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Pay Per Click Management Services

In addition to being one of the premier SEO marketing firms in the U.S., On The Map Marketing, Inc. is also a top-tier provider of pay-per-click (PPC) management services. Whether you are interested exclusively in a short-term or long-range PPC campaign or you want to use PPC to augment your already successful SEO marketing strategy, On The Map Marketing can walk you through the initial process, analyze your campaign, and manage it for you. Working with a PPC management agency can free up valuable time that may be better spent focusing on providing your customers with the customer experience they have come to expect from you, especially knowing that your PPC needs are in the hands of a proven and highly-experienced team of experts. As we manage your PPC campaigns, you can count on comprehensive data analysis and a convenient tracking dashboard that provides you with highly detailed information on your campaign performance so you can watch your marketing budget turn into leads in real-time. 

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Our team is available now to speak with you about your PPC needs, whether it is to take over an existing series of campaigns or build an entire PPC campaign from the ground up. Regardless of your PPC goals and needs, we have the experience you can rely on to generate new and valuable leads to your website. PPC can be a great option for standalone digital marketing but is even more effective when paired with an ongoing and comprehensive SEO strategy so you can capture even more real estate on the search engine results pages. There is a distinct separation between people who tend to click paid ads over organic search results and people who tend to click organic results instead of ads, and by doing both, you can increase your target audience and impressions. 

We will be happy to go over the many details you will want to consider when determining how to maximize your marketing budget by implementing and managing a strong PPC campaign, whether or not it is paired with the SEO services we offer. We understand that the many digital marketing options available can be overwhelming to people who are not professional digital marketers, which is why we will take plenty of time explaining all of the different channels and options available to you as our valued client.

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What is Pay Per Click?

If you search Google for a product or service, you may notice that the first few entries on the search engine results page (SERP) are paid ads. How can you tell? Below the title tag, which is at the top of each item, you’ll see a box with the word “Ad” in it. That means that the site has chosen to use PPC to market its business. Because they’ve paid for the ranking, Google shows you those sites first. PPC can be an effective marketing tool if managed properly, and the extensive dashboards available through Google Ads allow for granular adjustments to get the most out of your budget, target specific audience profiles, and understand exactly how each visitor interacts with your site.

PPC is targeted through the use of keywords, just like SEO, but the keywords in a PPC campaign are organized through the required match between a user’s search query and the keywords in your campaign. You can select a broad match to capture similar queries or an exact match to only capture the exact string of words used in your campaign. Broad match keywords will lead to a wider reach, but a combination of exact match and longtail keywords will help you target exact queries to maximize your CPC (cost per click) and CPA (cost per conversion/acquisition).

The Cost of a Pay-Per-Click Campaign

With a pay-per-click marketing campaign, you set your budget. As long as there’s money remaining in your budget, Google will keep you somewhere near the top of SERPs for the keyword phrases that you’ve selected. Keep in mind that you will likely be competing against a number of other bidders for your keyword phrases, and if you are not interested in an “arms race” against your competitors to simply outbid each other, you will need to focus on improving your phrasing and narrowing down your target audience. An effective PPC campaign focuses on lowering the CPC while increasing your visibility for your target keywords.

It’s important to fund your budget with enough money to cover the cost of the keyword phrases that you’re trying to rank for. For example, if the cost per click (CPC) for the phrase “affordable PPC management” is $40, which would only take a few clicks to exhaust a small budget of $200. On the other hand, you don’t want to overfund a budget and have your advertising money sitting idly for an unpopular keyword phrase, or being spent on keywords that bring traffic to your site but rarely, if ever, convert. It’s in your best interest to discuss your pay-per-click campaign ideas before investing your time and effort in a campaign.

One of the biggest advantages of a PPC campaign is that you can set the exact amount of money to be spent, and won’t go over. However, as you can see by the brief explanation of PPC costs above, the biggest focus of your PPC work should be maximizing your advertising budget by targeting cost-effective keywords and continuously improving your reach.

How Can Pay Per Click Compliment an SEO Campaign?

On The Map Marketing is one of the top SEO and PPC marketing firms in the country. Part of what makes our campaigns successful is our innovation and flexibility. We react to what we’re seeing during a campaign. This is apparent when it comes to intermingling SEO and PPC. For instance, SEO may be working well with certain keyword phrases, but occasionally, a client’s page will underperform for a particularly difficult keyword. A limited PPC campaign may give that page a boost until the page catches up in organic search results.

Another benefit to mixing PPC and SEO is that you will be able to capture a wider audience. Different users have different preferences, and while some people may click paid ads nearly exclusively, there are many others who will never click an ad at all. Limiting your audience based on their preference of search link means that you may be missing out on a significant portion of high-value customers simply because you have chosen to engage in PPC or SEO only. When both your SEO and PPC campaigns are being executed by the same company, you can be confident that we will be able to maximize your exposure and work to generate as many valuable leads as possible.

To get the most out of running a PPC and SEO campaign concurrently, we encourage you to work with the same company for both. It can quickly become confusing if there are two teams working on the campaigns, because there may be overlap or gaps in the efforts that could have been addressed had both campaigns been managed by the same agency. Our cross-functional teams are able to look at the big picture and can make sure that all efforts put towards both your SEO and PPC campaigns are done with the goal of maximizing conversions as cost-effectively as possible. We exchange valuable information continuously when working on multiple campaigns for the same client, and the benefits are incredible when we are able to do so. If you are currently running SEO and PPC campaigns concurrently, we encourage you to speak with us about how you can benefit from both being handled by On The Map Marketing.

Advantages of Pay Per Click

There are several features of a Google PPC campaign that are appealing to small, medium, and large businesses:

  • Your business sets and controls its own budget
  • Your site will appear at the top of Google searches for specific keyword phrases
  • A PPC campaign can work in conjunction with your existing SEO campaign
  • A PPC campaign can pump-prime traffic to your website until it’s performing well on its own
  • Your business can increase traffic to a page on your site for a specific event or rollout

One of the most appealing benefits of PPC, when compared to SEO, is the real-time tracking dashboard available. SEO results can be a bit more difficult to extrapolate, which is why we use a comprehensive, proprietary dashboard for our SEO clients. For clients who love real-time data, PPC provides excellent insight into nearly-countless elements of an overall campaign. 

There are many other advantages to a strong PPC campaign as well, many of which may be specific to your industry or your goals. In order to get a specific understanding of how PPC can benefit your business, contact us now to speak with a representative from On The Map Marketing You will benefit from the 10+ years that OTM has been serving PPC clients, and you will recognize those benefits as soon as you are speaking directly to us about your own unique needs and goals.

Why Hire On The Map Marketing For PPC Management Services?

If you are looking to take your PPC campaigns to the next level, working with an agency like On The Map can help you take that step. We have years of experience managing PPC campaigns for a wide range of businesses and industries, and our data-driven approach to PPC management will help you reach new audiences and maximize your ad spend by continuously refining your campaigns. Trying to take on the world of PPC on your own can be overwhelming, and too often a grassroots PPC campaign ultimately translates to money wasted on low-impact keywords and a lack of meaningful results. Our team of analysts and PPC experts will be able to manage the entire process for you so that you can focus on providing exceptional customer service to your new clients. They come to you looking for the goods and services you have to offer, so while we are focusing on helping new customers reach you, you can focus on building relationships and keeping them coming back for more.

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