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You want to leverage law tech tools to manage your daily tasks and increase productivity, but with hundreds of personal injury software out there, how do you know which one to use?

From onboarding new clients to keeping track of personal injury cases, there’s a legal practice management software to get the job done. In this article, we discuss the features and advantages of using only the right personal injury software for your law firm’s needs.

What Is A Personal Injury Software?

A personal injury software or a personal injury case management software is a tool that helps personal injury attorneys manage their day-to-day tasks such as client intake, lead management, legal research, document creation, time tracking and billing, and other administrative tasks.

Why Do Lawyers Need Personal Injury Law Software?

Lawyers need personal injury software to save time, increase client satisfaction, grow the business, streamline client communication, avoid human error, and efficiently handle a client’s case. Legal case management software for personal injury is instrumental to being the best firm in the legal industry.

Best Personal Injury Case Management Software

A case management software helps law firms organize and track cases, automate repetitive administrative tasks throughout, and protect client data. These tools save time and make work easier for legal professionals. Here are some of the best case management software options available for legal firms today.


MyCase is one of the best case management systems for the legal industry. This case management software offers an all-in-one integrated solution to managing your law firm.

This case management software features case status checks, client intake, e-signatures, document management, billing and payments, team collaboration, and built-in text messaging for streamlined client communication.

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Other advanced features like automated document creation, and integrations with Google and Outlook are available in their Pro and Advanced plans.

MyCase’s Basic Plan costs $39/month and offers a free trial.


PracticePanther is a cloud-based case management software that offers a streamlined space to deliver legal management tasks like case management, billing and time tracking, providing a client portal, and making reports. 


Law firms prefer PracticePanther as their personal injury software to manage cases because of its easy-to-use interface, integration with many other apps, and the ability to customize reports, intake forms, and workflows.

The annual pricing for PracticePanther starts at $49/month and goes up to $89/month for their Business plan.

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CaseFleet’s case management software makes it easy for PI attorneys to manage their personal injury practice in an organized app that allows them to create case chronologies, annotate documents, create summaries, and sort facts by specific categories. 

This personal injury case management software also lets lawyers collaborate with other lawyers and team members to ensure efficient coverage of everyday tasks, specifically personal injury litigation.

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CaseFleet charges per user per month, with the lowest plan starting at $30/user/month:

CaseFleet offers a 14-day free trial periods, with no credit card required for lawyers to try its case management software features for free.

CaseFleet offers a free 14-day trial with no credit card required for lawyers to try out the service.


CosmoLex has a matter-centric approach to its case management software features, starting with the way it connects every entry to the corresponding client matter. In addition to a focus on matter management, this legal practice management software also offers trust accounting functions that include writing checks, reconciliation and reporting. 

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One of CosmoLex’s notable features is the Money Finder which allows lawyers to mark any entry (events, tasks, notes) as billable. 

CosmoLex charges $89/user/month for all its personal injury software features. This is a no-contract, pay-as-you-go service.

Best Client Intake Software

Onboarding new clients is an important journey for both personal injury lawyers and their clients. Having an efficient client intake process is essential for earning client trust and get positive reviews for your personal injury practice.

Law Ruler

Law Ruler’s cloud-based system for lawyers provides several functions that help manage a personal injury practice. This legal management software platform enables lawyers to generate leads with customizable online forms, landing pages, and email marketing campaigns. 

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This legal management software has built-in call tracking and recording for incoming and outgoing calls, as well as the ability to send and receive text messages to streamline client communications with legal teams.

Law Ruler’s pricing plan starts at $169/month for 3 users in the annual plan and $199/month for 3 users in the monthly plan.


Clio Grow is a flexible and efficient software for personal injury firms to manage client intake, nurture leads and keep a strong connection with existing, past, and potential clients.

This case management app features an efficient appointment-booking system where clients can choose their available time directly from the website or in an email and they get text messages to remind them of the appointment.

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Clio Grow enables personal injury attorneys to generate reports that help them learn where leads are coming from and identify their strongest lead-generating campaign.

Clio’s pricing starts at $49/user/month up to $149/user/month for the annual plan. Lawyers can try out the software with a free 7-day trial.


Lawmatics uses its legal CRM software to seamlessly provide client intake automation for law firms and legal professionals. This app offers templates for a legal firm to use for their new clients, saving time and keeping the process consistent.

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Additional features that make this software a robust personal injury software include syncing any calendar to confirm client bookings, quick e-signature for documents, and easy document collection with file request templates.

Lawmatic’s monthly plans are $259/month for a solo personal injury attorney and goes up to $1,199/month for large law firms. 

Best Document Management Software

Law firms need a secure and reliable system to share documents with its legal team while keeping them secure. Documents like medical records, medical providers, and medical bills are all sensitive information, and should be protected for client privacy. 

For this, a legal practice management software like document management software (DMS) gets the job done faster and more efficiently.


Smokeball features document tags for every file and email so everything is tied to the right personal injury case. It helps a personal injury attorney organize documents according to matter types, which are customizable depending on practice areas.

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Smokeball’s key features include a contact management function that allows personal injury attorneys to keep clients’ contact information, case details, and conversations securely in one place. 

Smokeball’s pricing for its case management software starts at $39/user/month and goes up to $219/user/month for bigger firms. A 30-day free demo is available for this service.


Revver, formerly eFileCabinet, is a cloud-based DMS that helps businesses like personal injury firms organize key documents and case files used in a personal injury matter.

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From capturing sensitive documents by using scanners, emails, and cloud storage, to classifying them by type, Revver is a powerful tool to manage a huge database of information while keeping them secure with bank-grade encryption.

Revver enables personal injury law firms to extract data with just a few clicks and automate tasks such as invoice processing and contract management.


LogicalDoc is an open-source document management system that helps personal injury attorneys store and organize documents securely, with advanced features that supports automation. Each document created is automatically given a number and version and stored in an archive. 

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Users have the ability to link files together to create another case record. Hard copy files can also be converted to digital files so they can be searched in the database.

Best Legal Research Tools

Legal practice management software can be a key factor to winning personal injury cases and getting settlement negotiations. Using the best legal research tools ensures that PI attorneys are equipped with the information needed to effectively handle any personal injury case, whether it’s medical malpractice or slip and fall accidents.


CourtListener is a free online legal database that holds a vast number of court opinions and oral arguments spanning from federal, state, and specialty courts. It’s accessible to the public and a reliable resource for personal injury attorneys.

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Lawyers can use a case name, keyword, or specific court to search for court opinions. The advanced search function allows for a more detailed search by jurisdiction, judge, docket number, citation, and precedential status. 


Fastcase is a suite of legal management software that includes Fastcase legal research, Docket Alarm, and NextChapter. 

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Its legal research feature provides PI attorneys access to federal and 50-state constitutions, case law, statutes, and codes. Lawyers can search documents on personal injury cases faster with its exclusive research tools. 

Fastcase pricing starts at $65/month for its Appellate Plan and goes up to $95/month for its Premium Plan.


LexisNexis provides advanced legal research tools to help personal injury lawyers research relevant documents to their personal injury case. With its latest version, LexisNexis features AI-powered functionality and user-friendly visual interface for finding accurate and reliable case information. 

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AI is also used to help draft notes based on guidance from legal practitioners and law firms. With its Litigation Analytics tool, law firms can gain insight to judges and courts, helping them make vital decisions for a personal injury case.

A 3-year subscription with LexisNexis costs $105, which is for one lawyer only. The price goes up for firms with 2 or more lawyers. 

Best Personal Injury Marketing Software

Growing your personal injury law firm is highly dependent on your digital marketing strategy, specifically search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and lead generation. To successfully implement law firm marketing campaigns, you need to have the best tools that create results. 


TrackRight is a local rank tracker that tracks your local search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. This app is designed specifically for law firms to track leads (calls, chat, and form), check keyword local ranking, optimize Google Business Profile, and view website traffic data.

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Lawyers and law firms can start using TrackRight for as low as $25/month.


HubSpot is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that law firms can use to automate marketing tasks, manage leads, track customer interactions, follow up with prospective clients, publish and manage content, and run email marketing campaigns.


HubSpot has a free plan with limited features and its paid plan starts at $20/month.


Adobe’s Marketo Engage is another powerful CRM, lead generation, and marketing analytics tool that can help personal injury firms save time in running their law firm marketing campaigns. 

Marketo provides law firms the tools to easily create landing pages, run email marketing campaigns, segment a customer base based on interests and behaviors, and track the performance of all marketing campaigns.

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Marketo’s pricing is not posted on their website and interested users would have to fill out a form to get pricing information.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing software that’s easy to use and great for personal injury law firms. This tool makes it quick and easy to create visually captivating emails with a drag-and-drop interface and dozens of email templates. 

Constant Contact’s Lite plan is $12/month for one user and goes up to $80/month for unlimited users.


Save time posting on social media by scheduling them on HootSuite. Reach your audience at the right time with “Best Time To Post” recommendations and keep your social media profiles updated with great content. HootSuite supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok.

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HootSuite’s monthly plan starts at $99 for one user and 10 social media accounts.


A social media calendar, content calendar, and marketing suite all in one, CoSchedule helps personal injury attorneys stay on top of their social media and content marketing strategy. Schedule and view upcoming blog posts and social media posts in a calendar and collaborate with team members to complete tasks.


CoSchedule offers a free forever plan for one user and up to two social media profiles. Its paid plan starts at $19/month for 3 users and 5 social media profiles.

Streamline Your Tasks With Top Injury Tech

Even with the best legal management software and apps, your personal injury law firm needs expert guidance on strategy and execution. While these personal injury software apps can save you time, hiring a law firm digital marketing agency can save more time and help your firm achieve long-term success in your marketing campaigns.

Get in touch with On The Map Marketing today to start a discussion on how to get better results from your marketing efforts.

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