proof of efficacy in the toughest lawyer markets of the United States.

Note: We at On The Map Marketing have case studies of helping law firms from various practice areas, from criminal defense to personal injury, increase their traffic and conversions through our SEO, PPC, and video production services. Call us to learn more about how we can help your business.

What is BluShark Digital?

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BluShark Digital is committed to collaborating with its clients to develop an effective marketing strategy to grow their law firm websites’ authority. This results in more web traffic, online visibility, and new leads and cases. 

BluShark Digital Services Offered

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Ranking law firm websites has always been BluShark Digital’s bread and butter. However, the agency provides other digital marketing services to help improve its clients’ online presence. Let’s look at the company’s online marketing solutions:

Search Engine Optimization

For companies struggling to rank and sustain their keyword rankings on search results, BluShark Digital is a great company for you. It provides you with all the help you need to generate consistent leads and conversions for your law firm. Below are the different SEO tactics the agency can do for you:

  • Technical – Makes your website much easier to crawl and index by improving site speed, removing dead links, and strengthening security.
  • ContentResearches for keywords relevant to your practice area and creates optimized content for each to increase the chances of ranking for the search queries.
  • Link Building – Acquires good dofollow backlinks from authoritative websites to improve your site’s authority in the eyes of search engines. The agency also structures internal links on your website to help connect related pages.
  • Local SEO – Registers or claims your Google Business Profile before optimizing it to make your business listing appear on the local 3-pack.

Paid Ads

BluShark Digital helps you create a pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement campaign to generate highly qualified leads for your law firm quickly. The knowledgeable BluShark team ensures that your digital ads deliver results by targeting areas in line with your firm’s goals. 

Social Media

The digital marketing agency can help your legal business grow and extend your reach by building loyal followers from your social media channels. It will develop and execute a content calendar to amplify brand awareness and drive more traffic to your website.

BluShark Digital Ratings Across Directories

There weren’t a lot of BluShark Digital reviews online. But for those who reviewed the agency, they had more than enough good things to say about it. Law firm marketing agency review site Lawyerist gave BluShark Digital a 4.5/5 star rating. The site praised the company’s commitment to serving law firms only but was critical of its lack of offline advertising and DIY solutions.


There were also 11 Lawyerist users who reviewed BluShark Digital with an average score of 4.6/5. Almost all were very happy that the agency was run by lawyers and had an excellent customer-centric approach, aside from its ability to produce results.

People at Clutch were just as positive towards BluShark Digital and gave the company 4.9/5 out of 12 reviews. Everybody agreed that the agency’s communication and organizational skills made working with them toward their goals much easier. BluShark Digital’s account manager quickly addressed any of their concerns and delivered everything on time.

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Top Client Results

Instead of showing client results, BluShark featured case studies that tested certain ranking factors and how they could positively affect their SEO efforts. For instance, the agency tested whether GBP websites or sites automated created using information from Google Business Profile positively affected local search rankings. The results didn’t show consistent, major changes.

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BluShark Digital conducted another experiment to confirm if changing one’s service area on GBP can increase its rankings in neighborhoods negatively affected by the Vicinity Algorithm Update in December of 2021. The results show that changing the service area can improve a business’s local search rankings.

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On The Map Marketing Vs. BluShark Digital

BluShark DigitalOn The Map Marketing
Works exclusively with law firms.Has years of experience launching successful digital marketing campaigns for attorneys and law firms, as well as other local businesses.
Communicates well with clients and organizes campaigns well so that its team executes everything before the deadline and delivers positive results.Has a dedicated and highly involved project manager who will keep you updated on your campaign’s progress and results. Also, lets you keep track of the local keyword rankings on your own using TrackRight.
Does not work with your direct competitors, so it can focus all its resources on growing your local rankings and traffic.Also offers exclusivity slots.
Doesn’t have client results information that prospects can learn more about how its process can help grow your law firm.Openly shares its campaign and results with past legal clients to help you decide whether the agency is right for you.

BluShark Digital is a solid choice for your law firm marketing needs due to its positive online reputation. However, its website’s lack of actual client results and case studies (not SEO tests and experiments) may force people to think twice about hiring the agency.

We at On The Map Marketing not only have a sterling reputation from the content and links our in-house teams create for clients. We also have numerous case studies on the site that show our proven track record of helping law firms grow their traffic and conversions—request a free marketing audit to learn more about how we can help your business.

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