Divorce Lawyer Advertising: Simple Guide For Family Attorneys in 2024

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Getting divorce clients in big cities like New York or LA is tough. You need a smart advertising plan for your family law firm.

Let’s figure out how to get actual clients, not just inquiries, and make your business grow in this cutthroat legal scene.

What’s the Difference Between PPC and SEO For Divorce Lawyers?

Search Engine Optimization is a cost-effective process that can help you build trust with your audience over time, but it’s a lengthier route and requires a significant time investment before it can yield any substantial returns for you.

That’s because it’s also dependent on content marketing, and creating high-quality content takes time. Plus, it also includes improving your website design and off-site work like building backlinks.

Sometimes, it may even take months or even years to get you some tangible results, which can make it challenging for you to measure and quantify its impact as well.

PPC offers a more direct and measurable approach, but the cost of it can go higher to stay competitive. 

It also enables you to reach a very precise audience – individuals specifically looking for a divorce lawyer in your geographical area – and get your law firm website to the top of Search Engine Result Pages in a minimum time. 

But both of them can be beneficial for you if you take a balanced approach, where you integrate both SEO and PPC. It’ll help you get more client engagement and long-term online presence in the competitive legal landscape without breaking the bank.

Why Divorce Attorneys Should Invest in PPC Ads?

The short answer is you can see an instant return on your investment, a top position in the search engine rankings, and get new clients to grow your legal services business with PPC ads.

Besides that, if you’re using an SEO strategy, PPC can act as a catalyst for immediate client engagement and boost your website traffic while improving your online visibility.

How to Budget For Family Lawyer PPC Marketing?

Start by outlining a comprehensive law firm marketing plan, considering your both, online and offline, initiatives. 

Then, earmark a specific portion of your budget for PPC marketing, because it can drive a quick client acquisition. But you’ll need to remain flexible and adjust your spending throughout the year based on your PPC ad performance, changes in the market, and the overall returns on your investments.

Several factors can influence the cost of your legal marketing–for instance, the geographic location of your law practice can have an impact as advertising costs vary widely across regions. Other factors can be your competitors, age of your law firm, the size of your law firm, and more.

So, assess your existing family law marketing presence, considering how well-established online platforms and brand recognition may impact your PPC needs. 

Practice area specificity can also have a huge impact on your budget; for example, for advertising as a divorce lawyer in a competitive market, you may need a higher ad spend due to increased competition for relevant keywords. 

That’s why, you’ll have to regularly evaluate the competitiveness of your keywords and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and adapt your budget allocation to optimize your results. 

Best Practices For Divorce And Family Law Advertising

Let’s discuss how can you get the most out of your advertising budget for divorce and Family law practice advertising.

1. Nail Down Your Target Audience

The first step is to conduct your audience research. 

Identify the clients you aim to attract—for instance, the ones who are seeking amicable divorces, who offer high-net-worth cases only, or child custody disputes.

Delve into their demographics—age, gender, income, occupation, education, and location. Comprehend their psychographics and explore their values, beliefs, interests, and behaviors. 

Assemble these insights to build your precise buyer personas. It can help you launch a very targeted ad campaign and get the most out of it.

2. Target Relevant Family Law PPC Keywords

Based on your audience research and by understanding the type of language they speak and the terminology they use, select the keywords that resonate with them.

You can categorize these keywords into four types—the first is informative keywords. You’ll use these key terms in alignment with your SEO campaigns to elevate your brand awareness. For instance, “divorce process steps” or “child custody rights.”

Next, target prospects actively seeking legal representation with locational keywords like “family attorney in New York,” and transactional keywords, such as “how to hire a divorce lawyer,” to guide users toward a call-to-action like a free consultation call.

Lastly, employ comparative keywords like “Collaborative Divorce vs. Litigation” for a nuanced marketing strategy.

3. Craft Engaging Family Law Ad Copy

Crafting engaging family law services ad copy requires a deep understanding of your audience and a personal touch. You’ll need to highlight your expertise and show empathy to connect with clients on a profound level. 

Including your contact information in your Google ad like your phone number is also a great strategy.

But you need to understand that developing compelling ad copy is a nuanced skill honed over the years. You can’t start influencing people to take action overnight. 

So, consider hiring a professional copywriter to maximize the impact of every advertising dollar. 

For instance, take a look at the copy of this divorce lawyer ad:


4. Create Dedicated Landing Pages 

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If you’re running five ads targeting five different keywords, have five landing pages; one for each one of them.

It allows you to precisely track the form submissions and conversions for individual Google ads. So, you can get the right insights into your ad performance and save yourself time, money, and marketing efforts. 

When you have different web pages for each ad, they show you a comprehensive view of marketing budget allocation, that way, you can make informed decisions on which keywords deliver optimal conversions at a reasonable cost. 

5. Analyze Your Ad Campaigns And A/B Test’em

A/B testing involves creating two versions of content, altering only one variable—be it the headline, wording, or images. 

This method can help you gain insights into what resonates with your target audience more, so you can optimize your ad performance and increase your cost savings. 

If you regularly assess your campaigns, you can determine which keywords, ad copy, and ad groups are more effective and maximize your ROI.  

Pay-Per-Click Platforms to Find Family Law Clients

Choosing the right PPC platform can be tricky. So, if you want to spend wisely, you’ll need to get at least a basic knowledge about your options before making a decision.

So, let’s understand the different Pay-Per-Click ad models one by one.

1.  Google Ads


It offers diverse ad formats across the expansive Google network. 

Even though Google ads can be expensive depending on various factors, you can acquire a good chunk of divorce prospective clients at a low cost if you strategically select the right mix of keywords.

For instance, “child custody” and “child support” are low-bid keywords, so if you target them in your ads, you can get quality leads almost as good as the broader terms like “divorce lawyer” at a significantly lower cost.

Gradually, you can use a mix of broad, modified broad, phrase, and exact keywords to fine-tune your campaign—for instance, family law firm,+divorce +lawyer, divorce lawyer near me, legal separation advice.

2. Local Search Ads

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Local Search Ads can help you elevate the visibility of your family law firm for your local audience.

These ads are strategically placed within the local pack and Google Maps for keywords like “family law attorneys in the [city]” or “Divorce law firm near me” and help you get more visibility through location and improve your local SEO with a maintained Google My Business Profile.

If you have a good number of testimonials and ratings on your GMB account, it can give your sponsored business listing instant credibility.

3. Local Service Ads


Local Service Ads (LSAs) offer specialized ads for service-oriented businesses like yours. In these ads, instead of paying per click, you pay per lead.

But to run them, you’ll have to undergo a verification process. That’ll get you a Google-approved verification mark, which will boost your ads’ credibility and foster trust among your potential clients.

These LSAs are particularly effective for local targeting, allowing, for instance, a divorce lawyer in Chicago to connect with local clientele.  

4. Facebook Ads

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Facebook ads offer you an extensive reach and more options to hook your prospects with at a reasonable cost.

For instance, here, you can use engaging graphics like images, videos, and carousels and enhance your ad’s visual appeal. Plus, getting started with it is super easy and quick as instead of creating a new ad, you can also boost your existing posts to reach a wider audience.

Just like Facebook, you can run such ads on different social media platforms. They can also help you with your overall social media marketing efforts.

5. Bing Places Ads

The majority of people use Google. That’s no news. But 6% of the US audience’s monthly searches are made on Bing. 

So, there’s a high chance that a certain percentage of your prospects will also be there. Plus, it’s a lot less competitive than Google. 

So, you can also use Bing’s map-based directory to place your ads. They also run on the same cost-per-click model.

6. YouTube Ads

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If you’ve ever tried TV commercials before and they proved successful for your law firm, YouTube ads can be a super cost-effective alternative for you with better geographical targeting.

Run 15-second and 60-second ads concurrently for a month and determine which format works the best for you. 

However, while targeting adults above 30, you’ll need to be a little cautious in programmatic placement or even use manual monitoring for optimal ad placements. Because adults lend their phones to minors all the time. 

Seeking the help of a professional marketing agency would be the right thing to do for it.

Hire Us For Running Your Divorce Law Firm’s PPC!

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Look, managing ads can be demanding and requires expertise.

Being a lawyer, your main focus should remain on legal excellence, improving your client experience—because that can result in getting good referrals, and strategically growing your law firm. 

Experimenting with ads can cost you time and money, and there’ll still be no guarantee that you’ll get good results. 

So, instead, let the marketing experts handle your digital marketing strategy. They’ll ensure you optimal outcomes right from the start. 

So, save your valuable time as a divorce lawyer and get attorney marketing services from a marketing agency

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Article by Sadaf Tanzeem

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