Since the days of Myspace and Xanga, social media has come a long way. With access to billions of users, worldwide, the mouths of markets salivate at the opportunity to cast an open net in the crowded ocean. Word-of-mouth has always been the most trusted form of advertisement but technology has replaced lips with finger tips. Viral experts now hold respected positions of authority and can influence a large crowd.

Believing that your social media presence will instantly blossom solely because of your vibrant personality and unique opinions is setting yourself up for failure. Establishing a meaningful following can take years to build. An expert hand takes care in what they post, how often they post, and at what times of the day they post. Consistent and reliable posting is recommended as your following will come to expect your postings.

Relevant Social Media Platforms for your Attorney Office  

Once a fun distraction or an easy tracker of conversations and distant friendships, social media is now a prominent source of newsworthy current events. During weather reports, accidents, and broadcast events, case studies have proven the speed of social media to outmatch normal news coverage. This means the more people are spreading relevant information faster than ever before.

Interestingly enough many turn to social media to post about personal grievances such as medical malpractice and nursing neglect. Maximize your company’s growth by finding clients in unexpected places.        

Adjusting your law firm’s marketing plan to include social media techniques is one of the most valuable investments your business can make. Open the door to Facebook’s 2,010,000,000 active monthly users, or Youtube’s 510,000,000 daily viewers. Most social media platforms are free services that have the ability to expose your law firm to countless potential clients. Choose a platform you are most comfortable with and stick with it as consistency is key.

Facebook Vs Twitter Vs Instagram Vs Youtube

Pros:   Massive Reach, 70 million people Many identifiers, search by names, hobbies, age, etc Low cost, Facebook ads are cheap  Pros:   Allows you to narrow your search down through twitter ad 350 categories Multiple types of adsPros:   Simple Instagram profiles allow companies to add phone numbers, emails and addresses Share optionsPros:   Second only to Facebook Has an average session of 40 mins Cost effect
Cons:   Low Conversion Rates, CTR are between .18 and .36% Requires maintenance Fake profiles and accounts waste timeCons:   Does not provide you with analytics Ads get lost in constant stream Difficult to prove ROICons:   Time consuming Limited to smart phones Can be over-looked or misunderstoodCons:   Lack of customization You don’t know where your ad will end up ( which video it will attach to )

How to use Social Media for Law Office  

As a business owner, you must have a complete understanding of your target market in order to maximize sales. You can record your social media progress by tracking the number of followers your team retains. Quality followers are those who follow you for extended periods of time while supporting your business through shares, mentions, and reposting.       

Creating a bond with your followers by introducing them to ‘behind the scenes’ activities or sharing information relevant to your business. Through social media, you have the marketing advantage of directly communicating with you target markets. This can be in the form of offering promotional coupons or even settling grievances.  

Social Media Can Help your Law Business

Your social media page is your opportunity to digitally showcase your body of work. An inside perspective will give your law firm a personal touch and may connect to your audience emotionally. Consumer loyalty is achieved when a client is completely invested in your business and trusts in your work. Share your success through social media and your supports will share it as well, diversifying and expanding your market.

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